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Dr. Brandt
Friday, November 19th, 2004, 09:38 PM

Very Interesting! How the Polaks helped create antigerman attrocety-stories.

According to this 1944 Pamphlet, Germans mass-murdered the Jews in Waggons full of quicklime!

'Germany ought to be bombed mercilessly... we ought to threaten the entire German nation with a similar fate both during and after the war... Tell the Allied governments... to issue official declarations to the German government and people telling them that the consequences of continued persecution will be mass reprisals, the systematic destruction of the entire German nation... Let the Allied governments, wherever their hand can reach, in America, England, and Africa, begin public executions of Germans, any they can get hold of. That is what we demand...", etc.

Thus the "quicklime death train" is not a one-off, a unique aberration, but is represented as THE German extermination programme, apparently the only one there was; we repeat: there is no mention of "gas chambers", anywhere in the book.

For this, we were asked to exterminate the German people and make "greater sacrifices" during the war.