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White Iceland
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005, 10:42 PM
Originally appearing in Nordwave, an Euro-American racialist update,
P.O. Box 5901, Lake Worth, FL 33466. Price $2.

Also appearing in WAR.

Iceland and International Intimidation.
There is absolutely no racial refuge for European purists on this
planet. The message of "white guilt" and colored cuddliness is beamed
globally into homes, infecting the minds of Aryan toddlers still in
their playpens. The escapist, however, will find the solution to this
problem is as simple as a power switch in the "off" position.
On a greater scale than keeping the "booty shaking" signal out of our
houses, it would be comforting to know that somewhere a white society
still exists where kids pull their pants up and citizens carry
themselves with a sense of pride that salutes their ancestors. In
your dreams... The worldwide saturation of race-mixing is such that
every family can expect a share of its blood to be lost, not spilled
to the earth so much as spoiled by the mud.
It is a fate worse than death to the few of us, a nightmarish vision,
that the Jewel of the North, Iceland, should be overrun by mongrel
bastards that share our blood. Less than twenty years ago, Icelanders
in their arrogance could look at the racial turmoil in other parts of
the world and shake their heads. "It will never happen here."
Internationalists poked fun at tiny Iceland with its population of
less than 300,000. Words like "xenophobic" and "culturally
inexperienced" were used to describe Iceland.
Iceland is a gnat of a nation on the world scale, its population
figure only half the monthly birthrate of India. After centuries as
an isolated backwater where people lived in holes in the ground, the
country has developed a bit of a complex toward international
attention. Instead of embracing this hard-bitten image which wrought
strong men and women, today there is a hidden sense of shame.
Especially in the capitol city Reykjavik and among young people,
there is often a snotty attitude toward fishermen and farmers, the so-
called rednecks which all their grandparents were. Travel books from
a century ago describe the efforts of Icelandic women in keeping up
with the latest fashions from Paris and London by way of Danish
magazines. Today a great many Icelanders, including most of the
ruling class and nearly all public figures, are still going to great
lengths to seem worldly. This desire to dance on the world stage
makes Iceland dangerously vulnerable to the racially toxic tune now
A recent confidential poll found that 1 in 3 Icelanders are against
colored immigration. At least as many more appear indifferent and
even fewer announced that they support national browning. This is in
no way reflected in the media, controlled by the same few who support
this racial polluting. The supporters are wealthy company owners, for
the time being far above the street-level stench of their cheap
labor, and arrogant academics out to show the world that Iceland can
overcome racism, not content with the previous failure of this
experiment in every other white nation on the planet. There is also a
sprinkling of losers whose opinions are celebrated as proof that
there is hope for the common two-thirds or more. These are usually
damaged individuals who make mates of these mud people after repeated
rejection by normal Icelanders.
Every third Icelander is expected to remain silent. Most of them are
people with manners. It isn't respectable to stand up against
immigration. It's rude, uncouth, to publically air your dislikes,
especially when they will be portrayed as attacks on the poor and
underprivileged. What happens when one out of that 100,000 speaks
out? With that question we can turn from casual commentary to formal
reports before the United Nations and Council of Europe.
One of that common, quiet third was quite open about his opposition
to any final darkening of Iceland. That was nearly three years ago.
Hlynur Freyr Vigfusson was 22 years old when he granted a newspaper
interview. Speaking freely as vice-chairman of the League of
Icelandic Nationalists [or similar translation], a group he had
formed with his older brother several years before, he had no idea he
was being set up to have his head paraded on a stick for the pleasure
of international race-blending tribunals.
The resulting article was a cover story for the paper's popular
weekend edition entitled "White Iceland." In it Hlynur made the clear
statement, "It doesn't take a genius or a genetic scientist to see
the difference between an African negro with a stick in his hand and
an Icelander. Western nations feel very sorry for the people of
Africa, but they live on the most fertile continent in the world and
could produce six times more food than they need if they felt like
it. We live here on a barren rock and have nothing except the fish
and the ice and are doing just fine while they don't feel like
swatting the flies away."
This was great news for the Icelandic delegation to the United
Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial
Discrimination (CERD). An indictment had never been brought under
Article 233(a) of the Icelandic Penal Code*, which was added in
1973 "to implement obligations under Art. 4 [particularly paragraph
(a)] of the [UN] Convention."**
*"Any person who, by mockery, slander, insult, threat or other means,
publicly attacks a group of persons on the grounds of their
nationality, colour, race or religion shall be liable to a fine,
simple detention or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years."
**"Shall declare an offence punishable by law all dissemination of
ideas based on racial superiority or hatred, incitement to racial
discrimination, as well as all acts of violence or incitement to such
acts against any race or group of persons of another colour or ethnic
origin, and also the provision of any assistance to racist
activities, including the financing thereof."
