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Thursday, February 8th, 2007, 07:09 PM
SADF names at Freedom Park ‘a South African issue’

JOHANNESBURG – The issue of memorialising SA Defence Force (SADF) soldiers who died in the apartheid era should not be an Afrikaner issue but a South African one, Freedom Park chief executive Wally Serote said on Wednesday.

He was addressing a workshop which discussed whether the names of SADF soldiers would be included in the Wall of Names in Freedom Park.

“We at Freedom Park have a responsibility to interpret and record history honestly and frankly,” Serote said.

“It’s proper to seize this opportunity not only to debate and discuss around whether the names be put or not, it’s most important to be guided by what the Truth and Reconciliation Commission shared in its report,” Serote said.

The report said “an opportunity must be provided to South Africans so that we raise a consciousness about our past, however painful or hard, and that we must create symbols that will remind us of who we are as South Africans.”

Serote said when a country attacks another it violates the international law principle of sovereignty. Discussions about the SADF should take place against this background.

“We must inform ourselves so that the issue of reconciliation and the past can be pitted against the history of the SADF,” he said.

“It must be known that the names of SADF soldiers have been professionally compiled and that a monument which recognises them exists.

“We must not speak as if it (the monument) is not there,” Serote said. – Sapa.

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