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Monday, August 6th, 2007, 10:38 PM
Borreby Survivors in the North

In the same districts of southern Sweden where Brunn survivors are found, and across the Skaggerrak in Jutland, are found brachycephalic Upper Palaeolithic survivors, equally unreduced in head and body size, equally if not more lateral in bodily build. The ancestors of, these people arrived on the western Baltic shores during the Late Mesolithic. Other colonies of them are to be found in the coastal districts of south- western Norway, and they form an element of primary importance in the population of Germany. In general, their present distribution is wider than that of their dolicho- cephalic counterparts.

FIG. 1 (3 views). A Dane from Jutland, very tall, heavy, lateral in build, with an enormous head and an extremely wide face. This individual is as exaggerated an ex- ample of the Borreby race as is #1 of the preceding plate of the Brunn race.

FIG. 2 (3 views). A Swede from Goteborg, representing more nearly the mean of the Borreby race as it is found today. Both this man and #1 are golden blond in hair color; the Borreby group seems to run lighter-haired than the Brunn.

FIG.3 (2 views, Bryn and Schreiner; Die Somtitologie der Norweger, Table 44, Fig. 121). This individual, while less brachycephalic than many of his compatriots, especially those in the Jaeren district, shows an essential affiliation to the Borreby race. The apparent facial flatness and the formation of the region of the nasal tip and the upper lip look "Irish"; this is an Upper Palaeolithic facial condition common both to Scandinavians and to British of Upper Palaeolithic type.

FIG.4 (1 View, Gudmundur Kamban, author of I See a Wondrous Land, G. P. Putnam & Sons, N. V.). A prominent Icelandic author, who presents the same facial features and belongs to the general Borreby racial type. Iceland was settled mainly from the coastal regions of Norway in which the Borreby race is prevalent; an important Irish increment may have added a similar racial element.

FIG. 5 (3 views). A Finnish example of the Borreby race. This Finn is more brachycephalic than most Borreby men; however his lateral bodily build, and his extreme breadth of face and mandible show that he is a trans-Baltic member.

Source: The Races of Europe, Carleton S. Coon, The MacMillian Company, New York, 1948