View Full Version : Opinions Wanted On This Genetic Eye Color Theory

Monday, March 21st, 2005, 06:07 AM
Opinions on this "chart" of eye color? It is mentioned in the article that it is late 1800's theory and I know there is new information as to the genetic code causing eye-color. I don't have the source or original article, sorry

2 'light blue' eyed parents cannot have a 'blue' eyed (or darker eyed) child.
2 'blue' eyed parents can have a 'Blue-green' (or lighter) eyed child, but not hazel or anything darker.
2 'blue-green' eyed parents can have a 'Light brown' (or lighter) eyed child, but not brown or anything darker.
1 'Light brown' eyed parent and 1 'blue-green' eyed parent can have a child with any of the possible eye colors.
2 'dark brown or black' eyed parents can have a child with any of the possible eye colors (but it is unlikely they will have a light eyed child, such as light blue or blue).
NOTE: Eye color usually starts out much lighter at birth, and becomes its true color in 1 or 2 years after birth. Also, variations can also occur, randomly, causing deviations from the above conclusions.

Although this theory is very old, originating in the late 1800's, it still is useful in demonstrating; 1) how inheritance patterns were pretty well understood (by some) back then, and, 2) that eye color is, still today (even with the human genome sequenced), very difficult to predict due to its polygenic inheritance pattern.

In conclusion, eye color is not a very reliable or accurate method to use when attempting to determine paternity of a child.