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Friday, October 8th, 2004, 07:18 AM
Defensive Racism

by Edgar Steele

7 October 2004

"We have come to believe that merely resisting being oppressed and divided by the very racist policies of America's ruling class is, in itself, racism...In other words, unless we participate in our own racial genocide, we are racists." --- Edgar J. Steele, Defensive Racism, chapter 11 (2004)

Do you disapprove of affirmative action?

Are you opposed to racial quotas which place those whose sole qualification is skin color, though grossly unqualified, ahead of those who earn and deserve jobs, government benefits or college placement?

Are you upset about the closure of hospitals due to their bankruptcy by non-paying illegal aliens whose interests are legally required to come before those of American citizens?

Worried that Social Security, into which you have paid your entire life, will not be there for you because the funds for it are being squandered on other things and people who never contributed a penny?

Concerned that America's twin deficits, both fiscal and trade, together with unprecedented monetary expansion, promise an economic collapse that will make the first Depression seem like a bump in the road?

Unemployed or know someone unemployed...and not finding suitable work?

Sick of choosing between Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber for President?

Then you might find yourself cheering aloud while reading Defensive Racism, one of the first books to take an honest look at the modern American racial divide and what it bodes for our future.

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I'm keeping the printer's identity a secret, of course. Heaven knows I had enough trouble finding one that would print my book. And a publisher? Never came close. I finally set up my own publishing company. You-know-who controls the entire book industry, top to bottom and side to side, just as they control virtually every scrap of Western media, save only the nether regions of the Internet, wherein my web sites dwell.

Just as soon as the ADL and the SPLC get their hands on copies of my book, I expect the harassment to step up to a fever pitch. Then, of course, I honestly will be able to call Defensive Racism a banned book. Query: if a book never even gets a chance to enter the traditional distribution channels, can you honestly call it banned? Censored, yes, which is worse.

Move over, Mike Piper. I'm going to give your Final Judgment a run for its money as the "most-banned book in America." Get yourself a copy and find out why, even though one reviewer said, "Steele's book is something America has needed for a long time...(it) will assist in the racial healing of America" (Mark Farrell). Mr. Farrell ended his review, which is posted in its entirety at http://www.DefensiveRacism.com, with, "If you read just one book this year, let it be Steele's. You won't regret it."

John "Birdman" Bryant, well known in many Internet circles, also wrote a review with which he concluded: "If this book ever makes it past the politically-correct censors at the bookstore door, I predict that Steele's penetrating insights coupled with his warm personal style of writing will make his book wildly popular." And Billy Roper, also well known in many Internet circles, wrote, "Steele's genius lies in his writing style...I got more out of his chapter 'Money's End Game: Depression II,' than I ever did from college...I recommend Ed Steele's 'Defensive Racism' for all your friends and family..."

I invite you to write a review, too, or send me an email with your comments, once you have read my book. Please indicate if it is ok to post what you say on the web site.

Finally - I just watched Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. You should, too. Before you vote. In fact I recommend you rent two movies tonight, and watch them in the following order: Moore's and 911: In Plane Site, the latter of which you might have trouble finding because it is so potent, so convincing and...so banned. In Plane Site uses nothing but video footage aired by the networks on September 11; what it reveals quite literally is mind blowing. Find a detailed description and purchase information for 911: In Plane Site at http://www.policestate21.com. Something to do while you wait for my book to arrive, which you should read, also, before you vote.

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New America. A book about which finally has come.


friedrich braun
Monday, October 25th, 2004, 03:09 PM
Another Taboo gone – review of Edgar J Steele’s Defensive Racism


Before I review Edgar Steele’s book, permit me to set for you the scene within my mind by being, again, a little autobiographical. Without such personal asides, often individuals get away with dissembling and outright lying because our physical environment and social background does influence our thought patterns. Just today on ABC Radio’s The Health Report, the matter of caesarean births was raised and how this leads to rather sickly children because babies who pass through the birthing canal are coated with immune stimulating fluids. Some individuals maintain that male and female circumcision is likewise a determinant that has physiological and psychological consequences. But I shall not address that matter now because it is common knowledge that I oppose any form of bodily mutilation, either for religious or aesthetic purposes.

