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Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 10:44 PM

Ominous Lord Spoonblade
Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 11:08 PM
I signed it!

I find this whole situation quite disgusting, really. We don't even have the right to free speech. Actually, it's not even in the Canadian constitution. We have "freedom of expression"...which really, should mean more than "free speech".

Saturday, March 6th, 2004, 08:19 AM

THIS IS FOR those of my friends who have either e-mail lists or
websites where this could be distributed or prominently posted -

Last night Ernst told me that he is not allowed to speak with other
prisoners who might pass by his cell, or on his way to his shower or
his 10-minute walk in the yard!

It's now been more than a year in solitary in the Canadian Gulag
without a charge, much less conviction. For thirteen months, Ernst
has not had one night where he was permitted to sleep in the dark - a
physical necessity for the body to restore itself from the stresses
and wear and tear of the day. There is no watch or clock or even a
calendar. He never knows if it is night or day - his only gauge for
time is when his meals, such as they are, are passed to him through
the "feeding slot."

Somewhere I read that deprivation of normal sleep is called "torture
lite" (pun intended?) by the Israelis as one of their methods to
assault the human spirit by breaking down body resistance.

"Don't worry about me," Ernst wrote to a supporter. "I can take it."
To me, he said last night: "Most people couldn't take it, I am
sure." A very rare admission how much he is hurting inside.

Those of you, who have not yet faxed your protest about the Zundel
kidnapping and subsequent inhuman treatment to Canadian Prime
Minister, Paul Martin, please do so. Tell him the world is watching,
and there is an election coming up.

Once again, Prime Minister Paul Martin's fax number is 613-941-6900.

You may have to try several times since the lines seem to be busier
than normal.

My thanks to those of you who have sent a fax and sent me a copy for
our archives. I sent several copies to Ernst, and he said, "They
really gave me a lift. They show that I am not forgotten."

Remember: Today, it is Ernst Zundel. Tomorrow, it could well be you.

Ingrid Zundel

Saturday, March 6th, 2004, 11:47 AM
The problem with Ernst Zündel and his wife is that they are both nuts. While they may have a point in their efforts of historical revisionism Ernst's unreflected Hitlerism, his faible for New Age, Nazi UFOs and unscientific vitamin therapy against cancer will prevent him from ever being taken seriously.

Let's not forget that Ernst Zündel for years massively financed Bavaria-based "neo-Nazi" Bela Ewald Althans, a part Jewish, homosexual government informer (now in the witness protection program), who also walked in and out Zündel's house with direct access to his mailing and contributor list. With the moles in the Heritage Front the story was similar.

The main problem with Ernst is that he overestimates his own importance, is poltically autistic and continues to alienate those who might otherwise be on his side - at least in the current legal battle.

Dr. Solar Wolff
Saturday, March 13th, 2004, 08:50 AM
Zuendel has done work outside holocaust denial. Inspite of what was said above, Ernst published a book by a German exile in Chile, Willibald Mattern, titled UFOs Unbekanntes Flugobjekt/Letzte Geheimwaffe des Dritten Reiches which is a valuable work and, incidently, has a picture in it of a German saucer in the air. As far as cancer goes, Ernst popularized a 1978 underground publication titled "Brisant" which was the first publication in the entire world to link cancer with obesity, saying fat causes cancer. Also, the Germans did work with an actual cancer cure which has recently been the subject for a Jewish medical doctor's book. The real information is available in the US National Archives, Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee files as will as Paperclip Scientists files----yes, the US government brought Nazi cancer research doctors to the USA. You might ask them for the work of Prof. Dr. Hirt who worked at the University of Strassbourg and Tubingen. He also worked on penicillin. By the way, Dr. Richard Kuhn developed a penicillin subsitute during the war, "3065" which was a synthetic benzil derivative and worked even better, in some cases, that penicillin (see Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committe evaluation report , Target 8/58 Professor R. Kuhn at the KWI, Heidelberg).

Zuendel never read any of this except Mattern's book. He came out with a plagerized book of his own on the subject which is worthless. Zuendel did bring this to the attention of the world by obscure reference, just as he brought us rumors of the work of Dr. Ronald Richter in Argentina.

Those that minimize German work during the Nazi period are simply uninformed.

I have talked to Zuendel on seveal occasions over the phone. I can assure you he is "a prick of misery" and as far as human beings go on a scale of one to ten, he is a one. This has absolutely nothing to do with his cause or his work. The two should not be confused. Nobody in prison would ever want to talk to Ernst, though.

