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Friday, December 16th, 2005, 11:46 PM

ENGLAND fans last night gave the Germans a rocket over World Cup security plans — and told them: “Thanks but no tanks.”

Armoured robots — costing £55,000 and bristling with technology — will patrol their stadiums on the prowl for soccer yobs.

But fan groups branded the move as “over the top,” saying our supporters were just out to enjoy themselves at next summer’s spectacular tournament.

Incredibly, the plan comes just days after Sven Goran Eriksson had pleaded with England fans: Don’t mention the war.

1. Lithium battery runs tank for 12 hours
2. CCTV & thermal imaging cameras, sensors to detect chemicals
3. Tracks allow 4.5mph travel up 45-degree slopes and 10ins steps
4. Aerial — radio control & data transmission
5. Onboard computer

The Swede said: “I’d urge fans to stop chanting the song about ‘Ten German bombers’. That is disrespectful — and it’s important we respect our German hosts.”

But critics said last night the Germans were being disrespectful by rolling out Panzer-style tanks to greet England fans.

England 1966 World Cup hero Martin Peters said: “This is hard to believe. There will be enough crowd control out there without needing tanks.”

Ash Connor, from the Football Supporters Federation, claimed the sight of the machines could even infuriate England fans.

He said: “To some it will seem like hypocrisy. It’s wrong.

“There’s nothing more likely to wind up England fans than behaviour like this. The Germans have scored a huge own goal.”

The tech-laden tanks are equipped with CCTV periscopes and thermal imaging cameras to scan crowds for troublemakers — transmitting the pictures to their commanders in control rooms.

The 4ft-high, 8½ stone battery-powered robo-tanks — which are painted in military camouflage colours — can even climb STEPS with their caterpillar treads.

They will also be stationed at turnstiles — where extra sensors can detect dangerous chemicals, explosives and even RADIOACTIVE materials that might be smuggled into grounds by yobs or terrorists.

And if a lout attacks one or tries to pick up one, an alarm is triggered at the tank’s HQ and a squad of police can storm in.

Berlin’s Olympic Stadium has already signed up for the tanks and Frankfurt — where England are due to kick-off against Paraguay on June 10 — is in advanced talks for the technology.

The rest of the tournament venues are also looking at getting the hi-tech thug-busters to help keep the peace during matches.
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Once the games kick off, the surveillance robots will then begin to patrol the aisles on a programmed route to watch supporters.

But fans are already calling the robots “Rommel Raiders” after the WWII Panzer commander, who went up against England’s Field Marshal Montgomery in North Africa.

The OFRO super snoopers — which have a top speed of 4½mph — are made by the German firm Robowatch Technologies.

Spokesman Benjamin Stengl said: “The design — which is like a tank — is for practical reasons. If any fans get out of order, then our robots will be first on the scene.”


Germany is doing its utmost to be an excellent host for the World Cup and has shown nothing but respect for the visiting teams and fans. This country reminds itself constantly of the horrors of WW II and its own culpability. Modern Germany has a strong sense of responsibility, freedom and fair play.

The security measures in place are to protect the peaceful fans of all nationalities, many of whom will be families with children. Be glad that Germany will do everything it can to protect its welcomed visitors - with its usual efficiency.

Germany has welcomed the world. It's a time to make friends.

Diana Peckham,

# If security robots were deployed in British airports or on the London Underground they would be heaped with glowing praise. They are to be used in Germany to try and stop criminal activities from spoiling the World Cup.


# I think the robots are a great idea. They will only annoy the people that are up to no good. If you’re there to enjoy a good game and have fun, then what's a robot tank that's only tiny really going to do to get in the way of things?

These tanks will also provide great security against our greatest threat - the terrorists.

I think we should be deploying them to all major events from now on!!!

Daniel Pearce,

# I think they are an excellent idea.

Andy Cadman

# I suppose the German Government deploying tanks in post-war Germany is ok now ... whatever floats your U-Boat.

Phil Sullivan

First it was CCTV, then came the Anti-Terror Bill, and now this. Just another example of how government officials are taking away our freedom. And it is sad to see that most people even appreciate this development!

Michelle Fischer

# I think this is a genuinely good idea. If they stop a terrorist, you’ll be singing its praises.

David Howard,

# Even if it is just a nice game like footbalI I think it is a great idea and a chance to make the games more safe.

Antonia Zeiler,

# With all of the robots and surveillance cameras in use today, I can't help but wonder how much of our lives will be monitored and controlled by automations in the future. It’s kind of scary.

William E Gifford

# I think it is a brilliant idea but it is very sad that such measures have to be taken for something that is supposed to be sport.

D. Haefeli,

# Good idea, but bad execution. They are using a symbol emblematic of war (a tank) and plonking them in the middle of what is already likely to be a highly charged atmosphere. Can I also ask what's the point in painting them with camouflage in an urban landscape? Surely if they had more light-hearted designs, such as an octagonal football design, or maybe some football crests then people would be less likely to take offence?


# They're a great idea! If the game gets a little boring, the German FA cup order the tanks on-field to spice things up a bit.

Scott Wall
London, England

# I think the robots are a great idea. They are patrolling in my neighbourhood too - and we have no problems with hooligans here. That proves these machines are worth their price.


# A funny story but we welcome our British guests with a lot of good German beer and a lot of heartiness but not with mini-tanks.

Christian Gerne,


Saturday, December 17th, 2005, 08:40 PM
Tanks a lot! LOL

Anybody know the words to the "Ten German Bombers" song?

Sunday, December 18th, 2005, 03:09 AM
2 Worldwars and a World Championship final... ;)

Sunday, December 18th, 2005, 07:27 PM
Tanks a lot! LOL

Anybody know the words to the "Ten German Bombers" song?

Heard it sung alot at the Euro's in Portugal.

"There were 10 German Bombers in the air
There were 10 German Bombers in the air
There were 10 German Bombers
10 German Bombers
10 Germans Bombers in the air

.... And the RAF from England shot 'em down
And the RAF from England shot 'em down
And the RAF from England
RAF from England
The RAF from England Shot 'em down

There were 9 German Bombers in the air.....

Sunday, December 18th, 2005, 09:55 PM
I remember another one, song after Euro 96 ;)
(to the tune of Three Lions)

They´re going home, they´re going home
England´s going home
Three lions on your shirt, two goals past Seaman
Fifteen pints last night, Gascoigne´s f**king steaming
They´re going home, they´re going home
England´s going home

EDIT: There is no need to point out the 5-1 of Munich, which had been the second best day in Austrian football history since Cordoba 78 (http://www.wien-vienna.at/sport.php?ID=394)