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Sunday, November 5th, 2006, 01:40 PM
An alternative spiritual career?


A good old tradition on dedicating ones spirit, are the tradition of rising a powerplace for it, in order to prepeare the afterlife for the resident, and to stay in touch with the heirs, family, tribe or nation.

The tradition of heap burying are close related to the forfather cults, and to local animism and local pantheons.

Rising oneself a heap...

One make oneselfself a heap, when one die, ones body and symbols and nescessary items are buried in there. Also the Egyptians and Azteks, and any people rising stone pyramids are into it.

The earthly items of the tomb makes it much easier for the spirit to find the place, and to dwell in a sphære constucted exactly for that purpose. The sacrifices by the burial, and later are to charge the dweller of the heap with terrestial vital energy.

To uphold the connection, the spirit therein must receive som kind of energy related to the actual sphære, some earthly substance, that may be any sacrifices, food, wine, prayer, animals, dedication, anything that brings energy and focus to the idea.

The evergreen three that is bloted annual, is a light variant of that principe. The spirits are invited to use of the vitality of the three. This trick is well know over the whoule world. Check the " Golden Bough"

A such resident are never alone in the grave. There will be dedicated helpers of elemental kingdoms to guard and suit the resident. Also other familiar spirits may gather at a such gate, that be personal helping spirits, and also spirits of the forefathers of the dweller.

Symbiosis between the living and the dead

The worshippers can come in touch with the spirits of forefathers here, for advice, help or whatever... They on the other side, brings sacrifices and prayers to vitalize the spirit by the heap.
The more gifts and dedication, and related substant energy the spirit receives, the stronger it may become. Here comes the dynamic principe of expansion up.

Like in business, spirits or gods have to expand or be forgotten. There is no staus quo.

Sacrifice and prayers

The old ones used to sacrifice horses and other animals of great vitality on the heaps, to enrich it. Since the energy of the blot, spiritual, psychical and physical, are focused and dedicated to the distinct purpose, and charged with the precise runes, or archetypical manipulations, the heap will be consecrated and the spirit therein uploaded.

No other spirits touches the sacrifices witout joining and allowed from the celebrated deity. ( Åsgårdsrei; a tangled bol of spirits of various classes and aspects. Very difficult to relate to, because of the various classes of spirits mingled therein. )
Attempting to confront one of them, or one of the classes of the flying spirit nest, the other spirits and the other classes of spirits will be upon one. A spiritual parallell to "dirty bombs". Not a recommendable match for beginners.

But of course, beware, the mental recyle on the operator of a such projects, are very well described by C.G.Jung as " Archetypical inflation"...Of course it can be worse than that..
The original residing spirit of the body may be kicked out, and the body and mind invaded by homeless and wandeing spirits, and used as some kind of hotel. Not really a recommendable career for a human creature.

Things Takes Time...

But, rarely a problem for anyone. Who have 10 000 years available? Even with the advantage of reaching hundreds of incarnations during that precautions for the Golden Age, it would claim enormous ressources, stern dedication and nearly unthinkable steady will.

But as we understand, it is really no abrahadabra, it may be possible to achieve goodhood. But it may take some time...

The Pyramids are graveheaps, with geometrical lines. Many temples are rised as graveheaps, what is under the altar of some cathedrals? Some heaps are to go into, to come in closer touch with the spirit dwelling within it.

Rising a heap should be done on soil one owns oneself....The Othal runes double action, the spirits of the forefathers, and land property.