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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006, 11:01 AM
http://www.havananightlife.com/images/objects/british_flag.gif New places of worship planned to be erected in ReykjavÝk

Over the next few years, three new houses of prayer will be built in ReykjavÝk, reports FrÚttabla­i­. The Russian Orthodox Church, the Association for Medieval Norse Paganism (┴satr˙), and the Association for Icelandic Muslims have all received promises for lots in ReykjavÝk. The applications are currently under review at the Environmental Committee.

The Association of Icelandic Muslims needs a 4 - 5,000 square meter lot for a mosque that is planned to be just over 2,000 square meters. Currently, a lot in the Ellidaß River Valley is under review.

The Russian Orthodox Church will be 600 square meters and also include recreational facilities for the congregation and a school. Two to three lots are under consideration for the church, in ÍskjuhlÝ­ or on the Landakotst˙n across from the Russian embassy (and next to the Catholic Church) or at Hßvallagata 14 where there are buildings belonging to the Catholic Church. According to Father Timofej, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church in Iceland, all potential places are good but the Landakotst˙n is the best because it is close to the Russian embassy. He said that the church will be built in the traditional style with bulb-shaped spires. Construction of the church will begin this summer or as soon as city officials give the church "a green light".

The Association for Medieval Norse Paganism (ßsatr˙) is set to receive a 1,500 - 2,000 square meter lot for a 700 sq. m. temple. The temple will include additional facilities for the congregation, a forested area close to landmark Perlan is the lot currently under discussion for the Pagans.

http://www.photoblogs.org/flags/is.gif Nř bŠnah˙s rÝsa Ý borginni

Ůrj˙ bŠnah˙s ver­a vŠntanlega reist Ý ReykjavÝk ß nŠstu ßrum. Ůa­ er R˙ssneska rÚtttr˙na­arkirkjan, FÚlag ßsatr˙armanna og FÚlag m˙hame­s*tr˙armanna sem hafa fengi­ vilyr­i um lˇ­ir Ý ReykjavÝk og er mßli­ ■essa dagana til umfj÷llunar hjß umhverfisrß­i.

FÚlag Ýslenskra m˙slima ■arf 4.000-5.000 fermetra lˇ­ undir mosku og er stefnt a­ ■vÝ a­ byggingin ver­i r˙mlega 2.000 fermetrar a­ stŠr­. Veri­ er a­ gera ˙ttekt ß lˇ­inni vi­ hli­ina ß Staldrinu nor­an vi­ Gar­heima Ý krikanum hjß Stekkjarbakka og Reykjanesbraut. Lˇ­in tilheyrir Elli­aßrdalnum og ■arf ■vÝ a­ gera breytingu ß a­alskipulagi dalsins ef ■etta ß a­ nß fram a­ ganga.

Helga Bragadˇttir, skipulagsfulltr˙i Ý ReykjavÝk, segir a­ lagt ver­i til vi­ skipulagsrß­ a­ svŠ­i­ ver­i teki­ til deiliskipulags sem allra fyrst ef ßkve­i­ ver­ur a­ ˙thluta m˙hame­str˙arm÷nnum ■essari lˇ­. ┴ ■etta svŠ­i geti komi­ til vi­bˇtar ÷nnur starfsemi, til dŠmis sem tengist dalnum.

Tveir til ■rÝr sta­ir koma til greina fyrir kirkju og fÚlagsheimili R˙ssnesku rÚtttr˙na­arkirkjunnar, anna­ hvort nor­an vi­ fyrirhuga­an duftgar­ vi­ Leynimřri Ý ÍskjuhlÝ­, ß Landakotst˙ni vi­ bÝlastŠ­i­ gegnt r˙ssneska sendirß­inu e­a vi­ Hßvallag÷tu 14 ■ar sem n˙ eru byggingar ka■ˇlsku kirkjunnar.

Fa­ir Timofej, yfirma­ur R˙ssnesku rÚtttr˙na­arkirkjunnar ß ═slandi, segir a­ kirkjan ver­i bygg­ Ý hef­bundnum stÝl me­ k˙plum Ý anda kirkjunnar og a­ h÷nnun og framkvŠmdir hefjist vonandi strax Ý sumar e­a um lei­ og borgaryfirv÷ld gefa grŠnt ljˇs. Hann segir a­ byggingin ver­i 600 fermetrar a­ stŠr­, kirkja, safna­arheimili og skˇli.