In our world where Victimology is writ large, where individuals take things literally so that they can feel hurt and begin profitable litigation, a morbidity and degeneration both physical and mental is markedly present. Encouragement, of course, comes from lawyers who charge by the minute for any advice offered to sometime desperately confused and often times justifiably aggrieved individuals. Amazingly, any perceived hurt, suffering endured, or some other ‘spiritual’ damage inflicted on an individual apparently is mitigated by some material compensation. In passing I am pleased to note that Dr Steele has on numerous occasions given freely of his time to those whom he felt deserved his expertise. That’s the moral value of altruism exemplified, something some ideologists hate to admit exists as a human value. It also illuminates the fact that we ought not too quickly formulate a blanket condemnation of a professional group – of any group of Menschen because we are all different!

Sometimes all this kind of talk about victimhood and suffering does not ring true to my ears and I wonder if our consumer society has not lost its focus as to what is important for individuals. The story recently doing the email rounds comes to mind about the Harvard MBA and director of a multinational corporation observing a Mexican fisherman return from a few hours fishing for tuna. The businessman is in Mexico enjoying the simple life, and when he engages the fisherman in a conversation, he is horrified to hear that simple pleasures are his lot: getting up late in the day - fishing for a few hours – playing with his children – having a siesta with his wife – walking to the village and sharing a glass of wine and playing the guitar with friends. The businessman suggests to the fisherman how he can make more money by increasing his catch, by purchasing a fleet of boats, even a tuna processing plant, then he’ll have time to travel to the USA, even visit New York, and if business is really going well, he can make more money by floating his enterprise on the NY Stock Exchange. The fisherman listens, then asks how long this would take. The answer is about 15 to 20 years. The fisherman then asks the businessman what would he do then, and the reply is – travel to some secluded spot, go fishing, play with the kids, have a siesta with the wife, drink some wine and play the guitar with his friends.

What is missing here, of course, is the obsession that so many of us cannot shake off – the battle of the wills, the desire to compete and become wealthy and famous, i.e. to be in the rat-race fuelled by predatory capitalism and consumerism. The elimination mechanism that most of us have developed cruises around truth-telling or nurturing hurt feelings for what someone has said. And it appears that sensibilities seem to be increasing with age. This is especially the case at universities among so-called intellectuals who with increasing age seem to revert to primitive emotionalism and irrationality, often topped up by some dubious sulking if someone challenges their pet-nonsense, which they have espoused for the past three decades. Those that can hide behind a professor title are the lucky ones!

And how many of us continue to feed some kind of affliction, be it sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, or some adopted inferiority complex that can only be eliminated by some counselling sessions with total strangers who themselves have just emerged from a nervous breakdown? I have always wondered how such battle of the wills pans out when the victim becomes strong again to begin anew to accuse those who have attempted to help him come through the moment of darkness.

Edgar Steele does allude to this in his well-presented hard-cover book when he raises the issue of community. And this is where my autobiographical note enters. My parents were farmers and thus always connected with the land, with the vagaries of the weather – and it Australia it is drought, floods and bush fires. My parents emigrated form Germany after World War Two, and it is because of the dire times the war years brought along that they knew how valuable food is – it is the only absolute addiction shared by all humanity. So we always had plenty to eat: there was milk that usually the boys had to get from the house cow, chooks for eggs, meat from sheep. Butter and fruit and vegetables also came from our own production. The fact that meat wasn’t just bought at the butcher’s meant that the boys had to learn how to kill domestic animals. I never enjoyed that, and I always apologized to the animal before doing the deed, explaining to it that I needed to feed the family. In time this task did not get any easier – until I reached the point where I now only very rarely eat meat. I have little time for individuals who lionize over meat, but are horrified to think about the actual act of killing the beast. I had reached a point where it exhausted me to kill and animal – and then it was natural that I should also not eat meat.

