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Slå ring om Norge
Thursday, November 2nd, 2006, 06:55 PM
As Thor or Asthor - Let us take the name Thor, and make a runic analysis. The first rune is naturally, the -Thorn rune, spelling Th. As the rune , or in this case , name, reflects the idea of what it describes. Thor is written with the Th-rune, while the sky god Tyr'`s name are written with the rune -Tyr, depicting an arrow pointing upwards. The next could be- Ur, or -Uruz. So far we got the spell Thorn,-Uruz- and a final -Raido rune, that should pack the name with the nescessary references.

Thorn - Thunder, breakthrough, destruction/creation, thunder, hammer strikes the wheel, strike the wheel afire. Duality. The etymologic root of the idea " To, two, 2 ". In the genesis process, separating heaven from eart, earth from water, water from air, air from fire, fire from spirit. And vice versa. Also, in the hands of Thor, the hammer of the law.

Uruz - Ur, sometimes Or, or Ar, like in original. The Ur-soup, the Urochs, the physical world, circambulation, physical strenght, health,
undefined substance, cosmic unity not nescessarily conscious, subconscious, potential, but still udefinened. Also the deept of time. The past. The raw material, subject, the physical universe.

Raido - The Chariot Rune, raid, ride, rule, armor, rule, power, also council and as a Council. Mark the similarities to rey, royal, rege. The word "tourist" has its roots from Thor, and has come to describe the idea very well.
Thor does his daily round, striking the wheel, to make everything go round. His duties and concern in this pantheon, are like those of Jupiter, Zevs, Jahve, Amon-Ra, Vishnu, and other gods of wheels, thunderbolt, or hammer.
In short, a god for construction, building and creation. Of the whole, such as the universe, society , and the individual.

As Thor is a god of the class Ås, Os, As, or Æs, this is sometimes signified by giving his name a prefix highlighting that. In thisrune will be -

As - The Æsis (gods), air, spirit, breath, speach, motion, poetry, spirit incarnating, hierarchy, and that should cross a "T", and close the circle in the name of AsThUrR This with the runes As, Thorn, Uruz, Raido. That is A, T, O, R. Or ROTA, the wheel. Mark also Thors reign as an office of hammer and wheel. In the outer, the largest of wheels, the Galaxy, and even the wheel of karma and rebirth for all we know. In the inner, the wheel is also the cirlce, and the hammer is a cross. A cross of elements. The circle is also spirit. Compare to Ankh. The Hammer hits the Wheel. The minuite sparks thereof are the limitless homes of stars, the spark of creation, limitless small from outside, but with limitless space within.

Asthor is also a god for growth, and the idea of him is expansive in itselves.
To give a hint of his charachter, he comes from the north, on a sledge, with gifts. Asthor is the original Santa. By Juletides, he came with gifts to his believers, the main gift was the new fire, the light of life, the newborn Sun.

This was celebrated annual as the Juleblot, at the darkest time of the year. At these blots, all gods, spirits, forefathers, humans, creatures and plants
were welcome to take part. Peace was kept strict and holy all over the land.
And whatever Christmas you celebrate, when the time is here again, be sure I hereby wish you the best for a Merry Christmas for you and your dear ones, also from the great god Asthor.

May 20 unexpected gifts come into your hands when you need it most!
And Asthor is not difficult to reach. A hammer is a suitable link and meditation, together with the name and the idea. In this context, do not hang too much up in the Norse viking interperention of Thor.

Their impressions and expressions thereof must be seen related to the time and conditions they were living under. But of course, the studies of the sagas and traditions on Thor and the northern pantheons are nescessary and most valuable.

But this agenda, on the other hand concerns with how to establish a connection, mental, spiritual, perhaps archetypal, with Asthor, or Thor.
However, the sagas thereof may absolutely be used as a mental background carpet, they hides plenty precious knowledge and secrets.

Asthor, or Thor is an up to date god, spirit, power, current or archetype of creation, construction and community. He does not require submission, or insane sacrifices. Asthor want one to trust oneself, and to do ones best. Often my ability to be in touch, demands a will to expansion..., or to mentally break through the ursoup and raid the world.

Which in itself are both creative and progressive, and moves in the spirit of Asthor. So I better hit the wheel.... As Th..or....Asthor.

Slå ring om Norge
Saturday, November 4th, 2006, 07:56 AM
Anything valid for Thor, Asthor should be valid for Donar. A dear god has many names.

Even if it in modern language is spelled with a D, the root is a Th, makes it same as Thunar, Thun, Thur, Thund...

To me Thor, Asthor, Donar is just various names on the same Great God.

Donar, really is the generous donator.

" Generous Donator " in doble meaning, at least.

Thursday, December 28th, 2006, 08:16 PM
This is quite an interesting interpretation, but why Uruz instead of Othala?

Slå ring om Norge
Thursday, December 28th, 2006, 08:57 PM
This is quite an interesting interpretation, but why Uruz instead of Othala?

Othala would rather referer to Odin. So Wotan, Woden, or Oden or Odin I would spell with Othala, never with Uruz.

The same way as a Tiwass "T" definitively would point to Tir, or Tiwass.

Note that all the runes in the spelling "ODIN" refers to runes that has with the history and functions of Odin. One could make a story of of the references of each rune.

All the runes in the spelling Thur, Thor, Asthor referers to Thor. But letters have changed the latest 1500 years, so has pronounications.

For the Asthor name, the exeption is the As rune, that is used to signify his divinity, compared to an human or earthly version that would be Thor, since that is not an As.

The 16 runes futhark twirled the system IMO, and so did the variations with mixed runes and latin letters. I believe we may have lost something on the way there.

If one get the formular to work with the Othala rune, why not?
Well, the idea of what it describes will be more concentrated and packed if there is no unclarities or digressions, but precision...

Thursday, December 28th, 2006, 09:15 PM
The Hammer hits the Wheel. The minuite sparks thereof are the limitless homes of stars, the spark of creation, limitless small from outside, but with limitless space within....Asthor

Thurs/Thor is power/energy/electricity.

First is All FAthor
Then Urd
Then Thorn

From the Void is Fator Odin (which is Mind Hugr and Muninn, thought and memory)
From the mind there is a well of being existence which is Urd where the norns lie which are in fact the 3 aspects of God Fator Odin, past, present, future.
For God Odin Fa to live, their must be space. Thus, energy, will, electricity, thus Thorn. The generation is Gibor, giving, the Fire foot (swastika) generating the worlds. So, As Thor is the will of God (Odin). Thors power is his electricity, his hammer, gloves. He cannot use Bifrost because of his power. So Asathor is not a Great God, but the will of God in the cosmos as well on Erd. Thus Thor is not the Godi/Mana/Mind/Odin/Hugr/Munin/Jarl but the Arms/Warrior/Karl, and is subservient to Godi and Odin.