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Sunday, November 28th, 2004, 02:36 PM
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Great, you want to fight for your race. You are a White Nationalist
and whether you choose to fight legally or illegally, as a lonewolf
or join a organization, you are out for victory. The movement isn't
that big, but you definitely are not alone. In fact, alot of people
would say that we have enough members already to make some big,
legal, displays. I am one of these people. I believe that just within
the National Alliance alone, we have enough people to get some
national media attention. If me and the others are right, then why
isn't this happening?

The National Alliance is the biggest organization in the movement.
Surely, they must be doing something right, right? Well let us first
look at what they are doing. They have a weekly internet radio show,
that I have enjoyed many times. They have increased their flyer
operations, beyond any other organization. They have a wide selection
of CDs, DVDs, books, videos, and other media they sell. They have a
news site telling of the latest developments. They have a website
that offers the newly awakened a descent amount of information to
understand the truth about the jews and their lies.

All this is good, but they have been doing most of this for years.
The truth is that they need to have that internet radio programming
last longer, not just a new half hour every week. They need material
that can take the place of mainstream radio and tv. Some say they
just don't have the material to air. They have the largest
membership in the nation and they can't get some folks to make some
more programming? I would love to make more programming for them
myself if that is the problem, but you are just another commoner to
them. The need to incorporate resistance music into the programming,
maybe blocks of the latest material. Maybe have a educational kids
segment, to home school children. Maybe pro-white radio dramas,
action or suspense. Hell, get some internet TV going. They have all
those CDs, DVDs, books and other items I mentioned before, there
seems to be a gold mine of material there.

Maybe they have money problems getting all this going? Although they
get alot of money every year from supporters, I have it on good
authority that most of that money goes to pay their staff's salaries
and other bills. Well if they laid off a couple of those staff
members I'm sure they could free up the money they need.

The flyers they drop are across the nation, but here one week and
there the next. If they drop everywhere they had members on the same
day, they could get national exposure, especially if they tell at the
bottom of the flyers of all the other locations they planned to drop
that day. This would start a media buzz as the different local media
outlets called to the other outlets to confirm the scope of the
operation. They could have done this for years, but it shows how
their leadership is not creative in their thinking or that they don't
have the control they pretend to have. It is simple really, some one
like Kevin Alfred Strom says " Hey, I think we should drop flyers in
unison everywhere we have members, three weeks from today", are the
NA members going to say no? You can see how it is a leadership

It doesn't have to be just flyers either, NA leadership could tell
all their members to call Rush Limbaugh's show on the same day,
increasing greatly, the chance of one of them getting through with
our message. Or Washington Journal in the morning on C-span. Air
America, that leftist commie radio network, give them a peice of our
minds, they think we want Bush in office.

Emailing our government officials works, when they get many
complaints on a issue they listen. NA leadership, or any major org
can simply state this directive at anytime they want. They think if
people are doing it somewhere it is enough, but it isn't it has to be
focused and organized.

Instead of flyers that are full size they could be 4 or 5 bookmark
like strips on each sheet you copy off for cheap at Kinkos or
Lazerqwik. You could leave these in many places, books at the
library, magazines in stores, in phone boothes, car windsheilds, and
you spread the message further than usual. You can print business
cards at these copy stores by asking for thicker paper stock in the
machines. Just make a page with all the space taken up with what your
cards will look like. This is so they don't really see what you are
copying. They make cards for you but it may be wiserto do it
yourself. Cut the pages to card size with those large cutter boards.
You can make your own personal cards or make new cards for the NA or
other orgs.

They need to get all their members giving pro-european ideal DVDs
to public access outlets all across the nation and keep them running.
Some rules are so laxed at these public access stations you could run
more openly pro-white material, just at a later time slot. Call your
local public access station to find out. They could advertise the
shows in the flyers, on those bookmarks or in focused calls to local
radio shows. You can use the public access facilities to make your
own WN material.Some stations differ, but whether for free or after a
fee, you could make WN material with their equipment and make some
bullshit to give them. This is to show that you made something for
them to air, while you used the equipment for pther purposes. You
could sell, DVDs to WNs afterwards, or send it to the NA so they
can't complain that they don't have material to air.

I have personally gotten onto a San Diego radio station message
board and made many posts putting the NA in positive light a year
ago. I did the same at ABC but the posts were deleted, if enough WNs
systematically hit all the viable message boards of these media
outlets we could cover that for sure. It has to be organized though,
the NA could simply say that their members should do this in a week
and it should happen.