Friday, February 11th, 2005, 06:28 AM

I signed it. #27 ;)

I noticed that even a couple Jews signed it.

Friday, February 11th, 2005, 06:36 AM

I signed it. #27 ;)

I noticed that even a couple Jews signed it.

one moment, if that's the case, why did even a few jews sign it?...

"...and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League want him silenced"

It's always about the washed-up ADL; they want this done, or that done, just as much as the NAACP. :rolleyes:

Friday, February 11th, 2005, 06:39 AM
one moment, if that's the case, why did even a few jews sign it?...

"...and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League want him silenced"

Because there are probably some Jews that don't like the way the ADL behave. I suppose there are dissidents among every people.

Friday, February 11th, 2005, 06:41 AM
Because there are probably some Jews that don't like the way the ADL behave. I suppose there are dissidents among every people.

scroll up for a second....sorry for the extra trouble. :icon_sad:

Saturday, February 12th, 2005, 08:20 AM
Wow, the number of signatures really jumped in just one day. From 27 to 485. :icon_ques

Saturday, February 12th, 2005, 05:59 PM
Now there's 601 signatures -- even some 'hate' from a couple of Jews or self-hating Germans were added as comments. Anyway, Happy Germany as I say.


Saturday, February 12th, 2005, 06:32 PM
He wouldn't be in prison if he hadn't spent so much time fraternising with skinheads, idolising traitors like Arcand, and generally acting like a kook. It's sad, but it should serve as a lesson to other political marginals on how not to conduct themselves.

Saturday, February 12th, 2005, 06:39 PM
I think anybody has the right to associate with whomever they wish even if their viewpoint may be different than most peoples. It's no excuse of throwing him into jail.

I also never knew he associated with 'skinheads'. Never heard of that before -- and it really makes no differance if he did associate with such people. He is a supposed to be able to associate with anyone he wish and nobody is to tell him who he can or cannot speak to.


Saturday, February 12th, 2005, 06:47 PM
I'm not defending his imprisonment, only stressing that if he were to have acted more responsibly he might be granted more sympathy.

Free Zundel Now
Sunday, February 27th, 2005, 04:19 PM
Streaming Audio (http://www.davidduke.com:8000/content/dd/freezundel26feb05.pls)
Download Audio (http://www.davidduke.com/mp3/freezundel26feb05.mp3)

Free Zundel!
By David Duke

Who is the man in the orange prison suit? He has been held in solitary confinement for 2 years, locked in a tiny room without so much as a chair. He has been placed in the cells of prisons used to discipline violent or disobedient prisoners. In prison parlance it is commonly called the hole.

Through the pressure of the Canadian Jewish Congress he was tried in secret court in Canada by a Judge and not even his attorney was allowed to see all the evidence against him. The judge in the case is a man who sought to prosecute him years ago for his opinions. In fact, as amazing as it may sound, the very judge of his current case was in years past the same agent of the Crown who, testimony has shown, permitted a terrorist bomb to be delivered through the Canadian mails to his home! It appears that anything is permissible when one dares to challenge Jewish sensibilities.

Now this elderly gentleman faces deportation to Germany where he likely faces a long prison sentence, which for a man of his age could well be a life sentence.

What was the offense of this man you ask? Was he a drug dealer, war criminal, a murderer, gangster, rapist, or terrorist?

No, he was none of that. It is admitted by the press which always opposed him that he was never violent, never criminal. He was never in his whole life convicted of the slightest crime. He is in fact a kind-hearted pacifist who has repeatedly opposed all war and all violence. He is an artist who made his living for decades by his beautiful paintings and illustrations. Far from being violent or dangerous, it was he who often was the victim of violence. He was been attacked by howling mobs. His home was firebombed. The Canadian government tried to put him in prison.

What was his crime you ask? Why would he be attacked and his home firebombed? Why did the Canadian government try to imprison him? All of this was simply due to the fact that he wrote and published politically incorrect views of the Holocaust.

Did he praise the Holocaust you might ask? No. Did he advocate it? No. Did he deny that any atrocities were committed against Jews? No. He simply dared to challenge in a considered and reasonable way some of the underlying assumptions of what Dr. Norman Finklestein calls the Holocaust Industry. He was tried for the Orwellian crime of “falsifying history.”

