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Thursday, August 29th, 2002, 05:18 PM
There is so much the Gods can teach us. The Havamal says,

""The man who stands at a strange threshold should be cautious before he cross it, Glance this way and that, who knows beforehand what foes may sit Awaiting him in the hall?

At Gylfaginning Tialfi lost a race to Hugi, who was a thought; Loki lost an eating contest to wildfire in disguised; and, Thunor dropped to his knee in a wrestling match against Elli (Old Age).

The mistake they made is the same mistake many of our Aryan kin make today. They are too trusting, too naive, too righteous to believe that the others may not be men of honor respecting the code of conduct and rules of competition.

Many fail to heed the words of Har in the Havamal. The Gods teach us not only through their strenghts but through their failing what we must do. The strangers are now within the gates of our own homeland.

Havamal (http://www.asatru.org/havamal.html)

Friday, August 30th, 2002, 08:48 AM
I have read many times and thought and pondered over the practical wisdom which it bestows. And I will always strive to embed it my life. And I thank the one who gave to me his words on the Havamal. And I saw, many of the Vedic suktas, reflecting in Havamal.

Runatal, the last part of the poem, is just as full of instruction.

Edric, read and try to find how it reverberates in everyday existence.

Starting with the importance of talk. Language is essentially a union of thought and intention with speech.

Then we move onto the next advice. A man should care about the host and the guests as well, when he hosts them.

Then there is an advice on wealth. Quite the same thing as is Rig Veda's 10:117.
Wheels of fortune are ever rolling.

And so are many more advices.

No doubt this is the most admirable and practical bit of advice and its wisdom is certainly the greatest.