They could start a media acquisition fund, separate from their
normal support fund. The money couldn't be touched until it had
reached the specified amount they set to buy media. Cable, radio ,
whatever but just as long as we were making progress in aquiring some
major media. They could show the amount they have on their website,
so Whitenationalists could see how close we were, like a telethon.
They could do this because they have great standing in the eyes of
many in the movement. I told Dr Pierce to do this a year before he
passed and it still never got going.

They need to offer helpful information on their site for members to
use to better their situation and give more support. Like how to
increase your credit, how to get a business license, how to get
copyrights and patents, how to incorporate, ideas for different types
of businesses and so on. What if the National Alliance secretly had a
talent agency in Hollywood run by NA members posing as Hollywood
agents? They could get NA members in the movies making big bucks that
they secretly funnel back to the NA. A WN Leonardo Dicaprio? Or Brad
Pitt? Maybe a Angelina Jolie? Big stars bring in $25,000,000 a
picture on average. Even $5,000,000 would help. All they do is keep
their racial views out of the press and all is well for the movement,
if not just for the NA. What about hip clothing, the next FUBU or
something. Just because you wouldn't wear it being a WN and all
doesn't mean that you can't make money off the fools that do wear it.
Cash in on these trends, that is all they are , trends. Why don't we
get some WN pop singer or alternative band? They would keep their
views under wraps of course, but later on they could "come out of the
closet" so to speak, making their fans think. There is nothing wrong
with cashing in on popular culture to help your people, I am sure
there are some people reading this that would do alot more than that
for their people.

Taxes are a bitch, but many big corporations have their own little
non-profit organizations to catch some of that money. The NA could
just have it's business fronts send their tax money to charities and
non-profits that are run by NA members. Alot of the money can be
taken by these charity fronts in "operating expenses", this usually
mostly entails the staff's salaries, which could be large. A portion
of those salaries could be donated to the NA by their charity front
members. Save the whales, the rain forest, fight cancer and all the
other stuff, just don't make a save the white race charity, the IRS
will never grant you non-profit status for some reason if this is
your charity. I know I checked, I also know that for small charities
that don't bring in alot of money the application costs $500.00, the
large charities that want to bring in big bucks have to pay $1000.00
with their application. It might take a year to get approved too.
Plus, if you aren't soliciting for donations over the internet, you
need to pay a small fee to each state you will physically seek
donations in. In the end it could be really worth it though. I hear
nothing of this from the NA, but I wouldn't expect to it would be
secret. I would expect to see all the internet radio and TV I
mentioned and the bandwidth necessary if they had these little
operations going. Maybe even some cable or radio stations if they had

Another major league player in the movement, that has dropped the
ball, is Stormfront. Yes the largest pro-white online forum. They
could easily be bigger than the National Alliance. They could unify
and organize a international movement. All it takes is Don Black, the
moderators and the prominent members of that site backing and
promoting directives. Directives like the ones I mentioned before
with the National Alliance. The NA has chapters organized in many
locations across the nation. Stormfront lacks this, but it is only
because they haven't tried. They have a region section of the site,
but it isn't used for this purpose as much as it should be. Most
people just post something like "Yeah, I live here". There is another
thread dealing along these lines, but it is used much in the same
way. If Stormfront had activist chapters organized across the country
and around the globe they could be the biggest org in the movement.
Somehow I think Don is afraid to take things this far. He has always
been afraid of getting shutdown. If he ever got to big and stirred up
too much trouble, he would be shutdown somehow he believes. He wants
to protect his baby, like a over-protective mother. Well, you could
always organize these groups around the world Don, and then let them
leave Stormfront. Make them conduct business off of your site so you
won't be held liable. They could use e-mails, chatrooms and groups
like this one to coordinate. Does that sound like a plan?

Anyway, another truth about Stormfront is their misinterpreted
member count. Many people get on Stormfront and never come back, or
get on once a month and post some lame message. So how many are
really active members? There are many that get on Stormfront that are
the opposing views types, the "antis", they get counted too. I have
made over a dozen accounts myself, what is to stop a number of
Stormfronters from doing the same, making it look like Stormfront is
growing? Even with all this taken into account, they still could
dwarf the National Alliance's membership. However, they refuse to be
anything other than a educational and social website.

Something else you'll find is that they aren't for free speech, they
claim to be but they aren't. Almost like the jews suppress the
opinion of the movement, Stormfront suppresses the opinions they they
don't want. Those with radical ideas or ideas that threaten their
position of power. Many have their posts deleted, editted and if they
continue to be a problem to them, the offender is banned. I know I
have been banned many times. It is easy to get a new email account
and then a new Stormfront account. If they block a IP address I am
at, there are a multitude of public terminals I can use. I type my
posts on email accounts or disk, so I can just go to Kinkos or
someplace like that and submit posts in a minute or two. You can make
decoy posts that get posted by the mods and then you use the edit
function to make the real post. If they try to counter these tactics
by changing the board they only hurt themselves. Are they going to
take away you ability to edit your post? Go ahead.