He simply dared to publish articles and books that differed from the politically correct view of the Holocaust. He argued using extensive evidence, documents and reason that some of the assumptions about the Holocaust were incorrect. He argued for instance that although many Jews died from the effects of their incarceration and mistreatment, there wasn’t an actual German master plan or policy to kill all the Jews of Europe. He honestly believed that the so-called Holocaust as presented was an extension of war propaganda that had the intention of helping to secure support for the establishment of the Zionist state. The story of great crimes against Jews was the buffer which allowed the subsequent crimes of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian inhabitants of what is now Israel. If you read his material, it is rational, thoughtful and not the least bit hateful. And he has suffered tremendously for simply voicing his opinion. He exercised something that Bush and Blair and all people like to call free speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of conscience.

Eventually he was vindicated by the high court of Canada which ruled that the law by which they prosecuted him violated freedom of speech. But, the authorities, driven by the Canadian Jewish Congress, were not finished with his persecution. By hook or crook they were determined to silence him and put this man into prison.

Who is the man who has endured this unrelenting prosecution for his free speech? His name is Ernst Zundel.

In the twilight years of his life he settled down to a married life in the United States with the eloquent American writer and playwrite, Ingrid Rimland. They lived on a small farm in the Tennessee Appalachians.

Then, two years ago all hell broke lose. Married to and living with an American citizen, he had every right to live in the United States, but there was a scheduling error by the government and the authorities claimed Ernst missed a routine appointment with the INS. On that flimsy argument, in a matter of days, with no appeal, an armored swat team descended on their quiet property and whisked Ingrid’s husband into solitary confinement. He was locked in conditions reserved for the worst of criminals. With hardly any options for appeal he was finally separated from his American wife and deported back to Canada where he had previously lived and worked for more than three decades.

There he was also held in solitary confinement and charged with “being a danger to the security of Canada.” Was any evidence supporting this charge presented to the Canadian court? Under Canadian Law you can be deemed guilty of being a danger to Canadian security without even seeing the evidence against you. He has been in terrible conditions of imprisonment for over two years now.

Not being allowed to even see the evidence against you is against every precept of law in every civilized nation of the world. All that made no difference to Jewish supremacists, this thought criminal had to be punished. He couldn’t be shown to have broken any Canadian law, so it was decided that he would be deported to Germany where under the draconian laws there he could be jailed for years for simply challenging any of the often-changing politically-correct versions of the Holocaust.

German courts have already ruled that in regard to the Holocaust “truth is no defense” and that even if you show that what you said is absolutely true, if it challenges the official Jewish version, you have committed a serious crime. You have “defamed the Jewish people.” Even if you can prove what you say is accurate, you are guilty of “reviling” the Jewish people and therefore face imprisonment.

I realize that probably many of you reading this cannot believe that this is the state of affairs in some European countries, and Canada. After all, this gross violation of the most fundamental principles of freedom of thought, speech and press is never discussed on the NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or Fox News Network. There is no protest of this gross injustice. No civil libertarians make an issue out of it. Most Europeans and Americans don’t have the slightest knowledge of the horrible injustice that has occurred on American soil and subsequently in Canada.

It makes no matter that books such as Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners argues that German’s are inherently purveyors of murder and evil. That won’t land you in jail in Germany; it will land you on the bestseller list and rave reviews from the philo-Semitic press. Unlike Goldhagen, poor Ernst never said that Jews were inherently evil; he simply dared to question the orthodoxy of the Holocaust story, a story that is not allowed in any part to be examined, questioned, debated, or critically thought about, even 60 years after the event. Even though there are many common assumptions about the Holocaust that are now refuted by Jewish Holocaust historians themselves.

For instance, there are still thousands of references every year in articles about the Holocaust that refer to Nazis as having diabolically made soap from Jews. Yet, even the head of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and Center admits that such never happened. The following is a recent quotation from the Haaretz newspaper in Israel of February 11, 2005. It was accompanied by a picture with the following caption, “The tombstone in Hod Hasharon, bearing an inscription “Soap of Holy People. (Nir Keidar).” All of this is an elaborate Hoax, a hoax that has been going on almost unbroken for the last 60 years.

Yad Vashem: Nazi soap stories ‘invention’
By Amiram Barkat
February 11, 2005

A box of soap which, according to the Romanian Jewish community, was made from the bodies of Jews killed in the Holocaust was found yesterday in a funeral home in Magdiel (part of Hod Hasharon) in central Israel, Army Radio reported.
The tombstone in Hod Hasharon, bearing an inscription “Soap of Holy People.” (Nir Keidar)

The box was buried under a tombstone that read “Soap of Holy People.”

