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Friday, August 18th, 2006, 09:29 PM
If you are a funding member you can now see in your postbit whether your funding membership is still active. This is displayed directly under the "Friend of Germanics" funding title.

"Skadi Funding Member" means your funding membership is still active.
"Funding Membership Inactive" means your funding membership has expired.

To qualify as an active funding member, you must have donated a minimum of $10.00 in the last 12 months or the equivalent thereof (e.g. $20.00 in the last 24 months & so on). Active funding members benefit from funding member privileges and appear on the usergroups list under Þengaz. Those who donate more than $100.00 per year (or alternatively, the top 3 donors) shall receive special acknowledgement on the Skadi index page. Active funding members can be identified by their bold red usernames.

Since Skadi is not a capitalist enterprise, we will continue to acknowledge everyone who has ever contributed financially in some form, regardless of date or amount. Inactive funding members shall thus retain their red usernames (non-bold), their "Friend of Germanics" usertitle and shall continue to be able to access the Skadi Asgård Club. If you would like to use any services offered to active funding members, consider renewing your membership.

Needless to say, reading and writing on Skadi Forum was, is, and will always be free of charge. Funding Membership is only of interest to people who either wish to support Skadi or who desire to have access to additional options not available to ordinary members.

You can view the details here:

New options are added regularly, so please have a look at this thread now and then to learn what's new.