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Von Braun
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004, 01:01 AM
Not only did they terrorize Europeans, but they were not the first in the Americas and they practiced genocide there. Check this fascinating article out: http://www.loompanics.com/cgi-local/SoftCart.exe/Articles/AmericanIndians.html?E+scstore

Prodigal Son
Wednesday, August 25th, 2004, 09:12 PM
Lumping Amerindians and East Asians into the same 'Mongoloid' taxon, though not technically inaccurate, is as misleading as placing Arabs and Swedes into the same 'Caucasoid' taxon.

Sunday, August 29th, 2004, 10:12 AM
I don't know where this person lives, but I never hear from Natives complaining 'on a daily basis' about what the pale-faces did to their people. They are basically invisible here. There were deliberate extermination campaigns (http://www.1849.org/) against Natives.

In 1860 the Alta California reported a massacre conducted by a Captain Jarboe among the Achomawi peoples of the north-east. "The attacking party rushed upon them, blowing out their brains, and splitting their heads open with tomahawks. Little children in baskets, and even babes, had their heads smashed to pieces or cut open. Mothers and infants shared the same phenomenon ... Many of the fugitives were chased and shot as they ran ... The children, scarcely able to run, toddled towards the squaw for protection, crying with fright, but were overtaken, slaughtered like wild animals, and thrown into piles. ... One woman got into a pond hole, where she hid herself under the grass, with her head above water, and concealed her papoose on the bank in a basket. She was discovered and her head blown to pieces, the muzzle of the gun being placed against her skull and the child was drowned in the pond."

Genocide of the American Indian Peoples (http://free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/usgenocide/IndianPeoples.html)

"I did not know how much was ended. When I look back now from this high hill of my old age, I can see the butchered women and children lying heaped and scattered all along the crooked gulch as plain as I saw them with eyes still young. And I can see that something else died there in the bloody mud, and was buried in the blizzard. A people’s dream died there. It was a beautiful dream..."

— Black Elk
Oglala Holy Man
on the aftermath of the Massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota
December, 1890 the United States Army Seventh Cavalry used gattling guns to slaughter 300 helpless Lakota children, men and women

And some of the "bad indians" killed or abducted White settlers.. It happened. If White people have to suffer through some Hollywood films which make them a little uncomfortable, so what? Don't go see the films. Turn off the TV. Buying into collective guilt is totally optional.

Sunday, August 29th, 2004, 01:48 PM
The only redskins that I see around here are in the newspaper or on the news telling us why they need to own another casino. They've tried to take large sections of developed land to call their own in order to build these casinos. They are all negro or heavily mixed with negros and backed by organized crime. There must have been very good reasons for our forefathers to ethnically cleanse the lands of their forefathers. I have no problem with it. In the early 1900s redskins came into my familys home and tried to abduct one of my great grandmothers because of her red hair. I'm guessing that such a thing was far more frequent in the early years of Euros in the New World.

For the savage efficiency of my forefathers and their near total destruction of those that are 'in touch' with nature I can think of no better thing than this:

People of Euro descent that have redskin items such as dreamcatchers and posters depicting the natives look as stupid as the ones that are blasting rap and throwing in a yo or mf'er into every other line. :icon_evil

Sunday, August 29th, 2004, 07:46 PM
I think that even though the Europeans conquered the Americas it will be the Latinos (American Indians) that will actually gain control with in 100 years. : (

Sunday, August 29th, 2004, 08:02 PM
I think that even though the Europeans conquered the Americas it will be the Latinos (American Indians) that will actually gain control with in 100 years. : (

Only because our governments, under the control of Zionist, sold us out. If Jews were never allowed to set foot in North America, Nords would have kept pushing further south and there'd be no Mexico as it is today. All of North America (and maybe even parts of Central America) would be Nordid.