View Full Version : My Own Theory of Northern European Evolutionary Stresses

Saturday, December 4th, 2004, 01:20 AM
The unreduced pre-Nordics seem to show features comparable to the evolutionary process that underwent Neanderthals, perhaps the ones they replaced. One could argue that there features are too different to apply similar evolutionary processes, but I think that you should consider that the "control" or original populations of the two also differ. The "control" of Neanderthal would be either Homo erectus, or Homo sapiens. The "control" population of the unreduced, pre-Nordics is Homo sapiens sapiens. What I mean by control is: the population from which they are derived that came from Africa into Europe. In example, Homo sapiens sapiens has had a longer time in Africa to evolve to conditions there

In what I have read, the Neanderthals were short-faced, low-skulled, and long-headed. This is the same as most unreduced, pre-Nordics. I believe that the cold, harsh conditions of upper paleolithic age, and to a higher extent in Homo neanderthelenis time, will dolichocephalize, shorten the face, and lower the skull. This, in my opinion, rules out what one anthropologist said about this type being an intermediate between two intermingling brachycephalic, and dolichocephalic populations. One exception to this is that Neanderthals were prognathous, with nearly non-existant chin, and unreduced, pre-Nordics are orthognathous, with a well-developed chin. I believe this is caused, because the "base" pre-European ancestors of each came into contact with fire at different times.

In conclusion, I believe that "unreduced, pre-Nordics" have taken a similar step in evolution towards a Neanderthaloid state. I also believe that modern Nordics are moving in a similar direction (dolichocephalizing, lowering of the skull, etc.)