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Sunday, February 1st, 2004, 06:30 AM
Rev. Dr. Matt Hale, a man who has tirelessly fought for the interests of White people world over, has been unjustly incarcerated on bogus charges for no reason other than being politically incorrect and criticizing the behavior of “the chosen ones” nationally and internationally.

On January 8th, 2003, Rev. Hale was arrested by members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force led by the jewish Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff. At the time of his arrest, in the lobby of the Federal Courthouse in Chicago, Rev. Hale was on his way to appear before Judge Joan Lefkow for Contempt of Court charges regarding a trademark matter. But before Rev. Hale was able to reach the elevator, numerous federal agents arrested him. He was charged with:

1) Soliciting the murder of a Federal Judge (Judge Joan Lefkow) and

2) Obstruction of justice.

Since January 8th, 2003 Rev. Hale has been confined to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago. His cell is described as a "7 foot by 11 foot metal box." He is allowed out 1 hour per day for exercise. Send letters and greetings by writing to:

Matthew Hale
Reg# 15177424
M.C.C. Chicago
71 W. Van Buren St.
Chicago, IL 60605

Rev. Matt Hale's trial, scheduled to begin on September 22, had been postponed to November 11, 2003. The trial has again been rescheduled for April 5, 2004. His private lawyer is very competent and known as an excellent cross-examiner. It is expected that the government will pay for some legal fees. Rev. Hale was never afraid to speak out for White peoples interests and White survival. NOW is the time for us to express our support by donating money for his family.

Send a contribution NOW! Make checks or money-orders payable to Russell Hale, (Rev. Hale's father) and indicate "Hale Family Support". The address is:

Hale Family Support
c/o Russell Hale
217 Randolph St.
East Peoria, Illinois 61611

Please be as generous as you can. Please spread the word as widely as possible. You might not have a lot of money but someone reading your internet post later on might be rich.

Everyone reading this should make a contribution to support the Hale Family, Rev. Hale has spoken out on our behalf; now it is our turn to act!

Those who send in $100 or more will receive a special gift of 1 volume (your choice) from 65 rare racial and eugenic books listed here: http://www.solargeneral.com/salebooks/SaleBooks.htm. In addition, each donation of $100 or more will receive a complementary info-packed CD containing Ben Klassen’s famous 41-minute lecture “Survival of the White Race” on the audio session, plus 300 MB worth of pro-White audio, video, research and reading material. (Note: Two-volume books must be ordered as a set, for a donation of $200 or more.)

Sunday, February 1st, 2004, 06:32 AM

Q: Why was Rev. Hale arrested by agents of the "Joint Terrorist Task Force"?
A: To smear Rev. Hale and to portray him as a "terrorist;" to discredit him and the religion of Creativity.

Q: Is there a conspiracy among the ADL, FBI and JDL to prosecute Rev. Hale?
A: Absolutely. The ADL is represented in the FBI by Michael Chertoff, who in effect controls the FBI. The ADL is further using the JDL for the particular "dirty work" that occasionally arises when the ADL is anxious to silence those who tell the truth about the "chosen ones".

Q: Why were two homes where Rev. Hale resided "raided" by the FBI?
A: Not because of any suspicion of crime, for prosecution has nothing to do with crime. Instead, agents seized anything having to do with the White Racial Cause in an attempt to destroy the Church's First Amendment rights and any opposition to the "chosen ones". Seizure of my Israeli flag (used as a doormat) is an excellent example.

Q: Why did the FBI and ADL hold a joint news conference after Rev. Hale's arrest?
A: Because the ADL has been part of a conspiracy against Rev. Hale for years and knew about Rev. Hale's arrest in advance.

Q: Who paid agent-provocateur Tony Evola $50,000 to try to frame Rev. Hale?
A: Probably the ADL

Q: Why did Atty. General John Ashcroft order that Rev. Hale be barred from speaking to the media?
A: Because of fear that Rev. Hale would expose the ADL, FBI, JDL conspiracy.


Monday, May 10th, 2004, 05:53 AM
We must all support PM Hale!