View Full Version : The Intrigues of the BND in Kosovo

Dr. Brandt
Friday, November 19th, 2004, 10:47 AM
Yesterday there was something very interesting on the News. The foreign Intelligence Agency of the german yankee puppet state "Bundesnachrichtendienst" BND has withheld informations about terrorist acts of Albanian muslims.

This was revealed yesterday evening on TV. This March there were large riots in Kosovo (Kosovska Mitrovica) of albanian scum against the Serbs. It was orchastrated by Sanhedin Xhesari [He suposedly has ties to Al-Qaida] . The BND was listening in to all his phonecalls and e-mails. It was obvious that he was organizing a mass uprising against the serbs. There was talk like "We can't find enough busses to bring the comrades to the "party". Or talk of "It will be a bomb of a party". Most of the activists of his army were led with convoys to the sceenes of the crime.

Allthough the BND knew about these Plans and even the aproxemite date, they did not inform the german soldiers . The Albanian scum all of a sudden showed up at the KFOR outposts who were guarding the Serbs and told them to leave, or the will be "flattend out" (they showed an ameteure video of some alabanian teenie punk, with his hands in his pockets, telling thre big german soldiers to shove off).
How embarassing (Also goes to show what this "german Army" is worth. Well, they did leave and the Albanians were free to drive the few ramining Serbs off of their homeland.

A "german" colonel then spoke on TV and said, they didn't know what to do and didn't get any information or Orders at all. (Another prime example of how democratic Armys work. No initiative at all! Obedient sheep awaiting their masters voice......).

It doesn't realy surprise me that the BND behaves this way, since it is totaly conected and supervised by the CIA and Mossad. I would even go so far to say, that the BND is just an outside office of the Mossad.

The interesting question is WHY did they let the albanian terrorists go on a rampage. Probably several reasons. One: So they have more excuses to stay on the Balkans. Second: To create a scenario of the threat of muslim terrorism in Europe and thus gather pro Israel support and third..... because they are simply disgusting lackey of the yanks.