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Tuesday, October 4th, 2005, 02:43 PM
By Vilhelm Grönbech
Professor of the History of Religion
In the University of Copenhagen

This work was first printed in Danish 1909-12 under the title of "Vor Folkeæt i Oldtiden"; it was translated into English by the late William Worster, M. A., and afterwards revised, in part rewritten, by the author.

My thanks are due to Mr. J. V. Perowne who kindly undertook to read through the Essay on Ritual Drama and offered much valuable advice.

For the Index I am indebted to my wife.

Gentofte, November 1931.
Vilhelm Grönbech

Volume 1 (http://gamall-steinn.org/text/cot-index.htm)
Volume 2 (http://gamall-steinn.org/text/cot2-index.htm)