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Saturday, July 23rd, 2005, 09:31 PM

Newspapers are already calling this the Summer of Terror, but in focusing only on the dramatic events in London, the liberal elite are - without doubt deliberately - turning a blind eye to the wave of fear sweeping over white working class communities in many other 'diversified' towns and cities.

Last night, for example, the residents of Rothwell, a remarkably 'unenriched' town on the edge of Leeds, were given a shocking lesson in how widespread and 'acceptable' anti-British hatred as become. Five cars brought a miniature invasion force of about 20 'ethnic' thugs from neighbouring Beeston. The men leapt out and launched a totally unprovoked attack on local youngsters in the town centre precinct.

One lad escaped from the baseball-bat wielding mob and ran, badly beaten, into a nearby pub to raise the alarm. Around 60 local men raced out to rescue the lads who were being battered in the street. With the tables turned and the racist attackers now getting the worst of the confrontation that they started, the police finally arrived.

Arrest the whites

The officers had orders to arrest "the whites", and were assured that the CCTV "would confirm that the whites started it" - in other words, the footage would be doctored. Unfortunately for the senior officers involved in this unpleasant little conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and demonise the English community, however, their targets split up and vanished into familiar back streets and alleyways, with no arrests whatsoever.

Local residents are now afraid that selectively edited CCTV footage will be used in due course to justify the arrest of white scapegoats, whose prosecution for the 'crime' of community self-defence would be used by the media and the police to show disaffected Muslims that the authorities are on their side.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Beeston, local white residents describe themselves as "living under siege." The pressure is from two directions. First, while allowing quite large groups of Muslims to gather as and when they want (a mainly Muslim anti-BNP demonstration was allowed to march from Leeds to Beeston today), the police are quick to break up any group of more than three white people - especially young males. Small groups playing tennis have even been moved off under threat of arrest. Second, they are subjected to a daily barrage of 'low-level' racist hate crimes, such as verbal abuse, threats to kill and rape, tauntings over the bombings, vandalism to their cars and physical attack. They complain that neither the police, Muslim community leaders nor media reporters visiting the area are even prepared to listen to the truth about life in Beeston.

Double standards

We know from reports filtering through from other parts of the country that such occurrences are all too common, as is the response of the authorities. Senior police officers and the media are clearly determined to ignore the growing wave of anti-white racism, while at the same time playing up isolated instances of 'Islamophobia'. The aim appears to be to placate Muslims while provoking white communities in the hope of stirring up a backlash which can then be used to demonise whites in general and the BNP in particular.

The best defence against such cynical manipulation is for people to stay calm. The use of reasonable force under the circumstances in self-defence or in order to rescue the innocent victims of racist violence is both legal and morally acceptable, but any attempt at retaliation or 'revenge' is wrong, both morally and tactically. It would only give the police the opportunity to make a show of "getting tough with white troublemakers". The resulting arrests would also leave the communities from which they come vulnerable to aggression from further attacks by the Islamist troublemakers trying to wind up their own communities in order to win their own internal turf wars with their moderate elders.

Footage requested

The most effective way to resist police and media set-ups is for people in our communities where attacks are possible to keep video phones and camcorders ready to roll, and to film any attacks on innocent local people. Such footage can prove invaluable in future legal defence battles and, passed promptly on to BNPtv on this website, it can also be used to show people all over the country what is really happening as the multi-cultural society unravels before our very eyes, and how whites are overwhelmingly the victims, rather than the perpetrators, of racist violence.