View Full Version : Contemporary World Ethnographic Developement?

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006, 06:24 PM
I'd like to mention the possibility of focusing on contemporary racial movements in the world, and if possible, see the synchronosities with the

A. Environment change
B. Social/economic causes for migration
C. Political/cultural conflicts
D. War and ethnic cleansing

Ill begin with these first few coincidences that caught my eye.

Global warming is effecting the world, and in Europe the effects are becoming more apparent, take for instance the warming of the southern British Isles, to the degree of a mediteranean climate, as with the Atlantic regions of France, while the interior becomes more flood or drought prone. The same goes for the interior of Europe where a more continental climate will come into effect, causing drastic hot and cold seasonal shifts like the interior of eurasia, with floods, heat waves, and severe winters.

The point that caught my eye is the immigrant influx to some regions in Europe, take for instance, north africans in large numbers in France, and indid and north african influxes into Great Britian, like a gradient shift upwards of peoples who originated in lands a ecological degree south, now finding new homes in lands that are becoming more like thier old homelands. This takes into account all cultural and technological aspects of reality, but I still see a correlation.

The next example is of Germany, where there influx of Immigrants are largely Turkic with smaller south eastern european elements. A people who are indigenous to lands slightly more contintal in climate to the lands of Germany. In a land being slowly pushed toward a more continental climate, due to the weakening atlantic current, it seems a strange coincidence that this migratory pattern is occuring, and although not explanatory of all the factors as to why these things came to be, its mentionable that the gradual changing of the climate, man influenced or not, is reflected in the formation of peoples, and is happening before our eyes.

Another example is the condition in South Sudan and Chad/Niger. Where Dessertification is coincidentally arriving at the same time of a resurgent Arabic ethnic thrust into pred Negrid territory. Religion and politics seem to only be masks for the true intention, which is the make the people lighter there, as I heard something similar quoted from a Sudanese militiaman. Even with oil and economic gains of land, both material factors and environmental ones seem to be moving hand in hand.

Similar ecological zones play out in South america, where the indigenous indian and the pred Med peoples exist greatly in gradient zoned areas depending on the climate, in the interior/ mountains the Round headed
Indian and the coastal/river regions the longer headed Med. In north America similar aspects are evident, the demography of southwest america with the hispanic near majority and south east america with its slave trade era black population, new orleans for instance, the nearest area to a tropical delta possible to former cotton crop efficient slaves, is one of the largest negrid population centers in America and stands out on any demographic map as a negrid center, while English and French stock largely reside in the north east "new england" , the Germans or "pennslyvania Dutch" in pennslyvania, and the scandinavian's descendants who reside by and near the northern Great lakes, not unlike a baltic sea.

If you agree in the correlation mentioned, what else can we deduce? what is happening to the caucasian and european world right now? and the rest of the world for that matter. what other conditions of climate change are indicitive of ethnic movement today, and who are some of the specific ethnic groups involved.