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Dr. Solar Wolff
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007, 07:07 AM

(http://www.g)Post Cranial Morphology Essay

Special features and adaptations of the Neanderthal post-cranial skeleton: Cold climate adaptation?

(http://www.g)Introduction -

Much has been said recently in the debate on Neanderthal morphology and the transition to so-called modern H. sapiens(Trinkaus 1983; Rak 1986; Stringer 1983, 1995), but interestingly this has sparked debate on just why the post- cranial skeleton of H. neanderthalensis exhibits the unique features seen in Neanderthal. The classic answer is that it is a cold climate adaptation, but this has recently been questioned (Rak 1990; Shreeve 1995). Other environmental factors include lifeway patterns (Geneste 1988; Stringer and Gamble 1993; Tattersall 1995; Mellars 1996) as well as tool morphology and innovation(Binford 1969; Stringer and Gamble 1993; Trinkaus and Shipman 1993).