One of Stormfront's problems is it's success. So many people post,
that good information is lost in long forgotten threads. Many answers
to our problems, many good ideas are buried in one or two year old
threads. New threads get started by newbs that are the same as old
threads, taking up even more space. Really busy areas of the website
can push your thread off the first page quick and when it leaves the
first page it's chances of being forgotten go up. If you get lucky a
mod might make your thread a sticky thread, so that it hangs out at
the top of the list. Have you ever seen the lounge section on
Stormfront? It is for "less serious posts" and yet it is huge, the
largest section of the website. Doesn't that make us look like we
aren't serious?

I have often wondered if the jew plants on Stormfront post alot of
lame or repeditive threads to drown out the important threads. Maybe
Stormfront should send a e-newsletter to members with that week's
most insightful posts in it with some good commentary? I don't know
if I trust the mods opinion of what should be put in it. They would
just sell their spin like the jews do. I have it on good authority
that there is a "club" on Stormfront, made up of most of the mods and
the prominent members of the site. They give each other reputation
points, that is why you see these members with long chains of
reputation jewels under their name. There is nothing they do that I
have seen that warrants their reputation, there are regular posters
that are more intelligent and pose better ideas. They also help put
down other posters they don't like. There is too much politics on
Stormfront now. There is so much bullshit in the movement, I could go
on for hours. I mostly just want to pose ideas, I'm not here to

There are more ideas, but the ones I have listed are enough in
themselves, why hasn't the NA leaders and all the big prominent
members of the movement shouted from the roof tops these directives
and initiatives? It is very simple, the leaders of these
organizations are holding things up, You might ask, why? Well no one
can really know their true motives, but we can always speculate.

Maybe they like getting money and attention, for doing nothing? They
like the feeling that they get when people believe that it is all up
to them to save the white race, it makes them feel special. Really,
if they keep going on this path, they can get alittle power and
money to play with indefinitely, while never having a real job ever.
That sounds reasonable as a explanation, but it isn't the only one.
Although this next one is more unlikely it is a possiblity. They
could have been caught by the government awhile ago doing something
seriously illegal and the government is holding prison terms over
their heads to make sure there is a movement, but that it crawls
along. This is to make sure that new recruits don't form a real
movement on their own and settle for the established movement we have
today. This doesn't explain the moderators on Stormfront and other
boards though. Why do the mods serve the ends of these passionless,
foolish leaders? If a expose' like this was on Stormfront they would
delete it quick. They couldn't all be in on the illegal activity
their leaders possibly got caught for. This leads back to the comfort
in the crawling movement theory. There is another more probable
scenario, they could just be visionless, power hungry idiots. Most go
for this one, they think it more likely that these higher ups, the
elite are just plain incompetent and have no head for real tactics.
The leaders would disagree of course, but does a fool ever think for
a second that they are a fool? The leadership today is in denial
about their prowlress as leaders, they aren't very bright.

The moderators are just their lackies, the people that tend to the
everyday business of their lazy lords. They want power also, and it
has been offered to them from on high. David Duke, Don Black, the
National Alliance leadership and most of the movement celebrities
that meet with Duke on Townhall Sundays are in on the game. Most of
the mods kiss their royal white asses looking to be close to power.

James Kelso, alias Charles A Lindbergh, is the biggest butt smoocher
of the bunch. Look how he cozies up with the National Alliance
leadership and David Duke. He is a poster boy for brown nosing
weasels. He was a newb, when I first read his well written posts.
They are designed to impress simpletons with his grasp of the english
language, and they work. He was a ex-beach bum surfer that got too
old for the waves of the ocean and decided to ride the waves of power
in the movement "for his people". He is a great example of the type
of people we have in the higher ranks.

He really makes no directives or initiatives. He states things that
are obvious or trivial in many long running threads and people praise
him for it. Many of these borderline useless threads have five star
ratings, that just makes the movement look lame. Threads like "Look
how many people are on now", I can scroll down to the bottom of the
home page and find that out myself. "Media reports on racist flyers",
I can google search that myself, but this is still one of his better
threads. "Where is your white home?", this is good if alot of people
are hooking up and doing activism, but most don't and he doesn't even
try to get them to do that much if at all. "How did you find
Stormfront?" I can only guess he is trying to see where their
strengths and weaknesses lie in the different avenues of recruiting,
why don't you ask him what it is all about. "How did you come up with
your screen name?" just more social non-sense.

