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Gustavus Magnus
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005, 12:02 AM
Yesterday, or in some parts of the world today, was the Swedish independence day, that now also is a national holiday. I am late, I'm sorry, but I was busy. :) Now, I'm going to explain why we celebrate this. It all started in the sixteenth century, or actually much earlier, but what happened in the sixteenth century is what is important...

Gustav I Vasa marching into Stockholm:

Gustav Vasa is how the Swedish King Gustav of Sweden, born as Gustav Eriksson (Vasa) is known. His probable birth was May 12, 1496, and he died on September 29, 1560. He became king of Sweden in 1523, but had been elected regent in 1521 after leading the rebellion against the sitting Danish monarch. During his reign Protestantism was introduced in Sweden.

Gustav Vasa was an enigmatic person who has been referred to as both a liberator of the country and as a tyrannic ruler, which has made him the subject of many books. When he got to power in 1523, he was largely unknown, and he became the ruler of a still divded country without a central government. Yet, he managed to remain in power for 37 years, and at his death left behind him a strong central power with uniform rules.

In traditional Swedish history he has been labeled the founder of modern Sweden, and the country liberator. Gustav liked to compare himself to Moses, who liberated his people and established a state. As a person, Gustav was known for ruthless methods and a bad temperament, but he also loved music, and had a certain sly wit.

Gustav Vasa's father Erik Johansson was involved in the party of Sten Sture fighting against the Danes in the early 16th century. When the Danes under Christian II conquered Sweden and took the capital Stockholm in 1517, several members of the Sture-party were executed in the Stockholm Bloodbath. Among them were Erik Johansson. The young Gustav survived by hiding, in the northern county of Dalarna. In 1521 he had managed to gather a small army and become its leader. By August 1521, they elected him regent of Sweden, whereafter two years of battle followed whereby the Danish troups where gradually defeated.

In 1523, Gustav was able to be crowned in Strängnäs, south of the capital Stockholm, on June 6. The date has later been celebrated as the Swedish national day.

The Battle of Stockholm:

Gustav I Vasa leading a revolt:

Gustav starting an uprising in Dalecarlia:

Gustav escaping Danish forces searching for him:

Large version of "Gustav Vasa marching into Stockholm" (http://historiska-personer.nu/gvasa1523.jpg)

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005, 07:54 PM
Great Gustav, should we maybee also tell of how disgustingly media and politicians have used this day to spread their hatred propaganda against Sweden and Swedes and celebrate immigration and deconstruction of the country as well?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005, 09:19 PM
I think it was in Luleå they celebrated integrations day, but in the other parts they were celebrated as swedes. Due to a horrific weather it were some dismal celebrations but one should remember that the marxists has denied Sweden a holiday on this very holy day, it might take some time but soon we are there. At least i have the feeling that there are a national feeling on the rise, and after that, a racial feeling as well.

Spare a thought for Sweden, friends. We were celebrating yesterday, i was our day.