View Full Version : Death-Embracing Liberals Agree: Racism Is Wrong

friedrich braun
Monday, January 31st, 2005, 04:03 PM
Death-Embracing Liberals Agree: Racism Is Wrong

LRC's house kike hops in to protect goyish libertarians against NYT jews' charges of racism. As always in these sham debates, it is the assumption that racism is wrong FOR WHITES that is the part that matters. After all, racism's A-Ok for kikes in Israel. I mean, Izzy wants to build a itty-bitty "security fence" against a few dozen one-offs, I mean, you know, who can disagree? They have the right to defend themselves. Deny it, who could? And it's peachy keen for niggers in big cities to fire white cops en masse. Or for niggers at State U to form discriminatory clubs subsidized by Aryan students. No, the H(ate)-bomb 'racism' is only dropped when Whites exhibit it in defending their interests -- interests that the Big Jew Machine explicitly, legally, and genocidally denies we have. We aren't allowed to protect our sons and daughters from a few suicide bombers -- pardon me -- OVER A MILLION VIOLENT ATTACKS BY JEW-LOOSED NIGGERS AND MEXICANS A YEAR. Think about that. The jews are attacked by a few dozen mad Pals, they build a wall to the frickin' moon! But they pass "civil rights" laws permitting one to two million colored-on-white attacks PER YEAR(!) -- and we're evil haters if we complain we have no means to protect ourselves. Boy, controlling the media means never having to say you're sorry. I'm not joking or exaggerating when I say that the jews intend the genocide of the White race, and that we must fight them back until we gain control, at which point we must, for once, act rationally, and physically exterminate them, down to the very last hooknosed liar. When you have a cancer running around your body and eating your organs and destroying your lymph nodes, and killing off the white cells that protect you, you don't bargain with it. You don't try to "diaglogue" it to death. You cut, poison, slash, burn those goddam cells until THEY ARE NO MORE FOREVER. If you don't see that every syngogue is a fucking cancerous tumor, and every jew a cancer cell, then you fail to understand the depth of the hate and the degree of coordination among these jews. I say unto you, if you wish your type to survive, then your watchword must be DEATH TO THE JEWS, for they mean death to you - their actions prove it. Just ask tens of millions of white men and women they murdered in Eastern Europe last century - people never accounted for, never reported on, nowhere memorialized. Meanwhile Big Jew is building hate memorials to bogus atrocities in every burg from jerkwater to capital, from here to Albania. Jew Gottfried knows exactly what he's doing: he's enabling Aryan genocide for fun and profit. He's another jew Zelman, the clown sent out by Big Jew to make it appear that "gun control" -- i.e., Whites' right to defend themselves by effective means -- is something other than a jewish plot to prepare the 'unclean beasts' for final slaughter. 'Hate crimes' for your tongue. 'Gun control' for your arms. What's left, White man? Are you going to kick your way free? All that is necessary for jews to triumph is for good White men to do nothing. And that is why we have created the White Freedom Party. Soon enough we will let you know how you can join and help the only cause that matters, because the rest depend on its success. The assumption of the NWO's tacit bill of rights is the parasites' right to feed, and the White man's duty to bleed. But I tell you, White man, we will never be free and secure until we destroy the jew who is the producer of this genocidal charade. VNN readers should never play pattycake with the pallid conmen and pretend that jew Gottried is in any way on our side. No, jew Gottfried plays his role as surely as the jews Cohen and Foner he derides. His role is to plant the seed of confusion; to obscure in the intelligent goycon's mind the essential Who? Whom? of the situation. The truth is that all the garbagey cover terms reduce to jews. Jews are doing something to whites. Not secular humanists, liberals, atheists, homos, feminists -- where they do exist, they're secondary. The leader, the active agents, the hops in the beer, is the goddam kike. Every single time. VNN alone will tell you that what these vicious, two-or-more-faced jews are doing is overtly, intentionally, and with malice aforethought - genocidal. They manufacture a genocide we supposedly committed against them to cover the genocide they really are committing against us. The jews intend not merely to coarsen our culture, to homosexualize our sons and fill our daughters' wombs with women's tongues and mulattos, and our ears with hip-hop, they intend to WIPE ARYANKIND OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. The jew owns the world in which the German politician, the American businessman, the goyish libertarian writer must operate. Jew Gottfried always carefully forgets that fact. The jews can bring penalties to bear that no other group can. Jew Gottfried always carefully omits that fact. By judging acts and speeches out of context, jew Gottfried insures their meaning will be misinterpreted. Jew Gottfried's mission is to keep the goy hamster