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Friday, November 3rd, 2006, 07:20 PM
Archaeologists believe they have found a new Viking-era stone engraved with ancient Danish Rune writing

Archaeologists from Vejle Museum think they may have found a third 'Jellinge stone' - a large rock with carved runes and considered the first examples of written language in Denmark.

The researchers have found seven stones in all, which they believe date from the 10th century. Jellinge stones tell of the founding of Denmark and of Christianity's arrival in the country.

Even if the stones do not yield a true Jellinge stone, the find is still significant.

'I have no doubts that this is a prehistoric structure,' said Peter Mohr Christensen, one of Vejle Museum's archaeologists, to Ritzau.

The stones - some up to two square meters in size - lay partially buried in the area surrounding Jellinge church on Jutland, the site of the original two stones. Christensen believes the stones and the hill where they were found served as a ship launch for the Vikings or perhaps later groups.

The older of the two known Jellinge stones was raised ca. 950 by King Gorm the Old, recognising him as the first king of Denmark. His lineage runs all the way to the current monarch, Queen Margrethe II, making the Danish royal family the oldest ruling dynasty in Europe.

The larger Jellinge stone was raised by Gorm's son, Harald Bluetooth, in memory of his parents. Its runes tell of the Danes conversion to Christianity - or at least Harald's declaration of such, since it was unlikely many in Denmark were even aware of Christianity at that time.

It is only rumour that there exists a third Jellinge stone, but Christensen is still excited about the find.

'It could be fun to turn the stones over and see whether there is anything written on them. But it is interesting as well that they could cast new light on Jellinge Hill's significant shipping site.'

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