Fa­ir Timofej segir a­ allir sta­irnir sÚu gˇ­ir en kannski sÚ Landakotst˙ni­ besti sta­urinn ■vÝ a­ ■a­an sÚ stutt Ý r˙ssneska sendirß­i­ auk ■ess sem kirkjan sÚ Ý gˇ­u sambandi vi­ brŠ­ur sÝna Ý ka■ˇlsku kirkjunni.

Ůß er til umrŠ­u a­ ˙thluta ßsatr˙arm÷nnum 1.500-2.000 fermetra lˇ­ undir byggingu um 700 fermetra hofs, fÚlagsheimilis og dˇmhrings Ý skˇgarja­ri Ý Leynimřrinni. ┴satr˙armenn myndu ■ar hafa sameiginlega a­komu me­ Perlunni.

English Source (http://www.icelandreview.com/icelandreview/daily_news/?cat_id=16539&ew_0_a_id=183690)
Icelandic Source (http://www.visir.is/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060207/FRETTIR01/102070056/1091)

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006, 11:28 AM
I do believe it is long over due that the ┴satr˙ar association gets a temple, and the place the temple is supposed to be built is one of the most beautiful areas in the city, heavily forested and stands at a hill looking over the city. It will bring nothing but more beauty to the city and add an extra feeling of tranquilly to the area where many birds call their home.

As for the Orthodox Church, well I see no reason why they need a church here in Iceland, but than again I never saw a reason for the Catholic Church either. Since the Orthodox church will be built right next door to the Catholic one Iĺm hoping their followers get aggressive one Sunday sermon and tear each others churches down ;)

As for these crazy Icelanders who have taken up to follow the lunatic Muhammad and now want a mosque to follow their utterly foreign religion in hope of attracting their Arabian idols to Icelandů..well I do have my doubts if the mosque will ever be built but if the project ever gets started I will most certainly protest heavily and I know for a fact most of my friends and family will too. Itĺs outrageous enough just to discuss about giving them land :mad:

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006, 12:17 PM
Lundi - I have a family branch in Iceland. There is a sect of the Bahai religion there (a sect of Islam). One of my relatives was ensnared and has married one of their group. We have lost a member and gained a mixed race aspect. We are very unhappy, not because we are racist but because we are never going to see that branch of the family tree produce any more true Icelanders. The centre is, I think, in the Faroe Islands and there are tentacles at the University in Iceland where I think my relative met this alien universalist creed. I have heard that 400 converts fall to this religion every day worldwide. That is scary. Many are not Iranian. So when you get angry or upset about the mosque for "Icelandic" muslims or Catholics please get extra upset for the fact that Iceland allowed the Bahai in there. :cry00002:

But really good news about the Asatru temple. This is wonderful to know. :yippee01:

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006, 12:20 PM
But really good news about the Asatru temple. This is wonderful to know. :yippee01:

Wow... that would be on top of my list as a tourist attraction! :D I definitely want to see this... wow again. :)

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006, 12:46 PM
The temple would be built on the same hill as ReykjavÝk's famous rotating restaurant Perlan, or "The Pearl"

Seen here in the background:




Although it would be built on the other end of the hill within a very beautiful forested area :animal-sm

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006, 01:22 PM
The building of such a temple will cause a gathering of the ancients in that the ancestral spirits and ancestors so vital to the Heathen religion will become focussed or concentrated in that area, like a node of energy, operating through the people who go there to honour them.

When will there be a campaign to reinstate and rebuild the great temple at Upsala, broken down by the Christians? Or the re-rection of the broken Irminsul? Or the felled Thorburn's oak of the Saxons? These are our true monuments. Maybe they will return to us as we return to them. :)

Rose of Rohan
Wednesday, February 8th, 2006, 04:04 PM
Millions of mosques in England, millions. But not one in Cornwall....yet...:( (SW England has the lowest population of immigrants in the UK.)

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006, 04:40 PM
Millions of mosques in England, millions. But not one in Cornwall....yet...:( (SW England has the lowest population of immigrants in the UK.)

Apparently they go up at a rate of one a week.:O

Thursday, February 9th, 2006, 12:07 AM
I got angry while reading about the mosque... The first thing I'm gonna see every morning when I to work or school would be that f-ing mosque and belive me when I say that's NOT what I wanna see.