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Thursday, December 16th, 2004, 07:08 AM

Thursday, December 16th, 2004, 07:32 AM
My father was a wrestler in high school and throughout college, and I remember him telling me that on many occasions he'd go up against black guys twice his size (mind you, my dad was one in-shape guy); blacks just rippling with muscles, and he said that for some reason after about the first or second round, it seemed like their energy just "vanished". They lost their ability to fight, he said, and he'd just bring them right down. Of course, he was a very good wrestler, but in his experience, he said he never met a black wrestler he couldn't beat within the first two rounds. That says something.

Also, if you watch the strong-man contests they hold each year, it's the Scandinavians and white guys who always win. Whenever they throw in a black (at least those I've seen), they always have trouble keeping up with the whites. *Shrug*

+1 for genetic superiority. :beer-smil

Friday, December 17th, 2004, 06:46 AM
I have quite a bit of endurance myself. I used to be very physically active. I don't have time now because I work about 80 hours a week. But I guess even that says something of my stamina.

In my 20's I used to run 15km a day several days a week then ride my bike for another 30k.

A few years ago when I was in martial arts classes, one night, after 3 hours of class I spared another guy UFC style. Whenever one of us put the other into submission, we'd get up and start again. This went on for about half an hour. I had to quit after 1/2 an hr because I was extremely dehydrated and exhausted. Grappling is the most exhausting fighting method.