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Ravishing The Women of Conquered Europe

The Big Three Liberators at Work Having a Wonderful Time Raping and Debauching the Women of Germany, Austria, and Hungary, 'Re-educating' Them to Become Good Christians!

Once, long ago, a girl told me how a girl friend of hers had been taken in a car by four men, outraged, and left to stagger home. The story so sickened me that I still remember it with wrath and pain. I believe my reaction was typical of Americans of pre-Unconditional Surrender days. Even American gangsters were not so foul as to stand by silent or leering while a woman was outraged.

Yet, now, in the last year, our Russian allies have raped hundreds of thousands of girls, and mothers, and even grandmothers in Central Europe, and all our government and our press keep saying is, "Let's try to understand the Russians."

Then suddenly, when Russia reaches out towards Iran oil, they cry "Let's get tough with Russia," They let a million Christian women be raped in silence, and then are ready to shoot over some Asiatic oil! What depravity of values!

I don't want any shooting poses to stop the raping of German, Austrian, and Hungarian women. Christ never shot anybody. But he stood up to scoundrels and called them hypocrites and whited sepulchers! True Christianity does not shoot for right, but it stands up for it bravely, even dangerously --- everywhere and all the time!

I want Christians to protest so loud and long against the brutalizing of the conquered women of Europe that it will thunder around the world, even into Russian hamlets. On that question, all the world, even decent Russians, will be with us --- and these outrages will soon stop. When one is completely right, one does not need to fight. It is only when one "gets tough" where one is half wrong that one gets into wars.

These are the sentiments with which I offer this pamphlet to you.


The foulest atrocity occupation troops can commit is rape: Sad to say, it is an Allied atrocity, not a German one.

Our fellow re-educators of Germany, our Russian Allies, entered Danzig, March 24, 1945. A 50-year-old Danzig teacher reports that the following day her niece, 15, was raped seven times, her other niece, 22, fifteen times. A Russian officer told the women to seek safety in the Cathedral. After they were securely in, our brothers-in-arms entered and, playing the organ and ringing the bells, kept up a foul orgy through the night, raping all the women, some more than thirty times. (See Nord-Amerika, Dec. 6. 1945, p.l). Surely, that's a wonderful time-for the fellows helping us try the Germans at Nuernberg!

Dr. 0., a Catholic pastor of Danzig, declares, "They violated even eight-year-old girls and shot boys who tried to shield their mothers."

The Russians Practice Unconditional Surrender Literally

A Russian general said to Lieut. General Ira Eaker, commander of the Mediterranean Allied air forces, "We've decided just to kill all the German men, take 17,000,000 German women and that will solve it" (San Antonio Light , June 14, 1945).

And these beloved fellow-liberators of ours are doing very well indeed. They know why one wants Unconditional Surrender and why Americans cried for a "harsh" peace against the Germans, and they understand the spirit of the Morgenthau Plan: IN VIENNA ALONE THEY RAPED 100,000 WOMEN, NOT ONCE BUT MANY TIMES, INCLUDING GIRLS NOT YET IN THEIR TEENS, AND AGED WOMEN! So reported the Most Rev. Bernard Griffin, British Archbishop (now cardinal) after a more or less official tour to study conditions in Europe (NC Report , Oct. 18, 1945).

A Lutheran pastor, in a letter of Aug. 7, 1945, to the Bishop of Chichester, England, describes how a fellow pastor's "two daughters and grandchild (ten years of age) suffer from gonorrhea, result of rape" and how "His mother, eighty-three years of age, died of consequences of rape," and how "Mrs. N. was killed when she resisted an attempt to rape her," while her daughter was "raped and deported, allegedly to Omsk Siberia, for indoctrination" (See Tablet, Oct. 27, 1945). Indeed, the re-educators of Germany are having a wonderful time! And the Morgenthau Planners and the "harsh" peace boys are leering with joy!

Neither Old or Young or Nuns are Spared.

The day after our noble fellow-crusaders conquered Neisse, Silesia, 182 Catholic nuns were raped. "In the Diocese of Kattowitz sixty-six pregnant nuns were counted." In one convent when the Mother Superior and her assistant tried to protect the younger nuns with outstretched arms, they were shot down. The priest who reported this said that he knows "several villages, where all the women even the aged and girls as young as twelve were violated daily for weeks by the Russians" (See Nord-Amerika , Nov. 1, 1945).

"We Allies Are no Monsters." Aren't We?

"We Allies are no monsters," said Churchill to the Germans in January, 1945. "This, at least, I can say on behalf of the United Nations, to Germany .Peace though based on unconditional surrender, will bring to Germany and Japan immense and immediate alleviation of suffering and agony" (Time , January 29, 1945).

