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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007, 11:59 PM
Dirk Hartog has a unique place within Australia's European history, as it is the site of the first recorded European landing on Australian soil. Captain Dirk Hartog arrived on the "Eendracht" on October the 25th 1616 and announced his arrival by nailing an inscribed pewter plate to a wooden post at the site now known as Cape Inscription.

The plate, when translated, read;
"1616. On the 25th October the ship Eendracht of Amsterdam arrived here. Upper merchant Gilles Miebais of Luick (Liege); skipper Dirck Hatichs (Dirk Hartog) of Amsterdam. On the 27th ditto we sail for Bantum. Under merchant Jan Stins; upper steerman Pieter Doores of Bil (Brielle). In the year 1616."

In 1697 Dutch Captain William de Vlamingh landed at Cape Inscription and found Dirk Hartog's plate, though the plate was badly weathered and the post had almost rotted away. Vlamingh copied the record on to another plate, added his own record and nailed the plate to a new post that he erected.

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