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Friday, March 23rd, 2007, 05:25 PM
If you want to see, how baltids looks-visit aquitance sites galeries of Baltic states and Russia

This site model is popular in Estonia (340 435 site users, in Estonian population of 1 324 333), less popular in Latvia (91 709 site users, 2 307 000 Latvian population) and Lithuania (and popularity going down) (57 214 site users, 3 483 972 Lithuanian population), and unpopular (but growing) in Russia (111 600 site users, 142 400 000 Russian population)
Site model is created by estonians, and there are many of them in Russian site, and less in Latvian and Lithuanian sites


Point.lt :: Nuotraukos (http://www.point.lt/show.php)

Push on the buttons with numbers-for registered members this is for rating, for you-just will change photos
For changing gender:
vertinti visus- both genders
By pushing on photo or users name under photo you will go to users profile.
To see top rated males: Point.lt :: Geriausios nuotraukos (http://www.point.lt/best.php?group=M)
females: Point.lt :: Geriausios nuotraukos (http://www.point.lt/best.php?group=F)
Statistics: Point.lt :: Statistika (http://www.point.lt/reports.php)
Populiariausiai vartotojai-most popular users (arab on top)
Patys populiariausi vaikinai/merginos-most visited males/females
Dėmesio verti vaikinai/merginos-most worth attention males/females (I'm #1 :D )
Populiariausi sužadėtiniai-most popular virtual fiances (finn on top)


Face.lv :: Balsoana (http://www.face.lv/show.php)

For changing gender:
Novērtēt visus- both genders
Top rated males: Face.lv :: Labks fotogrfijas (http://www.face.lv/best.php?group=M)
females: Face.lv :: Labks fotogrfijas (http://www.face.lv/best.php?group=F)
Statistics: Face.lv :: Statistika (http://www.face.lv/reports.php)
Populārākie lietotaji-most popular users
Paši populārākie puiši/meitenes-most visited males/females
Uzmanības vērtie puiši/meitenes-most worth attention males/females
Populārākie izredzētie-most popular virtual fiences


Rate.ee :: Hletamine (http://www.rate.ee/show.php)

For changing gender:
Hindan koiki- both genders

Top rated males: Rate.ee :: Parimad pildid (http://www.rate.ee/best.php?group=M)
females: Rate.ee :: Parimad pildid (http://www.rate.ee/best.php?group=F)
Statistics: Rate.ee :: Raportid (http://www.rate.ee/reports.php)
Kuulsaimad kasutajad-most popular users
Enim vaadatud mehed/naised-most visited males/females
Thelepanuvrsemad mehed/naised-most worth attention males/females
Populaarsemad vljavalitud-most popular virtual fiences


Limpa.ru :: (http://www.limpa.ru/show.php)

For changing gender:
Оценивать всех- both genders
Top rated males: Limpa.ru :: (http://www.limpa.ru/best.php?group=M)
females: Limpa.ru :: (http://www.limpa.ru/best.php?group=F)
Statistics: Limpa.ru :: (http://www.limpa.ru/reports.php)
Знаменитейшие пользователи-most popular users
Самые популярные парни/девушки-most visited males/females
Достойные внимания мужчины/женщины-most worth attention males/females
Популярные избранники-most popular virtual fiences

Monday, June 8th, 2009, 05:57 PM
thanks for the examples.

but when i would see those people on the street i would hardly say he/she looks like an typical Lithuanian or Estonian.