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Wednesday, September 11th, 2002, 08:42 PM
What are your perceptions of Western Modernity and Western "Civilisation"?

My perception is a sincerely negative one of decadence in all fields except Science and Technology. Moral decadence and relativism and the lack of honourable values to which Western men and women can ascribe to is a sign of the decadence of Western Civilisation.

This may sound nihilistic but Civilisation is dead. There are no values which inspire Western men and women to reach the ideal in our earthly existance and there are no values which allow for a cohesive community to be created, all of which I perceive as antithecal to what a Civilisation is. The main signs of decadence are the emphasis on Individualism and Materialism, the cancers of our societies, coupled with other "values" such as Feminism, Multiculturalism, Racial Integration, and the despise of any form of Nationalism and Nationalists in the West. I ask you this, do you feel any sense of being part of a Noble Civilisation? I certainly do not, because I find Civilisation lacking in Modern Europe and the West.

What are yout thoughts on the matter, and what do you perceive as Civilisation, and what would you do to create Civilisation in the West?

Wednesday, September 11th, 2002, 09:56 PM
I think the biggest downfall of the modern western civilization is probably the control and influence of the liberal media... but that probably effects any part of the world that has cable TV i'm assuming. I just think we have lost all site of our traditions and beliefs as a people, and we really take alot for granted... not embracing what is truly important in life... holding material possessions as godly in all falsehood...
with me as an exception, I hold my family and race in the highest value, and appreciate what I got. :viking

Wednesday, September 11th, 2002, 10:30 PM
The Media is definitely one of the main sources of decadence, just look at what MTV gives as art to the youth, mostly Negroes rapping, what about Aryan artists? Not to mention its opinion-shaping effects on the people, it is basically tha main promoter of Individualism, Materialism, Capitalism, Feminism, and all sorts of decadence.

Personally I believe that putting family and Race as Values held in high regard is out of the main needs of the West, but even those who see this decadence would not dare to propose to put a value on Race and on the traditional roles of Men and Women which were destroyed respectively by Egalitarianism and Feminism, two "values" which are considered as factors in Western advancement, when in fact they are factors of decadence to our Societies. The proof of this is the continued infiltration of our Lands, Nations, and Societies by non-Aryans, and the birth-rate of White couples.

If Aryan Western Civilisation is not on its road to decadence then no other Civilisation is.