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Sunday, January 15th, 2006, 11:11 AM
The common knowledge to our history and sagas are very slight. This is very dangerous, as one does not know it, it is too easy for anyone to fake it, and or, to use it for any agenda. I referer here specific to the history of Norway.

Also in this forum I am surprised upon the lack of knowledge to important historical facts on the topic. Our history is what identifies us as a nation, more than our geographical location. It should not be underestimated as entertaining curiosa, it is under the right circumstances a powerful weapon worth more than any army.

Armies comes and goes, but our history will still be there, maybe with new chapters added, more or less related to “objective” truths. As we know, history are rewritten by the victorious after wars. One thing can be sure, what we know as history, are very often subjectively twisted to fit the agenda of those in power. In clear text, fake.

In short terms, knowing history is a defence against various rulers and powers attempt to fake it to their ends. To the uttermost consequenze, knowledge of history, or lack on it, can decide a nations or a races fate.

I am not a historic, sometimes I mix up things, and are not too concerned on documentation. I count on getting correction on reflecting to others knowledge of the same history. It is a risky business, sometimes my concusion are failures, and I do only rarely receive the nescessary responses to correct my own mistakes.

And when mistakes are done, they have to be admitted, and laid on the table, to get things right. If it is not brought up into light, it remains as hidden lies, and will stand as another attempt to fake history. So, this posting.

Since no one has corrected me on my version of the Royal Norwegian Line, I will after some further studies have to do it myself.

It is not correct, as I earlier claimed, that Erik Bloodaxe was of mixed sami offspring, so that words falls dead and powerless to the earth.

I still have not found out who his mother was. Harald Hairfair had several sons with varios females, I have counted 15. But he had four sons with Snefrid, at least 3 of theme became kings, at Ringerike, Hadeland and Toten.

Sigurd Rise was the most prominent of these, and from 1130 it is his branch that carries the royal blood.

The kings after Sigurds line are Sigurd Syr, Harald Hardråde, Magnus Haraldsson, Olav Kyrre, Håkon Toresfostre, Magnus Berføtt, Harald Gille, Olav Magnusson, Sigurd Jorsalfare, Øistein Magnusson, Magnus Blinde, Sigurd Munn, Inge Krokrygg, Øystein Haraldsson, Magnus Haraldsson, Magnus Erlingsson, Håkon Herdebrei, that is 18 kings.

From Sigurds Syrs daughter comes also Olav the unholy and Magnus Gode.
That is all together 20 kings, not 30 as I claimed elsewhere. All according to Snorri.

This had to be written and published, to set Erik Bloodaxe and other in a correct light, not out of pleasure or for annoyance.

If anybody should feel to meet me for further clearifications of any kind, I am available in Oslo, just send me a message:cool: .

Thore Hund