on the wheel to nowhere and away from the cheese. He presents as mechanical (i.e., behavioral) failure on the part of the non-jews that which is actually a planned failure produced Systemically by the jews who rigged the System. Stand back from these debates and consider them from broader perspective. Think about the absurdity involved: all these grown men hysterically insisting they're not racists, like a child claiming not to have wet the bed. This sort of 'argument' is to real politics as dancing is to sex. The bodies are jammed together, and it may look good, and there's some sizzling friction...but nothing ever comes of it. There's a big fucking difference between what libertarians do and real politics. A general rule is that only jews and 'nazis' battle for the wheel of the ship: the rest are so many takers of orders. You're free in jew-produced AmeriKwa to buy, eat, or screw anything. But if you and your neighbors want to protect your daughter from violent niggers -- you can't. It is illegal. The jew zookeepers have thrown the polar bears in the Sahara exhibit, and when we die or go crazy from the heat, we're told it's our fault. But it isn't. We are not wrong, and we are not guilty. THE JEWS ARE GUILTY. THE JEWS ARE THE HATERS. THE JEWS CARRY OUT THE GENOCIDE. THE JEWS MUST REMUNERATE US. THE JEWS MUST PAY WITH THEIR LIVES FOR THEIR WRECKING OF WHITE NATIONS. Think about how far removed this minitarian debate is from meaningful reality. They're not arguing over how to protect the whites - the only historical group ever to have produced the political freedoms they champion. They're not even arguing over whether whites have the right to protect themselves(!) as a group. They're like some kind of insane contractors who proudly advertise they only build houses on firm foundations of sand -- and then wonder why nobody ever hires them. No, instead, these liberputians waste their time fighting back against veiled hints that they really do believe whites are entitled to protect themselves. By god, they'll not stand for it! Them's fighting words, to the non-fighters nonpareil. All this insanity is more than a little reminiscent of the rather funny scene in the rather idiotic Tom Greene movie "Freddie Got Fingered" where he's dressed backwards in a suit and walking furiously into the mirror singing "Backwards man! Backwards man! I can walk backwards fast as you can." I hate to reduce things to the obvious, but a freed niggers is free only to be...a nigger. Which it was going to be anyway, political system be damned. Niggers are pre-people. They have not evolved to the level that libertarian ratiocination has any relation to them. Libertarians with integrity, i.e., non-Randvoids and Rothbots, i.e., the type of which there are precisely as many existent as the holy posited Individual on which their theory is based, make distinctions between ideas and reality. The libertarians at LewRockwell.com live in their heads because they fear to face the real-world application of their nostrums. They fear to put their ideas to the test of reality, whether directly themselves, or applied historically. They retreat to their inner den, and watch/mate with Spongebob, and in a few hours hop back online to berate the actual world for not living up to their precious hallucination in which men are whatever the libertarian designs them to be, rather than what they actually are. Libertarians will never hold power because they have no balls to back up their brains. They are essentially head cases, albeit with good heads. Libertarians fear to address the arguments of the racist Founders head-on. They're too scared. It's that simple. They don't have the courage to make simple, obvious connections between time-honored observations about race and the symptoms of social decline we see all around us. They refuse to name the force that inspires their fear and prevents them from making obvious connections leading to obvious solutions. They prefer to play it safe - to pretend. This is unmanly. It is the dirty, jewy heart of the failed philosophy of individualism. An honest libertarian, appraising the scene today, and reflecting on the scenes yesterday, would realize that nigs are constitutionally unable to produce or sustain liberty, hence wise Founders Constitutionally forbade their political existence as free and equal citizens. The honest libertarian next would realize that only in a White nation, and only to a degree, can libertarianism ever move off the page, even if only to the extent of privatizing garbage collection. Rather than pick low fruits, the libertarian prefers the unblemished world of pure hallucination, in which raceless men cavort freely and peacefully and gracefully, like a troop of Russian ballerinas enacting a scene from an Italian fish market. How does it feel, White man, to be a slave in your own land? How does it feel to have your interests locked off tv and out of the papers, and laughed at in court? This is genocide, and nothing less. The jew destroys the ideas and terms we need to recognize, let alone defend, ourselves, all to pave the way to our physical eradication. There's only one solution, and itz simple and itz this: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.