Why not "Here is my plan for Victory" this is important, threads
like this, from prominent members of the movement, get my respect and
attention. Threads like that are where you find directives and
initiatives, the things real leaders impose, not nice, sweet, pretty
posts. The only operation he has ever gotten behind and claimed was
his, wasn't his. It was WhiteUtopian's flyerday, where
internationally people were to drop flyers on the 14th of every
month. One white nationalist on that operation was Bamaman, who
single handedly got alot of the orgs to do the massive international
flyerdrop on Feburary 14th 2004, Valentine's Day.

Charles and the mods pulled all support from WhiteUtopian and waited
till they had a reason to get rid of him and take the idea over. They
get their chance when WhiteUtopian is caught for sending a detailed,
covert WhiteNationalist manual through private messages to only
prominent members of Stormfront. Bamaman was a real WN, but Charles
got some artist to make a flyer for him and he steps in and takes
over the operation, like it was his idea. Charles said he never
wanted to run any of WhiteUtopian's operations in a heated post at
the end of the "White Nationalist Video" thread. The funny thing is
that WhiteUtopian offered for Charlie to run the operation earlier in
it's creation. Well I guess we say things we don't really mean in the
heat of the moment, right? Can you see what a weasel he is? Looking
to advance his status by stealing people's ideas. You should always
say something nice about someone so the only thing that I can think
of is that Charles has handed out flyers at Nascar events and
Universities. There are many who do this though, he just uses it to
further his rise to power. Well enough about that wannabe.

Another poser is Lawdog, who is really a lapdog for the National
Alliance. If you think you are going to get some activism going on
Stormfront, don't count on Lawdog. He has sold his soul to the
National Alliance and has faith in no other plans. He has posted a
couple helpful threads though and attended big rallies. There is more
and there are more moderators to expose, but that is taking me off

My point is that none of these "higher ups" ever pose some real
initiatives of their own, all they do is pose, because that is what
they are is posers. Most of the real thinkers in this movement have
one or two reputation jewels, no special status and just normal
posters on Stormfront. Just two are Stealth and Intel, and
RacialAwakening, but there are many more. These people just get pats
on the back for good posts and are then ignored. Alot of good people
in the movement are out lonewolfing it because they have lost faith
in the mainstream movement.

It seems that the movement leaders are heading for a merge, some sort
of unity. This is great, they have many followers and their efforts
will be multiplied if this happens. It is just too bad that the
leadership of this multitude of WNs will be not very creative. So
what can you do? you can get off that computer and go out and do some
activism in your area. Try to get in touch with WNs in your local
area and do something real everyday.

To those that dream of unity on a larger scale, I offer a idea. These
leaders are nothing without us, we are the movement, not them. For us
to act on a large scale in a unified fashion we must have a place to
organize. I am creating another group for those wishing to really
experience unity, I call it the United Aryan Front or UAF. This group
is for WNs of all types, you can be a National Alliance member in San
Fransico, a Klansman in Georgia, a BNP member in London, a National
Socialist in Amsterdam or just a lonewolf in Finland, it doesn't
matter. All that matters is that we act together.

Make flyers as usual, but on them put organized by the United Ayran
Front, right above your org's web address. You will be listing other
areas that UAF members dropped that day also, down at the bottom, to
show this wasn't a isolated event. End the night off by tossing a
flyer at the local tv station, maybe give a follow up call, show them
that something unusual is happening. Through the UAF email , phone ,
and message board campaignes can be organized. It is important to
spread the word about the UAF, because how can those who dream of
unity experience it if they haven't heard of it. Advertising a idea
to other WNs isn't this movement's biggest strong suit I have found.

Incidentally, I am not trying to make a power grab myself, I don't
want to be a public figure in the movement. I don't want my face and
my name known. I want to make money in mainstream business, if I
become a public leader I will be ruining my profit margines when the
jews expose me as such to the public. I can make some simple
directives to get the ball rolling, but I hope that a good leader can
step from our ranks. Don't wait for those morons who think they are
leaders because they have been around for awhile to tell you what to
do. If you wait for their directives and initiatives we will lose
this fight for sure. Hail Victory! 14


Positive comments should be made to the following group.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ReceptiveToTheTruth Be sure to use
another email address and handle so the leaders of the movement can't
launch any reprisals against you.

Negative comments can be made at this group.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BrainwashedMoronsInDenial They will
surely make you some brownie points with the current leadership.

Join the UAF here, if you want to do activism on a large scale.