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Sunday, October 24th, 2004, 09:29 PM

Britain to be "50 % black" by 2050!

23rd October 2004 In a speech delivered to representatives of the Science Industry Dr Elizabeth Rasekoala of ACNST (African-Caribbean Network for Science and Technology), and herself of African racial heritage, says the British government needs to "wake-up" and tackle the issue of the lack of black scientists in Britain and the demographic ethnic time bomb ticking away in our country.

In an outspoken speech she stated that action is needed to inspire blacks resident in Britain to become scientists instead of stealing scientists from impoverished countries like South Africa so as to save money by not training white doctors and nurses in Britain.

Asset-stripping the Third World

Essentially, she says, the UK is "asset-stripping" countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe of both white and black nursing staff and scientists. These are countries which need to retain their own experts in order to help fight serious problems like HIV and Aids in those countries.

This 'asset stripping ' of the Third World has profound implications for the diversity of society in Britain and also for the development of other countries and diversity there. If the white professional middle class and black middle class are deserting their home countries just so the corrupt political elites can retain power, then the UK is in effect supporting dictatorships and totalitarian regimes in Third World countries by removing the possibility of viable political oppositions being formed and also preventing economic development in those countries that could undermine these dictatorships. Whilst the UK government is also providing these regimes with financial support through Third World Aid, this money is routinely diverted from the poor of those countries and used to sustain the repressive military and security forces of those countries.

Misplaced charity

The pathetic debacle of the Live Aid appeal where money raised in the UK by various smug second rate pop stars then went to the Ethiopian Marxist government to sustain a murderous ethnic civil war by feeding the soldiers whose attacks on civilians caused the famine in the first place, clearly demonstrated the folly of charitable relief that is the engine of dictatorship in Third World nations.

Whilst Blair and his minions pontificate about 'Third World rights' they are happy to sell arms to every dictator with a cheque book and an account with Barclays Bank or the HSBC or to provide debt relief to every black fascist government with a few starving and ignored and persecuted minority tribes - though of course as long as they are not 'white' tribes such as white British farmers such as in Zimbabwe.

Short-termism condemned

Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala then added "using the same short-term radar, recruiting from overseas, is not dealing with the real heart and soul of the problem." With that ourselves in the BNP fully agree.

She then went on to say that by 2050, half of all school age children in the UK will be non-white, and six UK cities already have half or over half non-white schoolchildren.

"That is the future and how prepared are we to deal with that?" she said to the astonished scientists present at the meeting.

Whilst we agree with Dr. Rasekoala that the threat of half of Britain being Black by 2050 is a real and present danger, the only way to defuse this demographic time bomb is to elect into power a BNP government.

Changes imposed upon us

No one in this country has ever been asked, or been allowed to vote, on whether they wish to see this country become a majority black nation by 2050. It has been imposed upon us by an unrepresentative elite with no democratic mandate to do so. Only the BNP, with a clear electoral mandate from the people, will restructure our society to ensure that this does not ever happen.

When white people from Britain settled in Africa and India in the days of the British Empire with no democratic mandate from the indigenous people to do so it was called "Imperialism" , "Racist aggression" and "Colonialism" by the politicians of the far left that run this country today. Yet when the indigenous British people seek to resist the undemocratic racist invasion and racial subjugation of their own homeland, they are vilified as 'racists' for doing so. This is yet another example of the absurd double standards and twisted use of language applied to the majority indigenous white people of Britain.

No cause for celebration

Dr. Rasekoala thinks that Britain being half black by 2050 is something to celebrate - but she would do as she is black. Like most politically militant middle class blacks born and raised in Britain she has a romanticised view of what Black majority rule means in practice. Those of us who, have at some time in our lives, actually lived in countries under Black majority rule such as Zimbabwe, Uganda or South Africa saw the innate anti-white racism, militant tribalism and hatred for non-African ethnic minorities in those countries. The greatest legacy of the British Empire in the African nations was the written constitution in each of those nations guaranteeing civil rights for all the citizens including ethnic minorities.

Mass murderer and hateful tyrant Robert Mugabe epitomises the barbarism unleashed when "colonial powers" withdrew from Africa

Tribalism and hatred implemented

The first action most of these nations undertook on gaining independence was to get rid of these very same written constitutions that prevented the creation of ' racist ' state structures that allowed the persecution and slaughter of minorities. From the killing fields of Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, the current war between Arabs and Blacks in Sudan, the horror of Zimbabwe where white farmers are slaughtered daily and the murderous extremism of the ANC in South Africa against the Boers, the whole continent is soaked in blood.

Amongst all the parties, only the BNP has the courage and the intelligence to understand the importance of defusing the ethnic demographic time bomb currently ticking away in Britain. All the other parties cringe and crawl away from the issue like vampires exposed to the sunlight. The thought of our grandchildren becoming an white ethnic minority in our own country is a nightmare which we will not allow to happen. It's time for the British people to wake up, grow up and support the BNP before it's too late to stop it.

Monday, October 25th, 2004, 01:05 PM
Yes you are right LOKI, as always, but should you not be blaming the white people who are leaving and not having children.

Why blame a blackwoman it is not her fault, i think attacking black people is to ignore the problem.