Sources at Yad Vashem expressed disappointment at the radio report, calling the story a “pure invention that was given a stage by the media.”

A Yad Vashem spokeswoman said there is no proof the Nazis made soap from human bodies during the Holocaust.

The sources said similar claims have been made in the past regarding soap made from Jewish bodies, including soap found last year in the Nahariya cemetery. In that case the soap was determined not to have been made from human remains.

In 1990 samples from several soaps claimed to have been made from Jews were sent for DNA testing at Tel Aviv University. Likewise, those tests determined the soaps did not contain human fats…

The soap story which millions have heard and believed, and almost no one knows is completely untrue – is indicative of the many myths surrounding the Holocaust. Zundel for years challenged the Jewish soap story and it has been only in later years that Jewish scholars admitted that the whole story is a lie. Zundel says the soap story is a clear example of many other untruths about the Holocaust. But only the approved version is legal, any historical opinion that counters it is a prison offense.

Jewish scholar Norman Finklestein whose own parents suffered in Nazi concentration camps says that it is only his Jewishness that has prevented his own prosecution for challenging the huge amount of fraud in connection with what he calls the “Holocaust Industry.” He has written a book of the same title.

Zundel’s crime is simply that he dared to print articles quoting well-regarded historians, scientists and writers that raised serious questions about aspects of the official story. And for this he has been locked up like an animal for two years and faces years more imprisonment.

Does that sound like freedom to you? When someone cannot offer a differing opinion about a long concluded historical event – there is no freedom of speech. If this is the reality of the day then there really is no freedom of speech, thought, conscience and press. If such is true, then the freedom we are told we have is a monstrous lie. Ironically, even the knowledge that freedom of speech no longer exists in many parts of the Western world is forbidden. At least in the darkest days of the Inquisition or of Soviet Russia, everyone knew there was no freedom of speech, they knew to question everything. But, today most of the population labors under the illusion that freedom of speech exists in all Western nations.

As Zundel sits in solitary confinement in his forlorn tiny cell, how many Americans or Britons or Germans even know that a man has faced imprisonment for two years under these intolerable conditions and faces years more prison time for simply exercising the most fundamental right of a supposedly free society.

The fact that Ernst Zundel has not backed down, recanted, or caved in the face of such horrendous treatment is a testament to the fact that whether you agree with him or not, Ernst Zundel is man who should be lauded for his intellectual and physical courage.

The fact that instead of being praised for his courage, he is imprisoned at this moment, is testimony to the truth and the power of his assertions, for if Zundel is so easily proven wrong, why the need to stifle and punish him. What kind of truth needs to use prison and compulsion to protect it? What kind of truth cannot afford inspection or criticism?

To me that sounds like the tactics of the bearers of the lie. It seems to me that those who would be so cruel to this lone older man are not the bearers of human justice and dignity. It sounds to me that they are the ones who lie and cannot afford their lies to be challenged by facts, argument and debate.

Let us stand by this man of honor Ernst Zundel. For his quest for freedom is our quest. His imprisonment is actually our own freedom in shackles. It is not just Ernst Zundel who sits in that tiny cell of desolation. It is all of us who love life and freedom. It is the spirit of our people that suffocates on the altar of Jewish supremacism.

Ernst, we respect you, we admire you, we love you. Even from your small cell you are a light to all Europeans and all other freedom loving people in the world.

For more information on the Holocaust controversy, go to my recent interview with revisionist Juergen Graf. You will see that Revisionists are not at all irrational hateful people but scholars who offer legitimate criticisms of the Holocaust story. Interview! (http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=187634)

Ernst Zundel in Canadian Detention

Source (http://www.davidduke.com/index.php?p=263)

Free Zundel Now
Sunday, February 27th, 2005, 04:25 PM
Revisionists often put their safty and freedom on the line in their quest to bring us real history that is in accord with the facts. However this Zundel situtation has gone waaaaay too far, I hope an additional 5 year jolt in a German prison will not end up as a death sentence for Ernie and that something good will eventually come out of all this --

WWII is a BIG chunk of our history folks and the Jewish Holocaust Lobby should NEVER be allowed to have a lock on the discussion. David Duke recently interviewed the prominent exiled Revisionist Juergen Graf on his internet show. This interveiw provides an excellent look into what students of WWII history like Ernst Zundel believe these days. Juergen does his best to separate the facts from the fiction -- It's an amazing interview on this provocative subject, I recomend everyone check the link at the end of Dave's article--

Free Zundel Now
Friday, March 18th, 2005, 12:48 PM

March 17, 2005
First letter from EZ out of Germany
Zundelsite.org (http://www.zundelsite.org/)

Yesterday I received my first letter from Ernst since he was deported back to Germany - what a relief! I did not know what to think or to expect - I must say that this letter has pretty much succeeded to put my mind at lease.

