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Saturday, December 16th, 2006, 09:14 PM
Rig Edda and the Law of Manu are the Ur religion of Erd. There are two historic evidences. Primarily, Rig Veda / Law of Manu and Rune Aetts. Extant they date from 1,300 BCE but where known orally MUCH earlier. THe rune Aetts are extant in sequence and are earlier. Aryans espoused their religion orally, to have control of who knew it.

They had symbols of existence/being. These are the Runes. So they told the God saga. First, putting down one Rune, first F (fator), the GOdi telling the tale. Rig Veda = Rig (king) Veda (vit, wit = knowledge) It is not coincidence that both scriptures of Aryans were called Edda/Veda. The true name is Rig Edda. The King's Knowledge. Or the Mind/Thought o the Ruler/Rede. In the East, you had the Law of Manu and in Germania times there was Manus, son of Tuisto/Twin. Their law was Law of Manus (logically).

The validity of the Rig Edda/Law of Manus is thus proven, preserved through time by the order of the rune aetts. The Godar transmitted the Edda orally, from generation to generation, given only to the worthy. The Godsaga was first espoused by ordering the runes and verbally espousing the Edda. Thus you always see the ordering in the preceding way historically.

1st Rune Aett - Race of God (Light) Hate, Seperation, From One to Muliplicity. LIFE. Muspel - Volsungs. MAN

F = Fe-hu, wealth, power, BEING, Fa-tor, GOD . God in a triad isPast (Mimer), Present (Urd), Future (Skuld). Symbol = Valknut. All -Father.
Ur(d), well/heim of existence, mana (mind, thoughts, BEING, the present, asgard, norn of the present. From a point of ONE, the Mind of God (GOD), came all Runes/thoughts. God thinks, thus expresses Ideas/Runes. Thus, the expansion of Runes, muliplication of space, therefore time. Light children. Opposite = Nifel Hagal- Contraction of All Runes = Death = Hel = Black HOle.

T = Thuraz/Thorn/Thor- Power, Will/Villi. Magn/Power, that which drives creation, which turns the world (mill/Mundilfari/Fylfos), Muspel, Elemental Fire Expansion of cosmos creating space/time/existence, Male principle. Electricity God, light, upward, transcendent, air - Opposite of Gravity Black Hole, downward, Death.

R = Raidho/Ride, expansion of the cosmos, riding on Airmansul, Rede/Rita/ Rightousness.

A = Ansuz/Ases - Race of Aryan,Light, Pure, Noble being, God's essence/spirit/anda.

K = Kenaz/Knowing/Torch - Fire - Logi/Logos/Logic. Muspelli.

G = Gefu/Generate/GIve/Gibor, Mundilfari, Galaxies, Spinning, Fylfos,

W = Wunjo/WIn/Happiness- God lives.

2nd Rune Aett, Race of Hel (Darkness, Female, Love, Muliplicity TO One, Contraction) Nifel = Nibelungs

H = Hagal/Hail,Hel - Hag (Old women) All, Shaped as a snawflake, Nifelhel, the black hole where there is no light, contraction, female, sucking life, no time, space or life. Contraction of All RUnes. The broad of Lokean, darkness, evil. From Nifel came the destroyers of Gutthuida. Nifel = Nibel = Niblungens, the offspring of Hel, sought to destroy the Godseed, From Rig's Volsi (phallus), the Volsungs a tribe from Frey Ing. Gravity opposite of Electricity.

N = = Naudiz/Need, norn of the future, teleology

I = Is/I/Ice/Ego - That which seperates oneself from God. Being seperate from God, YOU. Thus, lose of eternal life, going to Nifelhel after death because seperate from God, there is no life/soul. Thus, Is is the cause of death. In Greek, it is Hubris which causes the death of Heros [aryan godment]. They were proud, distanced themselves from Gods (Achilles destroyed a statue of Apollo), being seperate from being (conscious, mana/mind being guided by God), their enemies thus destroyed them. Rune of Einherjar (One War-ior). Those individuals who forsake their I, and give their life to the Ases. Becoming Aseir, they have eternal life. Composed of the highest sp[iritual substance of Pure God mana/mind, Electric (Male/Air) not Gravity (Female/Matter/Ape) they live forever battling the forces of darkness, Hel and matter.

J = Jera/Year - A unit of time.

EI = Elhaz

P = Pertho/Chance - Outside of your I/Ego/control. Being outside of God/Wryd/Existnce, you have to leave your fate to chance - The Norns/God casts your fate unless you are part of God/Urminsul.\par

Z = Yr - Death - The last/worst, not A/Ases/Asgard, but non being Z, Black hole, Gravity, descent, death. Those outside of God, Arya Wegaz, Non Aryans.

