View Full Version : Water Restrictions=Over-Population

Mistress Klaus
Tuesday, February 10th, 2004, 09:25 AM
What is this shit? I am an avid gardener, I like to keep myself clean & I expect my toilet to carry my bog away with a single flush...

I understand that Australia is a terribly dry country & water preservation is essential, but these crazy schemes, inventions & laws to make us save water are ludicrous.

Watering of lawns & washing cars with a hose is prohibited, which I agree with...(I only deep soak my young trees & important plants...I hate people with only grass & no trees...& put the sprinkler on the stupid thing in the middle of the day???...or idiots that hose their driveway???)... :stupid

New devices like shower heads & toilet cisterns that limit the flow of water are the most annoying & offensive (I am speaking from personal exp). ..So I can't wash my hair properly? (ok for dirty bastards I guess), I have to flush 4-5 times after a normal bog session?..(uses more water than the old loo's!)....

Suburban area's were not allowed to have water tanks installed, but NOW it is encouraged..(you even get a counsil rebate now). Instead of building more dams they clear the trees & land for more houses & the growing population.....(That does not make sense! :scared )

I find Australia a really stupid place. They keep letting immigrants come here, when we are threatened with all the downfalls of a over-populated country.
They are saying that basically in the future, there will not be enough water to go around!..


Dr. Alexander Hamilton
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004, 01:45 AM
Incorrect, we need the population because of all the fat old people. Get a whole lot of them to commit suicide, or massacre them yourself, and I would happily conceed you your hair washing time and water. Perhaps a better solution would be to have all these immigrants earn their place here by building desalinisation plants instead of just coming here to sponge.