"Oh, yeah!" as a newsboy would say. Since that time the Allies who are no monsters have raped more Christian women than have literally ever before been raped in the history of the world. They have put Germany on a 1300-calory starvation level; they have looted twelve million people of their homes, goods, food and even clothes and driven them from their homelands; they have kept or taken their men into slave labor; they have taken one-fourth of their farm land and their ships and their factories and most of their farm implements and then told them to live by farming; they have abused and starved to death more German babies than there ever were Jews in Germany; and finally they raped and debauched hundreds of thousands of German, Austrian, and Hungarian girls and women from eight to eighty. They brought to their death five times as many Germans in one year of peace as died during five years of war! Yes, yes, of course, "We Allies are no monsters!"

Bevin: "It Was the Most Awful Sight"

After British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin saw what the Allies were doing to "some 15 million German 'displaced persons'" that had been looted and driven from their homes he cried in Parliament, "I felt, my God, that is the price of man's stupidity. ..It was the most awful sight" (Time, Nov. 5, 1945. p.30). But he is wrong in calling it "man's stupidity" --- it is the Big Three lust for injustice; it is their lust for a harsh. power-political peace, that's what it is. It's a crime, not a stupidity!

Time magazine (Oct. 2, 1945, p.27), describing the mass expulsion "of at least nine million Germans from East Prussia, Danzig, Silesia, Pomerania and the Sudetenland" says, "It is a tale of horror, old men starving on the roads, young girls raped in boxcars." And the holy crusaders who are doing this raping have the shamelessness of trying whole classes of Germans as war criminals!

Sylvester C. Michelfelder, a Lutheran pastor, just returned from Germany describes in The Christian Century how "Bands of irresponsible bandits in Russian or American uniforms pillage and rob the trains. Women and girls are violated in sight of everyone. They are stripped of their clothes." Yes, the holy re-educators of Germany are having a wonderful time!

The Pope Protests the Violation of German Women

So much so that "His Holiness Pope Pius XII in a letter to Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber. ..lamented 'the base injuries and misadventures which German women and girls have had to suffer'" (NC, Vatican City. See Dubuque Witness, Jan. 10, 1946). The Vatican radio (AP, London, April 27, 1946) charged that in the Russian occupation zone of eastern Germany cries for help are going up from "girls and women who are being brutally raped and whose bodily and spiritual health is completely shaken. .."

Imagine what the holy crusading American press and radio commentators would have made of this, had the Pope said it of French women during the German occupation! But unfortunately for them, the Pope couldn't say that because those 'wicked' Germans committed less rape than even our "dear boys." So our holy crusading press and radio commentators keep screeching about the concentration camps (where no women were raped) and are silent about the vast and worse concentration camp our Morgenthau Plan has made out of all of Germany. Austria, and Hungary.

The Lust. Liquor and Loot of Our Own Armies

Though to compare the conduct of our own armies with the bestiality of the Russians would be sacrilegious, our armies, too, are reported having a "wonderful time," debauching conquered women. John Dos Passos (Life, Jan. 7. 1946, p.23) quotes "a red-faced major" as saying, "Lust, liquor and loot are the soldier's pay." A serviceman writes. "Many a sane American family would recoil in horror if they knew how 'Our Boys' conduct themselves, with such complete callousness in human relationships over here (Time, Nov. 12, 1945).

An army sergeant writes, "our own Army and the British Army along with ours have done their share of looting and raping. . . . This offensive attitude among our troops is not at all general, but the percentage is large enough to have given our Army a pretty black name, and we too are considered an army of rapists" (Time, Sept. 17, 1945).

Re-Educating the Germans with Rubber Prophylactics

The implication of these letters must make the gods of hell guffaw, for it is to be remembered that these boys were lend-leased into the war in order to teach the Germans Christianity and to bring them and the world the Four Freedoms and the Atlantic Charter! As soon as the government had lend-leased them into the war to bring the Germans Christianity it issued its "modern crusaders" (as even Archbishop Spellman called them) "5O,OOO,OOO prophylactics a month" (Time Sept. 3, 1945) , and subjected them to "shocking indoctrination. ..in practices held by decent citizens to be immoral," as Bishop Michael J. Ready charged ( N. C. W. C. News. Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 30, 1945).

'Equipped, therefore, with fifty million immoral prophylactics and graphically instructed in their use, the modern crusaders swarmed in to teach the Germans Christianity --- and to have a wonderful time. Their government furthermore instructed them that marriage with the inferior-blooded Germans was absolutely forbidden but having illegitimate children with German women (whose husbands and boyfriends were being conveniently held as slave laborers) could count on allowance money (See AP Dispatch, Berlin, Sept. 12, 1945. "German-American Marriages Forbidden").

The Anglo-Americans Far More Decent Than the Russians

A good time was thus assured for the noble conquerors --- provided only German women would prove "cooperative." Quite sincerely and gratifyingly it can be said that for the Americans and the British to have a "wonderful time" much depended on the "co-operativeness" of the German and Austrian women. As we have seen, this is not needed for the Russians. They simply rape any woman from eight years up and if a German man or woman kills a Russian soldier for anything, including rape, "5O former Nazis would be killed for each incident" (Time, June 11, 1945).