The second factor of importance is the physical fact that I am an identical twin, and my standard joke comes handy here to illustrate an important physical fact of life. I am an identical twin, and whenever either of us did not have a girl friend, we would squabble. If my brother had a girlfriend, I was happy for him and felt easy; likewise with him. Yet, interestingly, my brother and I have never had the same taste in women – he never liked my choice and I never liked his choice. His marriage has lasted, now nearly 30 years, mine did not – and what is the lesson I should draw from that? I avoid answering that question and I switch to the other matter: I do not think I am as ugly as my brother! Whenever I see him walking towards me, I say to myself, surely I don’t look that ugly!

My next aim is to write a book about being a twin – therein to put in all the pre-conceived notions others have about twins, then add to them, elaborate on them, fabricate some more, then tell outright lies about what it is like to be a twin, even mystify it with some extra-terrestrial twist perhaps with some cosmic sex scenes that I have yet to experience, and bingo, a best seller in the making. But isn’t that the pattern used by the ‘Holocaust’ survivors whose imaginative embellishments are so far fetched that readers are totally taken in by what they believe is a true story. So I need some time to write this book – Judge Adam of Mannheim, are you listening? I need board and lodging for a couple of years to write this book. Have you got a room for me at Hotel Mannheim?

What I have noticed over these past 60 years of being a twin is one fact of which I am certain: I am not my brother!

I don’t know if our wives felt like that, though, because whenever we were in proximity, we would associate with each other, as do siblings, cousins, and friends. Rather my brother than someone I cannot trust! I find this kind of tribalism is actually what drives the Middle East, and gives it stability, something that predatory capitalism and excessive consumerism is destroying – see Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. where the grab is for the banks and for the control of the money supply and control the people, out of the hands of the local war lords. This term ‘warlord’ alone is meant to discredit traditional societies where the internationalists have limited power. Look at the current internationalist warlords! The difference is that the local look after their own people while the internationalists do not – they just suck out the life-blood, if the local community lets this happen. Currently the Iraqis are resisting this in the true freedom fighter spirit.

The idea of networking comes to mind, and how Professor Kevin MacDonald stressed that this is basically the mysterious success formula that makes out Judaism’s power – not any particular moral or intellectual superiority. On the contrary, superstition can handicap a society’s natural development. For example, the medical breakthroughs made in cloning are opposed for some spurious moral reasons, totally unjustified.

Hence, those that shy away from therapeutic cloning on some such belief, let me assure them that no individual, not even Siamese twins, are in any absolute way identical. There is the biological foundation, the genetic inheritance – the racial factor, if you wish – that does link my brother to me. We have a similar voice, we both have blue eyes, but we have character differences. For me personally the category of temperament is extremely important. My brother has a tremendous sardonic sense of humour, while mine is sometimes questionable. Then there is the ten minutes difference – he is physically stronger than I am – that’s why he got out before I did! And then, of course, we are the mere synthesis of our father and mother’s differences. I need not mention the Hegelian dialectic that clarifies this mystery so beautifully, and that sadly so many individuals refuse to accept, especially those still imbued with some remnants of that Marxian-feminist dialectic perversion.

The ideological push supposedly emanating from the French Enlightenment that had as one of its pillars the equality of humanity is causing more hurt and damage in the world than any thought that I know of. The category should be one of justice for all! Physical entities are never the same and we are primarily physical – no grain of sand is the same as the other. The equality concept applies to the abstract world of numbers, but it cannot apply to the physical world. And we should feel happy about that. It is also intellectual fraud to claim that we should get rid of poverty because that physical condition of one person having more, or less, than another is a fact of life, something the Marxist ideology refused to accept, but then got around it by employing a conceptual framework that George Orwell so well illustrated in Animal Farm, when the ‘All Animals are equal’ was augmented by the pigs – when they started sleeping in the farmer’s comfortable bed – with ‘Some are more equal than others’- a carbon copy of the intellectual fraud perpetrated by Marxists and their fellow travellers.

A variant of this mindset is also found within Revisionists because it is a human characteristic to feel good about oneself. But if some individuals think themselves to be ‘better’ than others, then this process had better be objectified and not mystified through the usual obfuscations of, among others, authority, spirituality, intellectuality, and race! This is where my basic instincts developed on the farm ring true – breeding sheep is a teleological enterprise. If a farmer wishes to have fine wool, then it’s the Merino; if it’s for fat lamb and course wool production, it’s Corriedales.

