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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005, 09:40 PM
The Guidelines are simple; Anything that contributes to taking our future in our own hands is welcome. The Meaning of this sub-forum is to evoke discussion of real life strategies and to provide practical resolutions for the racial nationalists to undertake. This includes what can be done on personal level, such as developing specific personal skills, selecting suitable education and also employment ideas.

The Purpose of this forum is to become a think-tank of real life ideas one sees viable for racial nation to establish, expand and defend itself within and without the old establishment. Of course the prevailing surroundings, e.g. political, legal, demographical etc. differ from each other in different countries but this should not be seen as a limiting factor, but rather as something to learn from.

The expansion and defence may just as well include discussion about choosing marriage partners, child-bearing concerns etc. as recruitment and producing propaganda. Eventually, this will include also networking the variety of racial "communities."

Feel free to contribute so the forum can be be developed further!

Thursday, October 6th, 2005, 05:04 PM
Briefly, in very broad brushstrokes and with no consideration for practicalities or actual realities. Merely to spark debate debate or derision. It matters not one jot really. The current situation is simply too perilous to get lost in abstracts..............

Like all revolutionaries I see the key battle as trying to wrest away power from the established elite and implementing our own programme. It is really that simple.

However, I feel that the age of mass movements and electoral politics is well and truly dead. It simply is nothing but a political cul de sac that essentially rests upon the antiquated idea of popular will and gaining a mandate from the 'people'. I would argue that we don't need any implicit support, merely tacit consent and widespread apathy/resignation of the majority of the population. This is exactly the method that our enemies are using against us; they are merely buying and bribing those who are in positions of power, politically and increasingly economically marginalising the vast majority of citizens and sending everybody else to sleep.

I feel that the duty of all racially-conscious comrades is to immediately venture upon a path of infiltration and outward conformism. Essentially a form of tactical compromise with the status quo. Our people should take advantage of their natural born intellectual and organisational superiority by excelling at their studies, being successful in their careers and slowly gaining a foothold in the structures of government, building networks as they go. We should infiltrate our people into the corporate world, banking, media, judiciary, security forces, military and the established political parties. It may take thirty years to achieve this but I do believe this is still possible. Sigel reminded me that this is essentially a strategy similar to that of the Christian Zionist and Fundamentalist groups in the US. And it seems to me that such conspiratorial politics are the hallmark of all successful revolutionary movements in history. In fact the idea of a revolutionary Year Zero is a political myth. The Bolsheviks largely used the Tsarist apparatus to consolidate its own power, slowly purging it of old remnants. Even the Roman Empire managed to preserve some of its institutions through a gradual process of accommodation with the barbarian invaders. Name me one Barbarian leader from Alaric to Childeric and beyond who didn't initially hold some sort of Imperial office? Indeed, I see us as performing a similar role to that of the Roman bureaucrats; essentially reversing the takeover and 'Africanisation' of our society, although we also need to set about restoring our nations to their proper ethnic balance.

I do believe that success sells. I don't see how inhabiting an increasingly demoralised and utopian ideological ghetto helps either us or our cause. It is simply ridiculous to try and champion the viability of racialist ideals when the followers of such ideas are largely impoverished malcontents and social misfits. This is what killed the NF in the 70s. We simply have to attract the most ambitious and talented people to our cause. This is real leadership, not wasting our time with the petty grievances of the underclass. Don't get me wrong, I am convinced that the politically marginalised and disenfranchised can be used as a weapon in our struggle. In fact, they could have a valuable role in slowly devolving power at the local level and further fragmenting/balkanising society. Indeed, this also should be organised politically and utilised for the struggle. But the main goal of our movement must be to capture the state and paralyse its bureaucracy. And then, when we are strong enough, to actively seek to transform it into an instrument for the propagation and execution of our own ideological goals.

We may even find that such a strategy could have a domino effect upon the existing institutions of power. It may not be necessary to take over the upper echelons of state power. If we even manage to attract large numbers of already existing members of the ruling caste at the lower levels, then it might be possible to transform the entire system. Never underestimate people's ambitions, either those of the mid-ranking nomenklatura who wish to progess to the top or those of the top-ranking elite who may simply wish to survive our onslaught. We must seek to generate critical mass on every single front that we take the battle to.

I also feel that we must employ a fundamentally 'twin track' approach. We need to generate chaos too, in order to further sharpen the struggle and discredit the status quo. This can be achieved with minimal expertise and at very little expense. The Republican struggle in Ulster is a good role model for such campaigns. Indeed, we may have the added advantage of having people in the 'inside' providing information and targeting capabilities. And I do not mean any of this in a 'military' sense. I am still not wholly convinced that terrorist actions are anything other than counter-productive in the long run. It is simply just a case of building self-sufficient politically radicalised communities who are hostile to the state and refuse to co-operate with it. This adds to the slow demoralisation of the authorities and a sort of battle fatigue. Tax strikes can be more devastating than any bomb. In fact, the growing lawlessness and anarchy of our societies can be exploited positively for our own long term goals.

I shall perhaps return to this subject when I have more time.