Nor was "Fraulein" lack of cooperativeness an obstacle to a good time for all of the troops under General Eisenhower's command. According to testimony given in the Senate on July 17. 1945, when the French colonial troops under his command entered the German city of Stuttgart, they herded German women into the subways and raped some two thousand of them. Even a PM reporter "reluctantly confirmed the story in its major details" (See Peace Action, July, 1945). It will be remembered that one of the chief charges for which Yamashita was hanged by our crusaders was that troops under his command had in their last desperate days, after American troops had severed his line of communication with them, raped twenty-five Manila "beauties."

The German Armies the Most Decent Armies of the War

In Stuttgart. troops under Eisenhower's command, with whom his communications were not severed raped more women in one week in one city than troops under Hitler's command seem to have raped in four years in all of France. For such literally seem to be the facts, however discomforting to decent Americans. The bewildering fact is emerging that the German troops of
occupation, 7,000,000 of whom, according to an AP Nuernberg Dispatch of February 28, 1946. Justice Robert H. Jackson, chief U. S. prosecutor, wants outlawed and presumably executed as war criminals, were the most decent large-quantity troops of World War ll. That they did far less raping and looting than the Allied troops can no longer be questioned.

In their behavior toward the women of conquered territories. the German troops seem actually to have been the most correct and decent in the whole history of warfare. William Shirer, in his Berlin Diary, on June 17, 194O, in the first flush of German occupation, described how many French women had fled Paris for fear of the Germans. "It seems," he wrote, "the Parisians actually
believed the Germans would rape the women and do worse to the men. ..The ones who stayed are all the more amazed at the very correct behavior of the troops --- so far" (p. 412).

After four years of German occupation, Frederick C. Crawford, President of Thompson Products, on January 4, 1945, in a "Report from the War Front," where with others the War Department had taken him on an inspection tour, said, "the Germans tried to be careful in their dealings with the people. ..We were told that if a citizen attended strictly to business and took no political or underground action against the occupying army, he was treated with correctness"(p.5). In short wherever Americans have been able to investigate for themselves, they have found that however ruthless the Germans were with resisters and saboteurs, they were uncommonly Christian and decent towards the women of the conquered. They seem to have committed no more rape in conquered territories than American troops committed right here at home and in fellow-allied countries.

However, one can insist gratefully, in the matter of rape American (and British) occupation troops in Germany have not been notoriously bad. In that respect it seems true to say what Novelist John Dos Passos said of looting. "When Americans looted they took cameras and valuables but when the Russians looted they took everything. And they raped and killed" (Life, Jan. 7, 1946, p. 24).

German Women Treated as Fair Objects of Debauchery

The nasty charge that seems justified is that the American government and army authorities and too many of the soldiers seem to regard German women as fair objects of insult and debauchery, deprived of respect and rights by unconditional surrender. There is too much of the spirit typified by one Allied Military Government head in Munich who said, "Rights? You have no rights. You're conquered, ya hear?" (New Republic, July 16, 1945, p. 65), and by Admiral Bull Halsey's after-dinner remark to Washington news-papermen regarding Japanese women, "I hate Japs. I'm telling you men that if I met a pregnant Japanese woman, I'd kick her in the belly."

The troops seem to treat German women so regularly and insultingly as prostitutes that if their wives were brought they would have to wear uniforms because "The GIs did not want their wives mistaken for fraeuleins by other occupation troops" (INS, London. Jan. 31. 1946). If even in France "some Frenchmen began carrying truncheons at night to protect their wives and sisters from G. I. insults," according to Time (Nov. 19, 1945), one can imagine how the re-educators act in Germany where one serviceman writes that he shivers "at the apparent absence of basic human decency displayed by so many G.I.s" (Time, Nov. 12, 1945). "'That's the way it is,' said the captain. 'Americans look on the German women as loot, just like cameras and
Lugers'" (N. Y. World-Telegram, January 21, 1946)!

Morgenthau Policy to German Women ISI Sin or Starve!

The fact is that our Morgenthau minded government, directly after unconditional surrender, destroyed and looted Germany's factories, took away Germany's shipping, ripped the country into uneconomic sections, directed the territorial robbery of one-fourth of Germany's arable land; approved the expulsion of twelve million people to the rump state; and justified the looting of tools and machinery as reparations --- so that the starvation of the people became inevitable and must be called deliberate. It is hard to escape the conclusion that this planned policy of starvation was to some extent leeringly done to make German women the easy prey of the occupying army's debauchery. At any rate, that is what the American Morgenthau-Potsdam policy has accomplished.

So scholarly and careful a man as Dr. George N. Shuster, president of Hunter College, writes after a visit to the American zone. "You have said it all when you say that Europe is now a place where woman has lost her perennial fight for decency because the indecent alone live" (Catholic Digest, Dec. 1945. p. 82).

