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Monday, September 4th, 2006, 11:40 PM

Americans pay a hidden food tax because the U.S. FDA is not good enough for Jews -- that's taxation without representation. The Kosher Food Tax is a fraud on the American consumer. Take a look at the items in your cupboard and you'll find either the (U) or (K) labels on almost every one of them. These symbols represent a Jewish "blessing", which means that you have unwittingly paid a tax to a Jewish religious group. These symbols could be anywhere on the package, so look carefully.

The circled "U," sometimes with the word "Parve", stands for Union of Orthodox Jews (UOJCA), the "K" stands for Kosher (KOV K). These symbols mean that the product's producer paid the Jews a kind of "tax" to have some rabbi "bless" it. Don't confuse these letters with the letter "R" which stands for 'registered trade mark' or a letter "C" which stands for 'copyright'.

In 1959, the Wall Street Journal estimated this "tax" at about $20 million and it is thought to be in the hundreds of millions today. The Jewish Post of July 30, 1976 reported that Rabbi Harvey Sentor admitted that Kov K was a "profit-making concern." The UOJCA extracts exactly the same levy as Kov K.

This "tax" is not an option for the Gentile, he has to pay it to the Jews. If this was nothing more than a religious ceremony, giving rabbinical approval to food and food products prepared in a specific way, then why are steel wool and kitchen utensils also included?

Here is how the scheme works. An Orthodox Rabbi warns a company that unless their product is certified as Kosher they will face a boycott by every Jew in America. Once the company agrees, it must keep the amount paid a strict secret!

In 1960, 225 food products paid the Kosher tax, 476 in 1966, 1000 in 1974, and today 17,500 companies are paying this multi-level tax. Listed below are National Kosher Agencies and their symbols - you might want to give them a call to see what they say. Regional listings and their symbols will follow soon.

Kof-K Kosher Supervision
1444 Queen Anne Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Fax: 201-837-0126
Rabbi Aharon Felder, Director of Kosher Standards
Rabbi Ari Moshe Senter, Halachic Research
Rabbi Dovid Senter, Rabbi Yehuda Rosenbaum,
Rabbi Daniel Senter, Administration
Rabbi Dr. H. Zecharia Senter, Executive Administrator
Publication: Kosher Outlook Supplement

The Organized Kashruth Laboratories
1372 Carroll Street
Brooklyn, NY 11213
Fax: 718-756-7500
Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, Kashruth Administrator
Rabbi Leizer Teitelbaum, Rabbi Dovid Steigman,
Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, Rabbi Levi Garelik,
Rabbi Avraham Juravel, Rabbi Mendel Raitzes, Rabbinical Coordinators
Publication: The Jewish Homemaker

Star-K Kosher Certification
11 Warren Road
Baltimore, MD 21208-5234
Fax: 410-653-9294
Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Rabbinic Administrator
Dr. Avrom Pollak, President
Rabbi Eliyahu Shuman, Director of Supervision
Publication: Kashrus Kurrents

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations
333 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001
Fax: 212-564-9058
Rabbi Menachem Genack, Rabbinic Administrator
Publications: the "OU" Kashrus Directory, Jewish Action, Mesorah Journal of Halacha, Daf Hakashrus

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006, 05:56 AM
i find this apalling but i must say i wouldnt trust the fda either they are all appointed right out of executive positions at food companies anyway

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, 10:24 PM
Here is an article about the Jewish kosher tax which shoud be brought to light since moments ago SpearBrave mentioned this issue regarding the Jewish food tax that we as Germanic consumers must be aware of and how we are being unnecessarily taxed through purchases of consumer goods such as food


Non-Jews are unaware that all food products marked with the "K" or "U" Symbols have been TAXED by Jewish Rabbis!

Note: Each nation has its own symbol. Check in local Jewish publications, to find out what mark of the beast, is being used in your own country.

On every pantry shelf in America, lay dozens of canned and packaged food products which have a tiny "K" or "U" printed on the label.

This symbol informs Orthodox Jews that the items have been checked by a rabbi, to make sure that they have been prepared in accordance with "Jewish Dietary law", as set forth in the Jewish Talmud -(the real "bible" of the Jews.)

