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Sunday, November 26th, 2006, 09:22 AM
'What did he do wrong?'
25/11/2006 07:46 - (SA)
Jeanne-Mariť Versluis, Beeld

Bloemfontein - Dr Leon Wagner, the former chief state pathologist in the Free State who has appeared before a disciplinary hearing because he wrote Aids as cause of death on the death certificate of a young woman, is positive he will be acquitted by the Health Professions Council (HPC).

Wagner, now in private practice, said on Friday after the first day of his hearing by the professional ethics committee of the council: "I have no doubt that I will be acquitted".

He said it was astounding that the stigma attached to Aids was still so strong "that one may not even state on a death certificate that someone had died as a result of Aids".

"Should it become general practice to write on a death certificate that someone had died because of Aids it would indicate that South African society has taken a turn for greater maturity in its handling of the disease."

Johann Engelbrecht SC of Pretoria was acting on behalf of Wagner and Dr Herman Reinach, a Bloemfontein orthodontist, was committee chairman.

Wagner has not yet entered a plea. The indictment said he was guilty of unprofessional behaviour because he and/or his practice had last year entered Aids on the death certificate of Elsie Nontsisi without proper evidence or examination of her body.

This made the cause of death illegally and/or unjustly certified as Aids, it was alleged.

In a request to the committee, the defence asked for more details to establish on what grounds it was alleged that Wagner had acted unprofessionally.

The defence also wanted to know whether Lulamile Peter, the pro-forma prosecutor, was alleging that no evidence existed to confirm the cause of death and, if Peter was not depending on that, whether he alleged that Wagner did not perform a proper examination of the body.

Engelbrecht said on Friday that until finality had been reached on certain aspects, Wagner was "not in a position to enter a plea".

Engelbrecht played a digital recording of the pre-trial proceedings between the parties, held Wednesday, for the committee.

In these proceedings, the defence alleged that the indictment did not comply with the provisions of the constitution or the Criminal Procedure Act.

Gerhard Wagenaar, Wagner's attorney, said at the meeting: "We do not know what he transgressed. What rule/regulation/act did he violate?"

To this Peter replied: "There is no direct act, rule or regulation that says so, but it is part of what is expected by his profession, by his peers."

Peter said on Friday that Wagner had entered Aids without a proper examination of the body and that such an action was unprofessional in terms of the act governing health professions.

How dare he remind the blacks that one can actually die of AIDS? :D

Sunday, November 26th, 2006, 10:59 AM
How dare he remind the blacks that one can actually die of AIDS? :D
Insane. As insane as the result of pairing Western institutionalism with African superstitions, as one can see.

Sunday, November 26th, 2006, 11:35 AM
It would seem as though some of them down in Africa really don't want to know what is going on. Perhaps this can be thought of in different ways. I for one believe that the African population is in excess of what can be sustained effective (- try convincing your local Bishop of this!) - and their understanding of economics is , to say the least , a bit hit & miss. ( See Rhodesia). Perhaps its not surprising that the findings of Western Science are not readily taken on board! Could there be a positive aspect to all this?

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006, 08:05 PM
You have no idea of the kind of circus South Africa is (not even to mention the rest of africa), I know because I live here!

The rest of the world only hear about reconciliation and the rainbow nation. Nothing is mentioned about baby rape, discrimination against germanics, farm murders and the "legal" theft of farms (at least Mugabe has the "decency" not to try and bullsh*t the world).

If you are planning on going to the 2010 Soccer World Cup I advise you to cancel and make other arrangements because nothing has been done yet, no stadiums have been built or are likely to be finished in time to augment the current crumbling infrastructure. If you actually do show up you must be brave or very stupid because the chances of you getting raped or murdered are pretty good.

Glad to see that some people in the world are actually opening their eyes and seeing the truth after throwing away politically correct sunglasses! :thumbup

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006, 11:26 PM
I think black africa is indeed in a real mess - seen from the outside, it is chaos and corruption gone mad! and its also very nasty and "inhuman". I guess it just doesn't work - it is a primitive society in a modern world. I suspect they are not very bright which must compound their problems no end! I do fear that the Chinese will take them over where we white have failed ... and that will not be to our advantage. THe worst thing is that think they can keep coming to Europe - and all the time we here are spineless about their arrival, they will indeed keep coming! That is our fault and failing - not theirs!

see also


Thursday, December 21st, 2006, 07:32 AM
I fear the soviets and the muslims are right, the west is turning degenerate. Every hour that passes we lose bits of our rightful hedgemony. The reason is simple... we are too civilized and have went overboard on human rights. Not even to mention the support "white" nations give to terrorist organizations. Just look at all the money the scandinavian countries gave to the ANC.

I'm just glad to see that the Germans are busy throwing away the "shame" of WW2 not that they did any worse than the Allies did. There was a real threat of them going liberal and pacifist.

There is only one option the West needs to show some teeth because the Eastern dragon will show its teeth soon!