Our government, along with the Russian and the British, has so stifled German trade, industry and agriculture that one can almost assert that the only German mothers who can keep their young children alive are those who themselves or whose sisters become mistresses of our occupying troops. By our official admission we have brought Germany down to a daily food level of from 700 to 1500 calories, which is less than an American breakfast, and which leads to sure gradual death.

Determined Starvation Policy. Forbade Even Private Relief

Some of our own senators have declared this starvation planned and deliberate. In fact, so determined are our policy makers to starve the conquered that they have callously prohibited even private charity. "For the first time in the history ot Christian nations," writes Bishop Aloisius J. Muench of Fargo, North Dakota, "powerf'ul governments are making the exercise of Christian charity impossible through official regulations" (One World in Charity, Lent, 1946. p. 1).

Beginning April 1, after much humanitarian pressure, the government is permitting. not welcoming, relief of 2000 tons a month. That is equal to two ounces a person, not a day, or a week, but a month! It is a hypocritical token relief to hush up the Christ-minded and thereby smokescreeningly to secure for a fatal while longer the Morgenthau starvation of the conquered, which certainly and, it seems, calculatingly drove the conquered women, while their men are kept as slave laborers, into satisfying the lust of the occupying soldiers to the point of making rape superfluous.

The Christian Century reports. "The American provost marshal, Lieutenant Colonel Gerald F. Beane said that rape presents no problem to the military police because 'a bit of food, a bar of chocolate, or a bar of soap seems to make rape unnecessary.' Think that over, if you want to understand what the situation is in Germany" (Dec. 5, 1945). Dr. Shuster says, "Except for those who can establish contact with members of the armed forces. Germans can get nothing, from soap to shoes" (op. cit. p. 83).

No wonder "Young girls, unattached, wander about and freely offer themselves, for food or bed ...Very simply they have one thing left to sell, and they sell it ...As a way of dying it may be worse than starvation. but it will put off dying for months --- or even years" (L. J. Filewood in the Weekly Review, London, Oct. 25, 1945). Upon these desperate starving women, our occupying troops, lend-leased into the war to make Germans Christian, are allowed to pounce like lustful wolves. Of German women, Harry Flannery (Assignment to Berlin, 1942, p. 113) said that In spite of the fact that one or two Nazi leaders suggested to German girls that to be the unwed mother of a soldier is no shame. the German birthrate remained largely a family birthrate "since the Germans are basically a moral people."

Even the notorious Nazi unwed mother (Lebensborn) policy seduced only 250,000 German girls to become "victory chippies" (Readers Digest, May, 1946, p. 7).

Now however, after a year of Allied occupation and starvation. Maj. Claude M. Eberhart, venereal disease control officer, declares "Food shortages, as they grow worse, will increase the promiscuity of girls, who will become more willing to sell themselves for chocolate bars and the necessities of life which soldiers can provide." (AP, Frankfurt., April 25, 1946.) Said a hollow-eyed German soldier, finally released, "I come home and find my family's house gone. American bombing. I find my girl living with an American officer for the food he can give her" ("We Are Bungling the Job in Germany." Reader's Digest, Feb. 1946, p. 88).

The Liberators Bring V. D. to Germany, Not Christianity

Because of "the striking number of higher-rank officers in residence with mistresses of vanished Nazi big-wigs," even some discerning G.I.s called our rule in Germany and Austria "the govrnment of interpreters and mistresses" (Time. Oct. 15. 1945). During the first six months of the American occupation, according to Dr. G. Stewart, in a health statement added to the Eisenhower report, venereal disease jumped to twenty times its former level in Germany! Truly, the Christianity-bringers are having a wonderful time debauching the deliberately starved women of the conquered nations! After unconditional surrender the G. I.. venereal rate began to rise from 48 per thousand to 128 per thousand (Time, Sept. 3, 1945). By December, according to Maj. Eberhart, "the average number of soldier cases throughout the theater was 225 per thousand" (AP, April 25, 1946) !

But the Russians Bring a Litany of Lustful Tenor

Nevertheless, in spite of this deliberately planned or encouraged, and certainly tolerated debauchery of German and Austrian women by occupation troops under American command, the American and British occupation cannot be compared to the shocking beastliness of the Russian occupation. Women in the American and British zone at least are usually given the heroic choice of death by starvation to violation. Not so the German, Austrian, and Hungarian women in the Russian zone. Not even nuns are spared. Monsignor Matthew Smith, fact-minded Catholic columnist, returning from the recent consistory of cardinals in Rome, declared bitterly, "Hundreds of nuns have been violated" by "the Russian barbarians" ("Listening In", March 15, 1946). Imagine how the American press would have screeched, even the war-time religious press, if the Germans had violated nuns! But they didn't. That atrocity was left for our fellow-prosecutors of the Germans.

