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Dr. Brandt
Thursday, November 4th, 2004, 07:13 PM

UPDATE 1:00 AM, NOVEMBER 4, 2004

Okay- after spending six hours sitting about, reading vulgar british comic books, and avoiding politics, altogether, I sit down at my keyboard, and instead of further avoiding the truth, I checked my e-mail box, and found the truth dumped in my lap.

They did it again. Ya know- after spending a lot of time, worrying about Bush's october surprise, I totally lost sight of his November surprise. There were a ton of conspiracies flying around, and the signal-to-noise ratio had shrunk to an all-time low, and it pretty much slipped, right uder my radar.

I've read innumerable articles, and hearing innumberable news reports, though, that the Katherine Harris-style voter disenfranchisement was going to go nationwide. People consistently warned of the diebold voting machines. I saw the Ohio Secretary of State, and saw him puruing the same strategies....

But, I chose to ignore it. Buzzflash raised warning after warning- Greg Palast broke the story a week ago- but I was confident- I figured that the overwhelming voter turnout would swell things to the point that even the most crass Diebold political operative would have problems with messing with the results.

But no. They did it again, people.

THEY DID IT AGAIN. This election was STOLEN once again, through mass disenfranchisement, and those voting machines. Exit Polls have NEVER been out of synch with final results, as they were in Florida, and Ohio. It was universal- go to CNN.com, and look at the county-by-county results, as opposed to the exit polls, in the counties that DID use the machines, compared with counties that didn't. And the beauty of it? THERE'S NO PAPER TRAIL- just as folks warned. There's absolutely NO WAY to challenge these results- the opposition has NO recourse.

It's elegant, clean, ingenous, and DAMMIT, I IGNORED THE WARNINGS.

Investigations are developing- my latest report is that 25,000 votes just dissappeared, from one localle, and GNN has a good article, with related links here. read it, and watch this CLOSELY.


It is traditional that in the wake of such election results, that parties and individual activists start a prolonged session of navel-gazing, wondering "gee- what did we do wrong?"

Folks, let me say, here and now, that NONE OF US DID ANYTHING WRONG.

Now- I'm not like Bush- I am willing to admit that there could have been many things that I wish had transpired differently- and above all, MISTAKES WERE MADE.

However, In the final analysis- WE WERE RIGHT. Bush has been a failed president. Kerry won all three debates. The economy is in the toilet, and the war is going horribly. I could go on, but you know the drill...

Despite this, we apparently lost- why?

BECAUSE THE SYSTEM ITSELF IS NO LONGER IN OUR HANDS. We allowed the FCC to consolidate the media into the hands of conservative corporations, and now, we've seen the FEC itself- the most important body in our democracy- hand the counting of our votes to a PRIVATE COPORATION- not just ANY corporation- but one who's chairman promised, personally, to deliver Ohio to Bush on a silver platter.

Couple this with a republican party machine that has all but perfected the art of extending their power, at whatever level they gain, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Ya see, to the republican party, power is not a means to an end- it's an end unto itself, with the possible exception that power, sometimes, leads to MORE power. You saw that at the republican convention- these guys controlled the house, the senate, the presidency, and the supreme court in the palm of their hands- but they weren't satisfied- they wanted MORE, and the anger- the raw, unleavened HATRED that we saw at that convention was nothing short of baffling. These were the chosen soldiers of God, voicing their disgust at being merely QUESTIONED.

Folks- the reason we lost didn't have to do with any shortcoming on our part. Our voter drives, our fundraising efforts, our activism, from that of groups, down to individuals such as myself, were outstanding. We far surpassed our goals, and our afforts paid off, well- but ya know?

In the end, it didn't matter, because we were undercut by voting machines, and the partisain whims of a few, select secretaries of state, that (surprise, surprise), again just happened to be the heads of the Bush campaign in their respective states.

So- I don't wanna hear any bellyaching on the part of democrats that we need to "change or message", or that we "Just can't communicate with the american voters"- we do that just fine, thank you very much. In fact, we do it better than the republicans ever could. That's why they have to steal elections...