S = Sig/Sol/Stojid/Skuld = Past/Debt. Well of Mimer, past, memeory where God judges your life (godstua). A being not rede/righteous life - because of the Skuld of belonging to their race [Godthjod Arya} being a traitor is those an outcaste from God. Here such traitors, apostates are punished and thrown with Loki to Hel his mother. Thus, Victory of God over Jotuns. The Ases (Air Gods) defeated the Vanes (Animal- Ape people Religion of beastiality without Logos, Logic, Rede/Rita, Righteousness. Stoicism over Epicurianism). The sun shines, free from blackness and non aryans (Apes and Apedom).

3rd Rune Aett - Man - Airman, Airya, Creation of Volsungs. God lives in Space and Time, begotten from God Father (Dyaus Pitar) Fa Urd. 1 to 2. Male and Female GOd. From One God (Fire - Spirit - Male) and the other Demon (Ice - Matter -Female) came Airyans derived from Urd, not Nifel. Breed from Ape to Gutthiuda, consciously, mana, by Rig, thus not Female Matter, instincual ape, but breed Airyan, pure, noble, wise, innately good/logos/rede/right/righteous. Spirit, Urlog in Matter (Ymir). The highest as Godi (Airya) to the lesser Karl (Red - Semi APe - Tool , limbs not mind/mana of God0 to Thrall, Feet, Debased, touching Matter Moder Erd. Each seopearte, ensuring their essence.

T = Tiwaz/Tio/Zio - SkyFator - Incarnated Zio begettor, Law giver. Airman RIg Zio. Tyrfinger.

B = Berkana/Birth/Erd/Jord - Mountains and Valleys (Tits, Ass, Womb. Mother Erd..

E = Elhaz - Horse/Tuisto/ - Hensa and Horsa - The diad aspect of God, Odin/Tyr from Zio the unit of God, the twin aspects of God as Mind(Ond/Odin) and Logos (Logic/Tyr/Justice) Dyaus Pitar, Zio Father (Ziofinger) has sex with Erd Moder thus =

M = Mannuz/Ariomanus - Manaseth (manseed), Gutthiuda-Godthjod - offspring of God, Air(God) man (mana/mind). A essence composed of divine mind/mana, thoughts and will (electricity). Transcendant - connected to all the worlds, All Powerful, connected to their Ur -Fa-tor, and emanation of Urmansul. The Triad. Valnut of Odin, VIll, Ve. Ond, WIll, Holiness. The pure Godman From the Fator and Holy spirit through Will, the Son (s) (Jarls, Earls, Airs, Airmans, Airyans)Rig came to Erd, A Ases. He looked for the most similar being which was an Ape. Black, he did not like, poor, stupid ugly, nevertheless, without a female Ases, Rig had to breed an Ases race. Finally he was able to generate a kind from the female ape. The original Ases, lived for hundreds of years (500).

He took the resulting offspring of the black Apes and took his daughters and breed with them. Their kind were closer to himself. Red, half apes. Better, but not satisfied. He continued his God mission of God manifesting/living in space and time arising from Hel (Black Hole) pure matter. Rig (Odin/Villi/Ve) embued divinity into Matter. Gradually, his children became more like himself. Children of Light, transcendent, telepathetic, connected to Urd. A Gutthiuda (manaseth) of God. His first true children were called Volsungs (from Rig's Phallus/Volsi). These were Ingeovones, or the Rreyian. The Fraujas , the Lords of Erd. The Gutthiuda of Light (Logi, Urd composed of Od/Vil/Ve).

L = Lagaz/Log/Law - From God, to Urd, to Urminsul, to Njord, to Rig Hemdall. From Air[Ases] to Fire [Muspel] to Water [Vanes] to Midgard [Man] From water of existence came Rig Hemidall, the first Godi, who gave runes, rites and log/law. Heimdall giving divine rede/rita/log and begettig a godthjod from animal apes, from black age, to semi ape red, to pure Godman, Airyan, Kon Jarl German. So the AIr Gods incarnated and had sex with Apes, gradually breeding a God race of Nobles [Aryans}. Of purity, white, bright, blond, strong, pure, and perfect as their All Father is.

NG = Ing - First Godrace of Ingevones. Man and Women, Airman [Frey}and AIrwomen [Freya}. The aryan sexual archetypes.

O = Othila - Ancestral property, given authority of a hem by God. A heilag heim where God dwells, Manheim/Midgard between pure transcendent spirit/mana Asgard and pure non -being/ matter Jotunhem.. An Airland, Manheim was built.

D = Dagaz - A unit of time smaller then Jera. Life. Brightness rather then Darkness. DAWN. Fire over Ice, Muspelheim over Nifelheim.

God-Urd-Fire(Muspel)-Expansion-Logos-White-Man (Mind and Holy Spirit, Odin/Villi/Ve - Valknut)
Death - Ice(Nifel) - Contraction-Black-Women (Matter, No Mind, no Spirit, no Being (Self Consciousness)