I am translating portions of it for my readers as best as I can, but this is not a word-for-word translation - I don't have time for a careful translation, and could not do a good job in any case, having only a limited grasp of idiomatic German. I just wanted to let my readers know how they can now contact Ernst - and what the rules and regulations are so that he does not get in difficulty over careless correspondence.

I kept private comments out. I noted above all that there is not a word about Ernst's legal situation, and I assume he has been told he can't discuss aspects of his upcoming trial. Please respect that - and refrain from any sensitive political comments. Keep your letters strictly on a personal level, just to be on the safe side.

But do let Ernst know that he is not alone and not forgotten - that millions care about him and watch every move his enemies will make to somehow do him in.

You will be able to read much between the lines in this letter, as I have. When I think about how he was taken in style to Europe after the hell-hole of Toronto and the abuse he had to endure in Canada, I for one draw a conclusion or two. I am sure you will, too. If you have comments about that, send them to me - not to him!

Here is Ernst's letter. Read on:


My temporary address:

Ernst Zundel
JVA - Mannheim
D-68169 Mannheim
Herzogenried Strasse 111
March 4, 2005

My dear Ingrid -

I write to you in German, even though I know that you prefer and are more fluent in English, but the judge has explained to me that letters in foreign languages take longer until they are read by the censors because there is a dearth of (in our case) English-language prosecutors. Germany is not a classical immigration country like Canada or America where you find foreign speaking people on every corner and in every walk of life.

Also, dear Ingrid, try to write your letters in German. You don't have to be embarrassed if you make mistakes because our destiny does not hinge on such mistakes except in cases of court documents. In that case, send them to [our lead attorney] because the rules for correspondence are very, very strict. Also, no inserts in letters!

I don't want to have any mistakes happening because here we have different laws and habits. Speaking of correspondence, Toronto was a dream compared to what is NOT allowed here - save your Priority Post missives until further notice. Listen carefully to [the attorney's] advice because I want to feel my way first [until I know what is allowed and what is not.]

Listen and read carefully, Ingrid! (underlined)

If I understood the judge correctly, while I am still in investigative detention, I am not allowed to telephone with anybody - not even you or [my sister], or my boys. The kind of lively correspondence I enjoyed in Toronto is impossible here for the time being. Please, Ingrid, tell that to my siblings and friends, also impress upon them to add nothing [no inserts] in their letters. An exception are three [European] postage stamps for standard letters, but no more. Otherwise, they will get confiscated, and no one is helped that way.

Now you will want to know what happened to me since we talked for the last time the evening before my departure. A dramatic story that fits perfectly into the snow storms of my dreams and into the movie [you are working on].

While I was still in the Detention Center in Toronto, everything dissolved without a hitch, very efficiently, thanks to [one of] the security chief[s] who fussed over me like my mother and treated me with courtesy. Even my pencils, big and little, colors and all, were allowed to be taken out by Joe [a friend] and Paul Fromm. Please request them immediately via registered letter, as well as all those torn envelopes and addresses from all corners of the world received during the week preceding my departure. I received correspondence from Mongolia, Egypt, Tahiti, and even Reunion, a small island near Madagascar. The letter from Mongolia was from an international businessman who described how he had done a program about my case in Seoul, South Korea, where the business community hadn't heard about it yet.

My being kicked out of Canada was not without its high points. I had spent the entire weekend with letters and calls saying good-bye. I called all attorneys from coast to coast, in Canada and in America - even our "hillbilly" attorney. [Private joke!] Be sure to thank him again! In case there are legal questions, have Anneliese [our translator] take care of that because our cases in the US and Canada will proceed as planned. According to our attorneys, our chances are still excellent there.

