View Full Version : China Rises While "West" and "East" Are Killed-off

Monday, July 24th, 2006, 03:43 PM
It does seem like the smart and tough "little yellow man" will soon rule the space ("China announces the space exploration of Mars program")!

It also does seem like a strong possiblity - with the West and Islam locked in a (mutually-destructive) life-and-death struggle - the Chinese humanity may simply gain a clear shot at dominating not only this pathetic little earth - but also nearby space, although I hope that by that time they change the flag to something more ennobling than that bloody red flag.

Even though Christianity made a strong bid only late (age of Pearl Buck) Buddhism was the only outside religion that ever made a strong impression on the Chinese, but those days are long gone.....

China's genius right now lies in its ability to combine political pragmatism and economic opportunism in a meaningful dichotomy where they both work together and NOT at the expense of each other.

A counter-approach in the West can be made IF all these legions of traders/merchants/stock-brokers are either eliminated or placed in the background by STRONG POLITICS (which is something that History tells us will happen sooner or later) - of the kind that will make generals (or their proteges) in charge of the USA and not the glorified but feeble puppets now known as "Presidents".

Just like in Rome (Julius Caesar), Byzantium (Alexis I Comnenus), the Caliphate (Alp-Arslan's sultanate), China (starting with Shi-Hwang-Di), Egypt (Ramses II), Pre-columbian America (the Azteks) and the ancient Sumeria/Babylonia (starting with Hammurabi/Ashurbanipal/Sargon I) - so will this West have some day its military strongman in charge of the sinking state and the sagging government, it is just inevitable...that is Destiny (God's design of history).

The West (preumably led from America until its end) will need to go down some more before the conditions ripen for this epochal change to finally take place. Today even Pentagon is staffed with people who think of personally profitting first and serving political ambitions only a distant second.

When America gets a military-based government then it will deal with China differently - not from the raw greed/pure profit economic pragmatism of the individual (at the expense of the whole) standpoint - but from a purely politically-pragmatic standpoint.

Rodskarl Dubhgall
Sunday, June 3rd, 2018, 06:11 AM
Wow, this was written about 8 years before I figured it out. China bankrolls America to fight the Axis of Evil, while North Korea trains and arms the Mohammedans to fight America. 9/11 was a Communist plot, setting up Arabs to take the fall, in the hope that Christians would be wiped out by dirty bombs in the MENA conflicts. No imam cares about Capitalism, so the attack on the World Trade Center made no sense, unless Peking and Pyongyang demanded it. People forget that the Sino-Soviet split meant that the Cold War wasn't over in 1991, only that it was Cold War I, followed by Cold War II with China. Did not China erupt in 1989, with the Tiananmen Square protests flattened by tanks and troops, the same year when Russia was going under in Germany? How would this indicate complacence or compliance with containment? We won in Germany but lost in Vietnam, because one mattered and the other didn't, so that indifference also led to the absorption by China of Taiwan. Japan is keeping the Korean partition alive, because they have a direct relationship and investment with South Korea, as China with North Korea. Religious people dead; atheists inherit the Earth.