The Nazis killed saboteurs and spies. The Russians killed girls and nuns who resisted rape! In Silesia, "Many girls and women were violated. .. and a great number of them lost their lives in the struggle to defend themselves against attacks. Among those killed were nuns and a number of priests who sought to shield women and Religious. The names of 42 priests who have been massacred are known" (NC., Paris, Dec. 10, 1945).

The Russians Violate Women with Our Connivance

When with our help the Russians took Berlin they perpetrated the worst orgy of rape in the history of Christian Europe. Our armies carefully waited outside so not to interrupt this orgy of rape and loot! And this abuse of. German women became the order of the day. It went on right under President Truman's eyes at the Potsdam conference where he gleefully decided that "The German people are beginning to atone for the crimes of the gangsters whom they placed in power and wholeheartedly approved and obediently followed" (Dept. of State Bulletin, Aug.12, 1945. p. 208).

What gangsters? Have the abettors of the most beastly and large-scale raping in history a right to call anyone else gangsters? The Swiss paper Welt-woche (Jan. 11, 1946) relates how when recently three theatergoers. an American, a German, and a Russian called on the star during intermission, she said, "Excuse me, for looking so bad, but I was raped twice coming here and so suffered a nervous collapse." And the Swiss reporter goes on to say that it is so customary in Berlin for women to be raped coming and going, that one hardly notices it anymore! And President Truman sees all that, drinks champagne with Stalin, and agrees to rob and expel twelve million German men, women, and children from their homes and homelands as a punishment for so-called German crimes! Where is American chivalry gone to? What if our women were so treated. "When you hear the tales of the brutalizing of women from the eastern front," writes Novelist Dos Passos, "you think with a shudder of those you love and cherish at home."(Life, op. cit.). If a conqueror violated our women, then we would begin to understand what real atrocities are. Perhaps it will come someday. If it does, we will have deserved it, we who screamed when the Germans executed the British-sent murderers of a governor and their concealers at Lidice, and don't raise a whimper when the Russians violate a million women and hundreds of nuns!

The Austrians, Too, Were Liberated -- and Ravished

"We Allies are no monsters," said Churchill, and we come to liberate you, especially you Austrians! Well. a British chaplain reports that in one Austrian town he knew of 3000 women under treatment tor rape ("Listening In." op. cit.) In Vienna, supplementing Cardinal Griffin's charge that 100,000 women had been raped many times. John Dos Passos, three months in Europe as a correspondent for Life, reports.


The Viennese tell you of the savagery of the Russian armies. They came like the ancient Mogol hordes out of the steppes, with the flimsiest supply. The people in the working-class districts had felt that when the Russians came that they at least would be spared. But not at all. In the working-class district" the troops were allowed to rape and murder and loot at will.. When the victims complained, the Russians answered..'You are too well off to be workers. You are bourgeoisie." (op cit.. p. 24). And we have asked these people to help us prosecute seven million Germans for alleged war crimes!

In Hungary Few Women From 10 to 70 Escape

In Hungary something dramatic enough finally happened to get some little space in the daily press. An Hungarian bishop was shot! That was something. For years the Nazis had been cursed as savage anti-Christians --- but in all that time they had not killed one single bishop, had in fact not even put one single native bishop in jail! Here now the holy crusaders for Christianity had shot a bishop. Even then the story came out only as a sort of compliment to the: Russians headlined, "Reds Punish Men Who Killed Bishop." Recently in Rome Cardinal Mindszenthy explained that "Bishop William Apor of Gyoer, and 53 priests were killed by the Russians... the Bishop was killed when he tried to protect a group of women and children who had taken refuge in his palace'" (Tablet, March 2, 1946).

Last summer the KAP News Services carried a report by the Swiss Legation, therefore as reliable a source as is possible, in which we read "Besides looting, it is especially the raping of women which has caused the most suffering to the Hungarian population. These violations were so general (from the age of 10 up to 70 years) that there are practically few women in Hungary who could escape this fate. Acts of incredible brutality have been registered and many women prefer to commit suicide in order to escape monstrosities. Even now, when order is more or less re-established, Russian soldiers will watch houses where women live and they will return there at night to take them away" (See Tablet, July 28, 1945).

A Fate Worse Than Death is What America Brought Europe's Women

'These things should make any decent American sick to death. Christian Europe has never before experienced such far-flung violation of its women. When in 1683, the Mohammedans threatened such a fate to European women at the gates of Vienna, Christian Europe rose horrified to prevent such a mass atrocity.

It was left for America, not only to bomb Monte Cassino and Rome, to wreck more churches than any vandals have ever wrecked, to blast a whole city of women and children merely to tryout a new weapon, but also to apply to a whole Christian people the policy of unconditional surrender in such a way as to cause them to be helplessly looted and raped by the most viciously totalitarian hordes of all time-and to invite these mass violators of women as sanctified fellow-prosecutors of what now emerges as the most decent army of World War II!

