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friedrich braun
Tuesday, November 9th, 2004, 02:08 PM
"Es ist eine Sache, sich auf der Ebene des Revisionisverfahrens mit Rechtsfragen auseinanderzusetzen, und es ist eine ganz andere Sache, in einer Tatsachenverhandlung mit einem Stoff, bei dem sich der couragierte Verteidiger mit dem Problem der eigenen Strafbarkeit konfrontiert sieht, engagiert zu verteidigen. Also trete ich in die Fußstapfen von Herrn Kollegen Dr Bock, entfalte keine Tätigkeiten für Herrn Dr Töben und sage das deutlich."

Legal Defence Counsel Michael Rosenthal in his 27 May 2004 letter to Judge Adam, Mannheim.

RA Rosenthal, of Karlsruhe, informed Judge Adam that if Adam ordered him to defend Töben at Mannheim, then Rosenthal would remain silent because at this first instance of a court case where ascertaining the facts plays a role, Rosenthal could not mount a defence without running the risk of incriminating himself. Matters stated in such cases is not privileges and will attract legal sanctions. Ask RA Horst Mahler what State Prosecutor Krüger did to him this year in a Berlin court. At the beginning of each day Krüger handed Mahler a writ for a new action that Krüger had developed out of the material Mahler had presented in his own defence to the court for consideration the day before.

RA Rosenthal is fully aware of this risk and so advised the judge he would thus do what RA Ludwig Bock of Mannheim did on 8 and 10 November 1999. RA Rosenthal's behaviour was the subject of Töben's appeal because Töben claimed he should have been represented. The Appeal succeeded at in the Bundesgerichtshof, Karlsruhe,in December 2000, and the court ordered a re-trial. RA Rosenthal was involved in this appeal

How can RA Norbert Wingerter now continue representing Töben because he is not a Mahler. Do a Google search, or contact Mahler, and see how eloquently and, above all, fearlessly Horst Mahler continued representing himself, offering Judge Faust Mahler's world view that transcends the restricting and somewhat mutated Section 130 - defaming the memory of the dead! Judge Faust has now indefinitely adjourned the matter. Why?

Note that Töben's defence counsel of choice was RA Horst Mahler of Berlin. Mahler was subsequently legally barred from exercising his profession. This court decision is still subject to an appeal!