View Full Version : [SOLVED] "Human smuggling" raid in Sandnes

Thursday, April 14th, 2005, 11:08 PM
Police said Thursday that 16 people had been charged after a raid on human smugglers running an illegal immigration scheme in the Sandnes area in western Norway.

"We have arrested 14 persons and taken in three more," said police lawyer ěystein Paulsen of Rogaland police in a press release. Paulsen said that there were several suspects remaining and that he did not rule out further arrests.

A total of 16 people are now charged after about 80 police officers took place in a raid on several addresses in the Sandnes area. The target of the crackdown was reportedly on people with a Vietnamese background.

"The human smuggling we are talking about here consists of helping foreigners to achieve illegal residence in Norway by performing pro forma marriages so that the foreigners could later seek to reunite families and so receive residency on false terms," Paulsen told newspaper Rogalands Avis.

"Sandnes has an established Vietnamese community. There are many families with their papers in order and who wish to have more family members from their homeland here," Paulsen said.

The operation on Thursday was assisted by National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), the Police Immigration Unit and the Directorate of Immigration.

(Aftenposten Web Desks/NTB)