In fact, as a reward it would seem for their mass looting and raping all over Central Europe, our other partner, Britain, through its Foreign Secretary Bevin as late as March 16, (1946), offered the Russian looters an "extension of the Anglo-Soviet treaty to 50 years." Think of that! If the mass violation of women is nauseating, supporting the violators with military alliances should make even the beasts of the jungle cry "Shame." Truly, the self-appointed re-educators of the Germans are having a wonderful time --- growing more and more foul!

Why Don't We Protest This Harsh Peace Debauchery of Women?

The apostolic "Four Freedom" interventionists have brought Christian women the foulest mass tragedy in history. The Pope, the Gelwan bishops, two or three bishops here and in Britain, the Quakers, a few clergymen, scholars and socialists protest in agony --- but the self-righteous re-educators of Germany leeringly cry for more harsh peace, and work unctiously to bring Spain's Christian women to the same debauchery!

If we let them, they will finally bring our own to it!

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About the Author: Until drafted into the army in 1942, the writer was head of the English department, University of Scranton, Scranton. Pa. Now professor of English at Incarnate Word College, San Antonio, Texas, Born in Milwaukee; A, B., 1924. St. Francis Seminary, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; M. A. 1926, Ph, D., 1929, The Catholic University, Washington, D. C. Spent four summers in Europe, 1927, 1931. 1932, and 1934. Dated, April I, 1946. Revision, May I, 1946. 2nd revision, 5th printing, June 18, 1946. 7th printing, April 1, 1947.

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App's "Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe"

One of this century's greatest crimes, and probably one of the greatest crimes against women in history, was the mass rape of the conquered women of Europe after the Judeao-Communist victory there in 1945. The rapists were mainly Red Army soldiers, some of them non-White troops from the Asian and Middle Eastern Republics of the Soviet Union. But I am sorry to say that many of the rapists were men of our own race, and some were Americans. They were brutes no doubt, but they were permitted and encouraged to indulge their lower than bestial urges by official "Allied" policies which incited hatred particularly against the Germans, but also against those of other European nationalities which were then allied with Germany in an anti-Communist bloc. One cannot contemplate this great mass orgy of rape, gang rape, and sexual slavery of innocent women and little girls without revulsion. It will be easy for you to turn your radio dial to another station, where, no doubt, more pleasant or amusing fare is being served up by professional entertainers like Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern. But if you want to know the truth about one of the darkest secrets of our present establishment, a horrible crime against women about which the Politically Correct feminists are strangely silent, then I urge you to turn up the volume and listen carefully.

I claim no originality for the documentation or recounting of this ghastly crime perpetrated mainly by what Franklin Roosevelt called "our noble Soviet ally." We are indebted to Dr. Austin J. App, a professor and scholar of English literature at Catholic University, the University of Scranton, and LaSalle College, among others, who risked career and livelihood to bring these truths to light. In April, 1946, when he published the work upon which today's program is based, entitled Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe, he was a lone voice crying out for justice in an America still high on war propaganda and on a "victory" that in the later Cold War years and after would be seen clearly as a defeat for America and the West as much as it was for Germany.


As the Red Army advanced toward her in 1945, the city of Berlin had become a city virtually without men. Out of a civilian population of 2,700,000, 2,000,000 were women. It is small wonder that the fear of sexual attack raced through the city like a plague. Doctors were besieged by patients seeking information on the quickest way to commit suicide, and poison was in great demand.

In Berlin stood a charity institution, the Haus Dehlem, an orphanage, maternity hospital, and foundling home. Soviet soldiers entered the home, and repeatedly raped pregnant women and women who had just given birth. This was not an isolated incident. No one will ever know how many women were raped, but doctors' estimates run as high as 100,000 for the city of Berlin alone, their ages ranging from 10 to 70.

On March 24, 1945, our "noble Soviet allies" entered Danzig. A 50-year-old Danzig teacher reported that her niece, 15, was raped seven times, and her other niece, 22, was raped fifteen times. A Soviet officer told a group of women to seek safety in the Cathedral. Once they were securely locked inside, the beasts of Bolshevism entered, and ringing the bells and playing the organ, "celebrated" a foul orgy through the night, raping all the women, some more than thirty times. A catholic pastor in Danzig declared "They violated even eight-year-old girls and shot boys who tried to shield their mothers."

The Most Reverend Bernard Griffin, British Archbishop, made a tour of Europe to study conditions there, and reported "In Vienna alone they raped 100,000 women, not once but many times, including girls not yet in their teens, and aged women."

A Lutheran pastor in Germany, in a letter of August 7, 1945, to the Bishop of Chichester, England, describes how a fellow pastor's "two daughters and a grandchild (ten years of age) suffer from gonorrhea, [as a] result of rape" and how "Mrs. N. was killed when she resisted an attempt to rape her," while her daughter was "raped and deported, allegedly to Omsk, Siberia, for indoctrination."

