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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005, 11:28 AM
Corruption is on the rise in some rich countries as well as poorer ones, research by anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International suggests.
The group's Corruption Perceptions Index labels Bangladesh and Chad as the most corrupt places on the planet.

The situation worsened in countries such as Costa Rica, Russia and Sri Lanka - as well as Canada and Ireland.

But nations where perceptions of corruption are declining include Hong Kong, Turkey and even Nigeria.

TI's survey asks businesspeople, academics and public officials about how countries they live in or do business with are perceived.

The results are used to gauge how corrupt public officials are. The CPI does not deal directly with private-sector corruption.

At both the top of the list and the bottom, the index shows little change from 2004.

Topping the list, the cleanest countries are Iceland, Finland and New Zealand, with Switzerland not far behind.

The UK is equal 11th with the Netherlands, with the US back at 17.

Bangladesh and Chad - joint 158th - share the bottom end of the table with the likes of Haiti and Turkmenistan.

50 Least corrupt countries:


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