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Thursday, August 26th, 2004, 07:10 AM
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Non-Whites in England preying on school girls

A documentary, scheduled to be released August 26th in the UK, documents White schoolgirls being groomed for sex by Muslim men in Bradford, England.

Police stopped the documentary, 'Edge of the City' just hours before it was slotted to air in May, after the chief constable of West Yorkshire warned that it could spark disorder and garner support for the British National Party (BNP) in the upcoming elections. (Four BNP candidates were democratically elected to Bradford council, anyway.)

A protest being run by Black Information Link (Blink) wants to stop the August screening as well. They are joined by a whole gaggle of liberal gasbags, like the National Assembly Against Racism, the Churches Commission for Racial Justice, The 1990 Trust, the London mayor, Ken Livingstone, and the Jewish Council for Race Equality. Their plan is to electronically attack Andy Duncan, the Channel 4 chief executive; Tessa Jowell, the culture secretary; and Colin Cramphorn Chief Constable of West Yorkshire via e-mail.

Channel 4 says the documentary is "balanced and fair and focuses on child protection issues that Bradford social services face, not the individuals perpetrating this form of abuse." And Peter Dale, the head of documentaries at Channel 4, said that, "This is an important, well-researched and produced documentary. We believe it is a fascinating insight into the work of the social services in Bradford, crafted in a fair and measured way, and it is in the public interest that this film be shown."

The documentary, produced and directed by Anna Hall, explores the role of social workers in Bradford, and recounts four separate stories: a disabled couple, who have had to move eight times in eight years to escape harassment from local children; Matthew, a White teenager with 96 offences to his name, who turns a corner after working with Omar, a trainee social worker, and falling in love with Malika, a mixed-race girl; Eric, an 83-year-old pensioner, who wants to maintain his independence; and, two White mothers trying to track down their daughters who have been lured into drugs and prostitution by Muslims.

For several years, under-age White girls have been wooed by wealthy Muslims who pretend to be their boyfriends, then get them addicted to drugs, and gang rape and prostitute them. Many of the girls have been sedated, raped vaginally and anally, and in some cases confined in apartments and gang-raped. (This is strikingly familiar to what has happened in France. )

According to the film, social service workers in the area have noted 60 to 80 possible cases, some involving girls as young as 11. The documentary also alleges that one 13-year-old girl was abused by more than 100 men and raises questions about why the abuse of dozens of girls, has been tolerated for almost a decade. The West Yorkshire police have released a statement saying they found 'no evidence of systematic exploitation.' And added that they were "pleased with the way the film shows the caring, dedicated and committed team of social workers we have in Bradford." Oh goody!

The media have gone berserk, worrying that his will lead to bad stereotypes. They say that it's okay to show Muslim calculatingly coerce and prostitute young White schoolgirls only if you show that White men are perverts too. One reporter brought up Ian Huntley, who murdered two young White girls and who has numerous underage rapes on his record. The difference is, that was a lone pervert not a systematic corruption and perversion of young girls.

The same reporter said she was more concerned that the Muslims might face discrimination and racial abuse than she was that these girls' parents be aware that their children are in danger. It is a parasite feeding off the young of the host population. The multicultural preaching is responsible for more atrocities than Stalin ever imagined. The Muslims are merely dumb animals driven by base desires, but these liberal pied pipers are leading our children to certain destruction.

The liberals say that it is not a Muslim problem. They say the girls need to breed self-esteem, recognize when they are being manipulated, and know that there are better things than sex and flashy cars. And adults cannot be allowed to exploit children. Wow, that's really going out on a limb. Of course the girls need self-esteem, but when you say that Habeeb is just as good as Johnny and that they are no better than Lashawnda, what the fuck do you expect?

Edge of the City will be broadcast in England on August 26 at 9pm, Channel 4.

Thursday, August 26th, 2004, 07:33 AM
It has nothing to do with Islam, it is a racial problem.

Prodigal Son
Thursday, August 26th, 2004, 02:52 PM
It has nothing to do with Islam, it is a racial problem.

It has everything to do with Islam. Islam is in and of itself a racial problem.

Thursday, August 26th, 2004, 04:11 PM
It has nothing to do with Islam, it is a racial problem.

Islam has a wholly different view on paedophilia than Christianity.

For a mainstream Christian, a 13-yearold girl is not a sexual object. For a mainstream Muslim, she is.

Thursday, August 26th, 2004, 09:53 PM
It has everything to do with Islam. Islam is in and of itself a racial problem.
I agree.

Thursday, August 26th, 2004, 10:41 PM
Isn't there a clause in the Koran that says no race-mixing?

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004, 12:45 PM
For a mainstream Christian, a 13-yearold girl is not a sexual object. For a mainstream Muslim, she is.

Age of consent hasn't been static for Europe. People in the past got married quite younger, usually with arranged and forced marriages. European women were "oppressed" by having to wear modest clothes, as were European men. The Bible itself is full of pedophilia, rape, sexual slavery. Every behavior people point out as "degenerate" within Muslim ethnic groups is a past European practice as well.