The day after our noble Soviet allies conquered Neisse, Silesia, 182 Catholic nuns were raped. In the diocese of Kattowitz 66 pregnant nuns were counted. In one convent when the Mother Superior and her assistant tried to protect the younger nuns with outstretched arms, they were shot down. A priest reported in "Nord Amerika" magazine for November 1, 1945, that he knew "several villages where all the women, even the aged and girls as young as twelve, were violated daily for weeks by the Russians."

Sylvester Michelfelder, a Lutheran pastor, wrote in the Christian Century "Bands of irresponsible bandits in Russian or American uniforms pillage and rob the trains. Women and girls are violated in sight of everyone. They are stripped of their clothes."

On April 27, 1946 Vatican Radio charged that in the Russian occupation zone of Eastern Germany cries of help were going up "from girls and women who are being brutally raped and whose bodily and spiritual health is completely shaken."

The rapists did not all wear a red star. John Dos Passos, writing in LIFE magazine for January 7, 1946, quotes a "red-faced major" as saying that "Lust, liquor and loot are the soldier's pay." A serviceman wrote to TIME magazine for November 12, 1945 "Many a sane American family would recoil in horror if they knew how 'Our Boys' conduct themselves, with such complete callousness in human relationships over here." An army sergeant wrote "Our own Army and the British Army ...have done their share of looting and raping... This offensive attitude among our troops is not at all general, but the percentage is large enough to have given our Army a pretty black name, and we too are considered an army of rapists."

An Italian survivor of American bombing states that Black American troops were stationed in Naples, where they were allowed by their superiors free access to poor, hungry, and humiliated Italian women. The result of this interracial rape and sexual slavery was the production of a generation of pitiable mixed-race children, a legacy of the brutal conqueror.

According to an AP dispatch of September 12, 1945, entitled "German-American Marriages Forbidden", the Franklin Roosevelt government instructed its soldiers that marriage with the inferior Germans was absolutely forbidden, but those having illegitimate children by German women, whose husbands and boyfriends were conveniently dead or held as prisoners or slave laborers, could count on allowance money. And, according to TIME magazine of September 17, 1945, the government provided these soldiers with an estimated 50 million condoms PER MONTH, and graphically instructed them as to their use. For all practical purposes, our soldiers were being told - "Teach these Germans a lesson -- and have a wonderful time!" Such were the great crusaders who brought "democracy" to Europe.

For the Americans and British, open rape was not as common as among the Soviet troops. The Soviets simply raped any female from eight years up and if a German man or woman killed a Russian soldier for anything, including rape, 50 Germans were killed for each incident, as reported in TIME magazine, June 11, 1945. But for most of our boys, having that "wonderful time" depended a great deal on the "cooperation" of the German and Austrian women. From the starving and the homeless, of course, sexual "cooperation" could be bought for a few pennies or a mouthful of food. I don't think we ought to dignify this arrangement with any other than its true name of sexual slavery.

The Christian Century for December 5, 1945 reported "the American provost marshal, Lieutenant Colonel Gerald F. Beane, said that rape presents no problem for the military police because a bit of food, a bar of chocolate, or a bar of soap seem to make rape unnecessary. Think that over, if you want to understand the situation in Germany." The Weekly Review of London, for October 25, 1945, described it thus: "Young girls, unattached, wander about and freely offer themselves for food or bed. ...very simply, they have one thing left to sell, and they sell it... ...as a way of dying it may be worse than starvation, but it will put off dying for months -- or even years."

Dr. George N. Shuster, president of Hunter College, wrote in the Catholic Digest of December 1945 after a visit to the American Zone of occupation, "You have said it all when you say that Europe is now a place where woman has lost her perennial fight for decency because the indecent alone live." By official policy, the Allies created conditions in which the only German mothers who could keep their young children alive were those who themselves or whose sisters became mistresses of the occupying troops. Our own officials admittedly brought the Germans down to a total daily food intake less than that of an American breakfast, a level which leads to slow but sure death unless relieved.

According to testimony given in the United States Senate on July 17, 1945, when the colonial French troops under Eisenhower's command, presumably mostly Africans, entered the German city of Stuttgart, they herded German women into the subways and raped some two thousand of them. In Stuttgart alone, troops under Eisenhower's command raped more women in one week than troops under German command raped in all of France for four entire years. In fact, of all the major belligerents in World War II, the German troops had by far the smallest record of rape and looting. In fact, the German army's incidence of rape in all of Germany's occupied territories was even lower than that of American troops stationed on American soil!

According to the International News Service in London, January 31, 1946, when American soldier's wives were brought to Germany, they were given special authorization to wear military uniforms because "the GIs did not want their wives mistaken for Fraeuleins by other occupation troops." A writer for the New York World Telegram January 21, 1945 stated "Americans look on the German women as loot, just like cameras and Lugers." Dr. G. Stewart, in a health statement submitted to General Eisenhower, reported that in the first six months of American occupation, venereal disease jumped to twenty times its former level in Germany.

