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Saturday, October 9th, 2004, 09:42 PM

"No multi-culturalism for us" says Jewish group

7th October 2004
Lee Barnes reports on a proposed segregated housing development

A MASSIVE new Jewish settlement is being planned for Milton Keynes so that Jews can live in segregated housing estates next door only to other Jews.

Secret talks are under way to sell a whole city grid square to build the development which will create segregated housing estates.

Government landowner English Partnerships (EP) is in negotiation to sell-off a huge chunk of land on Milton Keynes's western flank to developers to build a 'Jewish only' settlement so that Jews can escape the pressures of multi-cultural Britain.

Council confirmation

Council leader Cllr Isobel Wilson of the Lib-Dems confirmed that they are in discussions with a influential Jewish group from north London for the purchase of the land.

She said that: "There have been no discussions with the council directly as yet, but we would hold a full public consultation. My personal view is that I prefer to see integrated communities in the interests of cohesion, unless someone can give me a very good reason otherwise. It is still very early days and I'm not sure what the exact plans are yet."

An English Partnerships spokesman said: "We treat all enquiries seriously. We have had a preliminary enquiry from a Jewish group based in north London. It is not at a detailed stage at this time. We have not entered into any agreements with the group. If we did agree to sell land to any group it would involve a detailed agreement of terms, sale at open market value and would be subject to the local planning process."

Keeping themselves to themselves

Zvi Friedman of the Jewish group Reformed Synagogue said: "If this is a very orthodox group they tend to keep themselves very much to themselves.

"We are a reformed, modern group and orthodox groups don't normally recognise us, so there may not be too much contact. We'd certainly be interested to find out more about this."

Why is it that when members of ethnic minority communities seek to escape the tensions and criminality of Multi-Cultural Britain , they are given support and encouragement to do so by the British government.

But why is it when the BNP campaign for the rights of the majority indigenous British to live in a country that reflects their cultures, traditions and ethnic ancestral heritage we are mistakenly called 'racists' for doing so ?

Double standards once again

This obscene double standard of the ' establishment political elite ' has to end.

The fact is that the British no longer feel at home in our own homeland.

When we in the BNP seek to end the endless influx of immigrants coming into our country and to end the endless draconian laws being imposed upon us to silence our legal protests against this immigration invasion, we are vilified and slandered as "racists" and "extremists".

Mutual respect

We support the right of all communities resident in Britain to retain their traditional ethnic identities and cultural traditions, even if that means they form their own ethnic exclusive communities to do so. In return established minority groups must respect our right to determine for ourselves who we allow to enter our country and who we allow to reside here without accusing us of 'racism' for doing so.