View Full Version : The Bloodsunday of Bromberg

Dr. Brandt
Thursday, August 5th, 2004, 04:57 PM
1) Here rest 56 ethnic germans murded by poles"

2) "Entire ethnic german Familys were exterminated by the Poles"

The 85 year old katharina Pumke from Langenau is the only survivor of her family. Her 50 year old son was shot and the 17 year old Grandchild and heir of the farm, had his stomach slitt open with a byonett. The old woman was forced to watch how her son and 12 other ethnic germans were murdered"

3) "On the bloody sunday in Bromberg these four beast tied a german girl between horses and then tore her appart."

"Like Hyennas they scavanged the corpses of the murdered ethnic-germans and stole shoes, stockings, watches, rings - everything they could find."

4) Mr. Lüneberg was taken away, he is not alive anymore. I didn't see his corpse. Mr. Tetzlaff is dead. How he looked like I don't know. Hans Milbitz is dead. He is 16 years old. I saw him in the mortuary. I had the impression, that he was shot in the mouth. the 15 year old Schollenberg gave the same impression as Milbitz. My Father inlaw also had a shot in his mouth.
In the mortuary I also saw the corpse of hans Rowolski. His face was terribly mutilated. Several people told me, that he had pleaded desperatly for his life, one should let him live, he has woman and and a little child. But they kept beating him untill he was dead.
As far as I know in our protestant community there is hardly a house, where not one, two or three ethnic germans were murdered. On our protestant cemetary are up till now 59 buried. And they the hardly have found all of the others yet."

Dora Kutzer, born Bruck, 33 Years old, widow of Pastor Kutzor, Resident in Bromberg, Kronerstraße 14

5) "....in a ditch I was finaly able to wash my face and hands and went to the corpse of my husband. there I witnessed how civilians and military desecrated the corpse of my husband. Since the mouth of my husband was distorted to a grimace, it seemed like he were smiling. So they threw garbage on his mouth and said "You cursed hitlerite are still laughing." Also the slain Gardener Schmied they placed a key-ring and a hammer on his chest. I then took the papers from my husbands body. Polish military beat me and then chased me away...."