UN CERD Reviews of Reports from Iceland reveal continual prodding
toward persecution.
A typical example is to be found in the official Review of the
Icelandic Report filed 7 March 2001, one month after Hlynur's
interview had appeared.
"There was a growing concern over the activities of a small group of
young people calling themselves the Association of Icelandic
Nationalists. Their general aim was that Iceland was for Icelanders
only. They spoke of the purity and the superiority of the Icelandic
race and that it should not be mixed with other races. The
organization and activities of the so-called association were vague
and the number of members was unclear, but it was estimated at a few
dozen young men. They had set up a homepage, which was their main
means to distribute their ideas. In general, public reaction had been
negative and many people did not take them seriously. A long
interview in the second biggest newspaper in Iceland with the leader
of the group was published last month. The interview contained
degrading comments about black people."
Furthermore, "The delegation said the Association of Icelandic
Nationalists was made up of a group of young people, and the
Government was very concerned about it. The newspaper interview had
led to a quick reaction, and law enforcement authorities were
investigating. It was important to learn just how organized this
group was."
The official UN answer was returned on 16 March 2001. "The Committee
recommends that the [Icelandic] State party investigate fully the
possible existence of associations advocating racial discrimination
and take appropriate action under section 233a of the General Penal
Code and article 74 of the Constitution [which extends crimes to
ban "unlawful" organizations], as well as review its legislation if
it proves insufficient to enforce fully the provisions of article 4
of the Convention." These orders are echoed in CERD reviews of the
reports of every nation. "Find for us your witches!"
Authorities here knew that any round-up would be seen as distasteful
and likely bring support to the Nationalists. Hlynur was personally
charged for his choice words in a supposed free press and it was
hoped that the group would die quietly. He was found guilty 25
October 2001 in Reykjavik City Court and fined about $400 US (at
current exchange from 30,000 Icelandic crowns). He appealed to
Iceland's Supreme Court where on 24 April 2002 the charge was upheld,
guilty of being white in Iceland... and proud of it. The fine was
jacked up to $1,350 US (100,000 Icelandic crowns) or 20 days in jail.
Iceland treats its criminals in a way that only a small white nation
could. If you are sentenced to jail time, you are released and the
police will come for you when they have a place for you. It could be
months or years before you are actually incarcerated. They haven't
come for Hlynur yet.
When they do, you can be sure there will be no headlines. It seems
that the press has overhauled its entire policy concerning "hate
speech" in the wake of this trial and likely threats to editors by
folks of the UN delegation persuasion. There was no public statement
of any new policy. There was only silence. Hlynur's trial, of great
public interest to be sure, was blacked out. The Supreme Court ruling
brought a short paragraph far back in the pages of only one of the
three capitol dailies, and not a word in the paper that made it all
possible. Someone said they heard it announced on a talk radio
station. There used to be letters to the editor expressing opinions
which obviously belonged to the silent third. The names of the
writers could be noted and recognized in such a small country as
this. They no longer appear, and not because the letters aren't
arriving. One regular commentator, an old and respected farmer, tells
of a change of editors just before his well-known pen was denied
Before we chalk the elimination of race speech in Iceland up to the
UN, have a look at the following report from the European Commission
against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), under the patronage of the
Council of Europe, published 8 July 2003.
"A violation of Article 233a has only been found once, in April 2002,
concerning statements made by an individual in an interview in an
Icelandic newspaper. ECRI is concerned that the lack of court
judgments may indicate that the law is not being fully implemented
rather than that there are no cases of racist discrimination or
racist expressions in Iceland, since there are reports that
discriminatory or racist incidents do occur, including refusal of
access to public places such as bars, or racist insults and
harassment in daily life. ECRI therefore recommends that the
Icelandic authorities closely examine the possible reasons behind the
lack of implementation of the relevant criminal law provisions. Such
examination might include measures to assess the actual extent of
racial discrimination and racial insults and harassment within
You get the feeling that the bastards behind the UN CERD and ECRI of
the Council of Europe won't be satisfied until all Aryans everywhere
give up their last ounce of self-respect and bow to brown gods.
Unfortunately for them, as long as there are folks like you and I,
that one out of three, there is the reckoning...

White Iceland
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005, 02:51 PM
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White Iceland
Friday, February 9th, 2007, 07:37 PM
see http://www.forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?t=7817

This link forwards to the wrong thread since the Nordish Portal archive was merged with Skadi.

The initial article, Iceland and International Intimidation, is still the best researched and documented study of the "hate speech" issue in Iceland available in English. I think it deserves a bump so it doesn't pass completely out of circulation.

The article should be updated to include information on plans to adopt "cyberhate" legislation which would greatly restrict Icelanders participation in web forums such as this...