I had not been told what time I would be picked up. I worked throughout most of the night and even had somebody wake me after only two hours of sleep so I could continue writing letters. I knew that both Lufthansa and Air Canada were leaving about 19:00 p.m. and therefore I assumed I still had time until noon. Well, as my mother always said, we plan and God steers!

At five o-clock in the morning there stood two uniformed guards in front of my door to take me to the security chief for good-byes. They kept hurrying me, but I wasn't ready! Thereupon, several of my guards who had taken care of my needs for these past two years telephoned the chief and told him that I needed additional time - and even helped me pack - and away we went to check out!

The day before, of the captains had unleashed a rumor that I was going to be deported back to the United States, which of course, I did not believe, even though apparently the gullible ones did. Only at that point did I realize that something strange was going on - my additional body guards were all in civilian clothes!

Outside there raged a typical Canadian blizzard. Only with difficulty did we move along the road in several vehicles. I was in a mini-bus with three civilian-clad officials. When I saw that we passed the regular airport and aimed for the government/ministers' planes and charter/executive jets, even several Lear jets - the kind the CIA uses to fly its victims to the torture chambers - I made a weak joke to my RCMP companion: "This looks as though we are talking about an Arar-type rendition" - and at that point a big, impressive-looking man, mid-fifties, informed me that for security reasons the government had rented a two-turbo executive jet [?] for the enormous sum of $50,000. That's right! You read right! Including two pilots and a Purser [?] who was responsible for food, drinks etc.

Normally these smallish bomber-jets [?] , 35 seats, are in regional service and have a Europe-wide reach. For the convenience of government executives there are built-in club-type swivel chairs, more beautiful and convenient than first-class airline seats, with two pull-out couches, a bar, television, DVD and CD players for approximately 12 persons.

The plane flew flawlessly, without any noise. After two years, I had my first real, heavenly coffee, lavish, magnificent food, everything top notch, big fat strawberries, grapes as big as plums, all kinds of southern fruit, chocolate, cakes, pies - it was just like Schlaraffia! The Chief of the Canadian Deportation Department, a Mr. Morris, as well as Mr. Mitchell, and an RCMP official, Shawn, who had accompanied me often on the way to court as Chief of my seven-head body guards, were present. The atmosphere was harmonious. We had fine conversations. They all knew of my case. I was known to them since childhood, or they had learned of me in high school and at university where my freedom of speech case was part of the curriculum. They had all heard of me and studied me - there was no lack of conversation topics. One of them mentioned that he would tell his children and grandchildren that he was the one who had accompanied me to Europe.

We landed. Mr. Morris thanked me that I had caused no trouble being picked up and boarded, whereupon Shawn, the RCMP man, added that I had told the judge I would leave Canada under my own steam, should the government decide against me. Awe all around! Averted eyes and uncomfortable silence! I took that opportunity to make a little speech, thanked them for their considerate treatment of me and shook everybody's hand, holding their glance and giving them one last, firm what you call the "Zundel Stare."

Looking out of the window, I saw police cars and "Bundesgrenzschutzautos" [?] blue lights flashing, encircling and surrounding the jet from every which direction. I was given a piece of paper from the JVA Mannheim with the following: Zundel, Ernst. 24.4.39. Sex: Male. Religion: None. Family status: Married. Nationality: Germany. Profession: None. I tried to add, "Professional Prisoner", but that was not accepted. "Retired" didn't count either.

I was arrested on the soil of the Frankfurter Airport on March 3, 2005 - one minute after midnight, one step removed from the airplane ladder, again away from the main terminal, in the area where the expensive executive planes are parked. Off we went, with blue lights flashing, to the immigration screening area which I already knew from previous experience - with one exception: most of the male and female officials could have been my children or even grandchildren. Through my decades-long activism on behalf of my homeland I have become a part of living history.



There was much media attention. Everywhere there was filming and photographing. Throughout, the officials conducted themselves correctly - I would say even solicitously. I spent my first night in a cell at the Mannheim Police station, a building with a magnificent entry and an enormously hefty wood and iron door, reminiscent of an old German castle. Generally, the architecture is wide-ranging and you can easily infer which buildings were constructed before World War I and even before the turn of the century, 1880-1910, to which this prison belongs as well. The style of architecture is very close to my grammar school in the Black Forest, which was started 1898 and finished 1902. I assume that this prison was built around that time.


