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Monday, November 7th, 2005, 09:25 PM
SPEED: (ON: Skjotrfoeri) Fast reflexes and the ability to strike the first blow are essential. Take the offense, although the defensive ability to counter and parry is just as important. Swordplay is not just striking poses; it is motion. Practice slowly at first, then bring your movement up to full speed.

STRENGTH: (ON: StyrkR) It does little good to strike first if the blow hasn't the power to cut through. Strength must be built up with daily exercise so the sword becomes weightless in the hand. The lazy swordsman is meat for the Warrior.

SKILL: (ON: Skilja) The knowledge of where and how to strike is essential. Practice until the right moves become instinctive. Practice against others, not just shadows. Any martial art using the sword is valid; but practice daily.

STAMINA: (ON. Standa fast= steadfastness) [There is no Old Norse equivalent for "stamina" as it is Latin-based.] All of these ideas require the ability to fight for extended periods of time. One must be able to fight through the long day, not just in a short bursts, to then fall exhausted. Learn to pace yourself and sustain the effort.

SOUL: (UN: Sál) The Soul is in the Sword; the Sword is in the Soul. The innermost spirit ot the Warrior's being is truly committed to his path. Study the techniques of meditation, both active and passive, to master the inner self.

SUCCESS: (ON SigR: Victory!) The ultimate goal is to combine these techniques in harmony to achieve the greatest final S: Victory, which is not only measured by the vanquishing of foes; victory also lies in conquering the inner enemies of the Warrior. When the Warrior has truly conquered the fear of death, then he can stand victorious!.