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Mistress Klaus
Friday, February 20th, 2004, 02:15 PM
Here is a rite to gain the wisdom & help of the disir ('Goddesses', family attendant spirits)..

Rite of Disir-Rede

Tools :Horn/cup, ale, hlaut-teinn(twigs for sprinkling), sax(knife), harrow(alter), Hammer, an ox shapened/made of bread or cookie dough.

1. At sunset, go to your harrow, facing northward. Make the sign of the Hammer over the ox's head & the ale..(or you can hallow them by swinging the Hammer 3 times over them).
Say: 'I give thee to my disir'.. Cut the ox's throat with the sax, pouring the ale into the horn/cup. Sprinkle the ale & twigs about over the harrow.

2. Raise your head & hands & call....
"Disir, I call you kin-women kind,
Coming with holy help.
Sigdisir shining show me my way,
Speak to me wisdom and weal.
Grant to me good redes spoken aright
Give you a grim fate forth to my foes
Be in all battles by my side ever
I hail you, disir of help!"

3. Eat a piece of the ox, concentrating on the shining disir-spirits of your family. When you feel the time is right, pour the remaider of the ale out in front of the harrow onto the earth.(if your harrow is positioned outside...if indoors go outside). The disir should appear in your dreams or visions.