American food companies are forced to pay multi-billions of dollars to several Orthodox Jewish organizations, just so an estimated 10% to 20% of Jewry, (or 800,000 to no more than 1.2 million Orthodox Jews), will buy their products. Please bear in mind that this is a country of 270 million people, and we are all forced to pay this Kosher Tax, just to appease LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION!

This comes out of your pocket!

Article source: http://radioislam.org/judaism/kosher.htm

Do we, as Germanics and whites across the globe realize where our money is going? Every time we buy a food product that is labeled as "kosher" we are paying more than that food item is worth, just to fund the jew media and ZOG and many of us DON'T GIVE A THOUGHT ABOUT IT. Therefore, we are actually being shelled out money as we speak, in support of the ZOG media and propaganda everywhere that is in instigation of the destruction of Germanics and the white race in general. While it is undetermined how much of this is going to the media, what we do know is that is Jewish agenda at work again, to control the supply of money so that a secret profit ends up in the hands of ZOG whose agenda is of no benefit to us whatsoever, but for their own purposes and plans which only they benefit from and take advantage of the populations who are at the losing end of this.

ZOG is a criminal orginazation! :thumbdown

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, 10:32 PM
When will these Juden decide when they have more than enough money already?!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011, 11:02 PM
Here are the more popular ones, remember these are very tiny about the size of the dia. of a pencil and usually they are hidden to some extent.


I do have some good news, we found a discount food chain that does not pay those extortion fees on their packaging. Best of all it is a German owned company. ;)

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011, 12:00 AM
Never seen or heard about this in Norway, we have very few jews. But we have halal everywhere... Some producents makes ONLY halal since that is the cheapest, and "people dont taste any difference anyway".

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011, 12:14 AM
My priest told me about this a few years ago. Of course, I immediately ran to the pantry and checked the cans. All of them had a U or K on them! :-O

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011, 01:55 AM
I once knew a fellow who used to collect the labels and mail them back to the manufacture for a refund. Don't let them pull a fast one you, send their kosher labels back to them and get your money back. All you have to do is mail them in.

Autosomal Viking
Wednesday, August 10th, 2011, 02:36 AM
I just checked all my food which I brought with me to my new apartment. All the first foods I picked up are tainted. :~( Canned pears, tunafish, peanut butter, cereal, orange soda, and poptarts all carry the mark. I was a bit relieved to see that bananas, the soup I had tonight, and the fruit punch I've been drinking are not tainted.

So I suppose I should boycott these brands. The problem is that the tainted marks are almost ubiquitous. :-O I suppose it goes to show that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The Jews made their demands known to manufacturers, so they get special inspection and funding. While we gentiles don't take notice or ever demand special group 'rights.'

Sunday, August 14th, 2011, 05:27 AM
Vindefense said: I once knew a fellow who used to collect the labels and mail them back to the manufacture for a refund. Don't let them pull a fast one you, send their kosher labels back to them and get your money back. All you have to do is mail them in.

But I also think that one should include a note of at least a paragraph, explaing the reason they are sending the labels back and explaing how consumers do not deserve to be paying more than they need to, as well as a polite request for a refund (which they can tap into their amassed "donations to ZOG" fund for; the company itself won't lose their profits;)).

So I write this post, for ideas on how one would format this letter written to the manufactures that have printed the kosher label on their foods, and what you would write as a sample letter/note. Since I think that this is something that we, as consumers should do, on behalf of other consumers as well and speak out against this senseless taxing of our goods that serves no benefical purpose whatsoever. I feel that this thread should hopefully help give each other some ideas on what to write to our manufactures what's going on, and why we are mailing back the kosher labels so we can fully explain the issue.

Hopefully it should serve as an effort to overthrow the less than fair secret jewish tax. Even if such an agenda does not ever materialize or is likely vetoed (and there is a high likelihood of this), when we speak out against such crimes, we help fight them, and at least people will finally see the light of what is happening, and efforts will be made (at least by companies and institutions who are not in voluntary support of ZOG) to end this crime once and for all