The building itself is huge and massive, of sandstone, and so precisely done in masonry that it is a joy to see such solid German craftsmanship. The roofs are of tiles. Entryways are beautifully enhanced and decorated, as are door and window frames. A feast for the eye, which I enjoyed this morning during my one-hour walk in the yard. Prima! Finally to be once again able to breathe fresh air outside on a sidewalk framed on both sides with lawn! A relief in comparison to the cement and steel of the past two years - only it was bitterly cold!

A few pointers as to my accommodations. My cell - here it is called a "holding room" - is as large as it was in Toronto, with one magnificent difference - the window can be opened wide! I can really air out my room! Magnificent! I have a white porcelain commode with a plastic cover, like in a private German home. I have a huge porcelain sink. Unfortunately only cold water. There is a real mirror, not the barely functional strip of stainless steel in the shower in Toronto. I have a real tooth brush with a real handle, I have regular soap, a wash cloth, towels on hooks, my own shaving kit, even my own shaving soap (just like in my youth, I shave cold) and I have a curtain enclosing my toilet. It's not like in Toronto or the USA where there was no privacy whatsoever. Also, apparently there is no peeping hole where one could be observed 24 hours a day like an animal in a cage! What I have seen so far here in the JVA - I would say that the Americans and Canadians might take a lesson from the Germans! I would think that it could get very hot in the summer, for I have not seen any air conditioning; however, the walls are almost three feet thick and ought to help to keep the place cool. Fred Leuchter was imprisoned here for four weeks and was extremely unhappy because of the old condition of the building. I must say that went on my nerves even then, because old buildings are part of one's soil and culture, and if one has to adjust a bit, I would say that is preferable to the hodge-podge match box buildings of America or Canada!

Ernst's cell looks similar to this


This is the inside of a Mannheim Prison Cell


As the police were taking me through the city, I observed easily more than one hundred different designs and styles - architectural gems - across doors, gates, windows and even corners. Even different styles in churches and an architecturally beautiful train station. All that is for diversion.

They have strange habits here about the food. For breakfast you don't get coffee, tea, bread - nothing. All that is handed to you the evening before. Most of the prisoners have a little gadget to heat the water in a pot of stainless steel, about a pint in size. Twice a month you can buy your own coffee and tea and, I assume, condensed milk, and then you make your own breakfast. Since there is no refrigeration, it is reminiscent of my childhood and youth after the war. Even the closet that holds my clothes and the few food items looks a bit like the furniture I remember used by us poor folks in those times. Many spoiled city clickers might not like that, but for me it adds a touch of nostalgia.

Lunch is interesting as well. It is being served, again like in the war, in stacked stainless steel containers that keep everything nicely hot - my first hot meals in two years. For supper we get wheat or multi-grain bread, cheese, sausage - unfortunately no greens. However, in ten days I can go shopping. I brought some Euros along; they suffice for now; and I read in the prison paper that one can buy carrots etc.

Regarding medical treatment: I was told that I will get the same high blood pressure pills. Regarding my periodontal problems, the prison doctor immediately prescribed the herbal products [I wanted]. That means that within 16 hours I was given something that I could not get in two years in the US and Canada. I was even allowed to take it with me to my cell. That was a relief!

Fax this letter to my sons and siblings, Dr. F., Yvonne, Klaus, etc. Save your time! I think of you! Steadfast in loyalty!

Ernst Zundel



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Nordic Dream Maiden
Friday, March 18th, 2005, 05:15 PM
They all knew of my case. I was known to them since childhood, or they had learned of me in high school and at university where my freedom of speech case was part of the curriculum. They had all heard of me and studied me - there was no lack of conversation topics. One of them mentioned that he would tell his children and grandchildren that he was the one who had accompanied me to Europe.
Isn't that Ironic and sad that his enforcers knew about him, had access to what he's saying (WWW) and yet are the one's deporting him. Anyone saying that all what people have to hear is truth and they will follow is greatly exaggerating--as this case and point proves.

Friday, March 18th, 2005, 07:54 PM
Does anyone know of any books, or well in depth articles about the entire Ernst Zundel story? This is just one of those tragedies that makes my blood boil. But I pretty much know the fundamentals of what all occured, but I just havent been able to find a well in-depth story about it all.

Friday, March 18th, 2005, 09:05 PM
So I take it his only crime is having an opinion that differs from the zionist minority? Not even hate speech, but simply the beleif that the holocaust never happened. It's absurd that he should be imprisoned for having an opinion different form the conforming masses.