In western education we have the remnants of Marxism imbuing students with multiculturalism, with anti-racism, with consumerism, with the feeling that we are all the same! What a fraud teachers perpetrate on students, then dialectically get out of the fix that they place students in whom they have buttered up to believe that we are all equal, that we can do whatever we want, that we can be whatever we want to be.

The teacher’s trick is usually revealed subtly at the end of the year when the exam results bring home some home-truths: we are not the same in character and in ability. In order to escape this charge of misguiding the young, dishonest teachers use the dialectic that says: If the student does well in examinations, then that’s because the student has had a good teacher; if the student does badly, that’s because the student just didn’t have the ability to do well. In either case the teacher’s competence is not addressed. Developing grades that are unrealistic, i.e. no failure, will guarantee the teacher has a good time with seduced students who are not challenged and prepared for the real world, but when such students face the real world, reality hits them. In order to cover their behinds, such educators have embraced the victim mentality, and together with legal experts have devised the Human Rights legislation that guarantees that their students remain unhurt – after all, it’s the evil racists that oppose our multicultural policies.

My teaching experience in Africa taught me that individual intelligence is influenced genetically but also by climate and by levels of social development. One of my exercises that took about two hours to administer took only twenty minutes to administer in Australia, but the responses from Nigeria were more intelligent than those I received from my students in Australia!

Simplistic racial stereotyping does not explain anything. We had some Australian lecturers at the Nigerian state college where I was teaching and they felt superior to the Nigerians because of the visible rampant ‘corruption’. As I had a good relationship with my students I threw out this challenge to them, i.e. that guest lecturers were critical of their country on account of the corruption. One student enlightened us all: “Sir, it may be true that we have bribery and tribary and corruption at the top. But you in the west are also corrupt, except that you are at an advanced stage of corruption!” About half a century later this answer seems just as relevant as it was then, especially the Enron affair in the USA teaches us some home truths.

What’s wrong with tribalism? For the internationalists who want the cheap Nigerian oil tribalism is a nuisance value. That’s what the Biafran War was all about – amalgamate 22+ ethnic tribes into one unit and create a federation called Nigeria, and you have only to deal with one government entity, one splurge of bribery! We have had the breaking up of our kind of tribalism in Australia by shire amalgamation, by privatization, by adopting the free market imperative. It has broken apart stable communities much to the detriment of the general social fabric. And in whose benefit has this occurred? - my answer is: don’t blame the Jews! Blame those that bend to their pressure. The fact that the latest mall political party in Australia – Family First – is not considered a threat to Australia’s organized Jewry is interesting. Why is it no threat? Because the party talks about the “Judeo-Christian” family values. So, in Australia we have a Family Court that is heavily influenced and populated by Jews and homosexuals where resultant judgments cause so much grief and pain that fathers’ groups have taken the law into their own hands on account of the blatant injustices that flow from that court. It is now legendary to talk about former company directors and chief executives who have, after emerging from the Family Court of Australia’s clutches, ended up in some dingy boarding house, hugging a bottle as their only comfort. There are too many of these hapless individuals that would in the past enable anyone to blame the individual for his personal misfortune. Now it is obvious that system malfunction is not accidental but by design to destroy individuals – because the supporting network, the tribalism, has been taken away and replaced with some foreign altruistic-sounding ideology that is outright predatory, outright parasitic.

But fear not, recall what Professor Arthur Butz said about the parasite’s dilemma: if it sucks too much life-blood, it will kill the host, and thereby kill itself. I have a feeling that this factor will have a bearing on the US election where a rigged/scammed popularity poll will ultimately bring George Bush into the White House. If Kerry wins, then the Jews will lose their status to victimhood because Kerry is a Jew, and he will be overseeing the inexorable - and dialectic process - demise of the USA, and that cannot be.

Next, my review of Dr Edgar J Steele’s Defensive Racism

Fredrick Töben


25 October 2004