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Thursday, November 16th, 2006, 03:29 PM
The google founder itself was unpleasantly surprised about the informations Google can find out about a person. The quest is how to find the needle you search hidden in the dung Ok, lets start:

First, read these both pages:

Ok, some examples; search for:
filetype:xls antifa
filetype:txt antifa

Nice, eh?

Another nice feature of google is its caching of sites. By visiting sites which have been cached by google (click on "Cached" at the bottom right or use the cache: prefix) you can
a) access pages which have been put from the net and
b) since your computer doesn't establish a connection with the webserver of the site you want to read (you use the google cache!) there will be no information about your visit at the webserver.

Ok, lets some deeper stuff: finding "hidden" directories. With this technique you can get access to poorly secured sites where you have to enter a password at the main site but the information are freely available - if you know their URL. Read

Try searching for
intitle:index.of "parent directory" antifa

Other interesting things are looking for a web server test page as described by the link above - since such a test page indicates that there is a server with a dumb administrator.

Very importing is the section for getting password lists of badly configurated sites!
This is an image no admin wants to be available on the net:

The next site informs us about defense techniques against such tries:
since this is a double-sided knife!

Another nice tool for some investigative work are the whatis-servers. If you want to know which persons run for example the german antifa site you go to
and enter "antifa" for www.antifa.de in the "query" field at the upper right. With the information you get you feed google again - you will be surprised on how much information you get!

For the UK this service is under

and for the US unser

Nice hunt!

Saturday, December 19th, 2009, 06:48 PM
"Secret" Things You Can Do on Google*

1. Enter "define" in the Google search box, then a space, and then the word or _expression you want defined.

2. Find out what Google thinks about just about anything or anyone (including you) at www.googlism.com.

3. Enter an airplane's tail number in the Google search box to find out the plane's service history.

4. Bush or Kerry? Heaven or hell? Pen or sword? Which one gets more google hits? Find out this and much more at www.googlefight.com .

5. Enter a few key ingredients to get many [food cooking] recipes at http://www.researchbuzz.org/archives/001404.shtml

6. Enter a telephone number and sometimes you will get a name and address.

Likewise, enter a name &/or an address and you may get something interesting.


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