View Full Version : The eternal confrontation between precision, firepower and stopping power

Friday, October 6th, 2006, 07:13 PM
To all those who are going to respond, I will ask you to do it by thinking first as a sniper, then as an infantry soldier, and finally as a special task force member.
In combat, what characteristic is more important in a firegun, specially rifles: the precision, the capacity of rapid fire rates, or the stopping power? We all know you can't achieve all that in a single weapon, so please don't answer "The three things are equally important", but I allow you to choose two.
For example, a 7.92x57 Mauser with a 24' canon is far more precise than an average AK-47, whereas the Kalashnikov will make you a gruyére in a blink. The FAL's precision and range is similar to the M-16, but the FAL will knock you down in the first shot. Things like that are the ones I want you to evaluate, but i don't want you to tell me which gun do you prefer but the property. However, you can ad examples and/or specify calibers, technical data, other opinions, etc..
The thing is that I have in mind starting the design of a new rifle in a couple of months (when i'm in hollidays) and I want opinions so I can focus better my project. Thanks