I want you imagine an orgy of rape like this happening in your country, in your neighborhood, to your family, to your wife, your sister, your daughter. I want you to imagine what it would feel like to be totally powerless to stop it from happening, completely unable to bring the criminals to justice. And I want to ask you, were there ever any "war crimes" or "hate crimes" trials of these butchers and rapists and inciters to butchery and rape? We in America are very good at raining "smart bombs" on our adversaries, and in violently enforcing the dictates of the United Nations on faraway peoples that our press have vilified. But we have really been very insulated from the horrors of mass warfare on our own territory. But unless we wake up, we will find that someday the political situation in America will not be to the liking of the international elitists, and we may find foreign troops in blue UN helmets on OUR shores, to "correct" the situation. They will of course be called "peace-keeping" troops in the macabre Newspeak that our would-be masters have created, but their bombs and bullets, I assure you, will kill your family quite as dead as any others. And in the homelands where those "peace-keepers" hail from, I also assure you that the controlled media will have thoroughly indoctrinated them with a hatred of the nasty Americans who must be put in their place for their sins of questioning the dictates of the New World Order. Just as today, we are taught to hate the Iraqis and the Afrikaners of South Africa; just as yesterday we were taught to hate the Germans.

Few today remember that in the 1940s, the Allies, who even then were calling their world-government-in-the-making the "United Nations," were pursuing a policy of unconditional surrender, which meant that the Germans would be obligated to accept an occupation government whose announced intentions, the infamous and genocidal Morgenthau Plan, would have reduced Germany to mediaeval conditions and cut her population by enforced starvation. Go to a large library and check out Secretary Morgenthau's book, Germany Is Our Problem, Harper and Brothers, 1945. You will note the use of the term "United Nations" on the front flyleaf and in the foreword by Franklin D. Roosevelt. A prominent Jewish writer in America, Theodore Kaufman, had in 1941 written a book entitled Germany Must Perish, which advocated the extermination of all Germans by sterilization. Kaufman's book received favorable reviews in major American magazines and newspapers. Other books, such as Louis Nizer's What To Do With Germany, also contributed to this atmosphere of strident anti-German hatred. War propaganda and official policy combined to create an image of the German as sub-human and deserving of almost infinite punishment if not annihilation.

Churchill said to the Germans in January, 1945, "We Allies are no monsters. This, at least, I can say, on behalf of the United Nations, to Germany. ...Peace, though based on unconditional surrender, will bring to Germany and Japan immense and immediate alleviation of suffering and agony."

Against that false claim the late Dr. Austin App proclaimed the truth: Those Allies who were no monsters literally raped more European women than had ever before been raped in the history of the world. They put Germany on a starvation-level diet. Under direct orders from Dwight Eisenhower, they killed more than a million German POWs. They looted 12 million people of their homes, goods, food, and even clothes and drove them from their homelands. They took one-fourth of their farmland, they took their ships and their factories and their farm implements and then told them to live by farming. They abused and starved to death more German babies than there ever were Jews in Germany. They raped and debauched hundreds of thousands of German, Austrian, and Hungarian girls and women from eight to eighty. They brought to their death five times as many Germans in one year of peace as died during five years of war. Yes, yes, of course, these men of the United Nations, these men of the New World Order are no monsters.

Quite apart from any ethnic or ideological considerations, World War II was a war between, on the one side, the elitists who created Communism as a way-station on the road to their New World Order; and on the other, those who opposed that New World Order. It is a tragedy of millennial proportions that America and Britain were induced to fight on the side of Communism and Communism's masters.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have been lied to by those who want to submerge us into their world government. The public schools, the major media, and the government are lying to you. If you want to keep your freedom, you need to wake up.


Taras Bulba
Friday, July 7th, 2006, 10:43 PM
Lamentations of the Anonymous

By Cynthia Grenier

A most curious and fascinating work, A Woman in Berlin has just been published for the second time since 1953. Its author had steadfastly refused to allow her identity to be revealed during her lifetime, the end of which seems to have been reached around the year 2000. The work originally appeared in English in 1954. It was another five years before a Swiss company published it in Germany; no German publisher wanted to touch it.

The meticulous recording of the day-to-day life during the last wretched month or so of Hitler’s Germany, followed by the initial weeks of humiliation at the hands of the conquering Soviet forces, was simply too painful, too awful for Germans to want to read about. One can understand why the author preferred to maintain the secrecy of her identity at the time, detailing as she does the rapes by Soviet soldiers of her and many of her neighbors in the early weeks after the Soviet army’s entry into the fallen capital.

Why she chose to maintain her anonymity nearly 50 years later is still somewhat baffling. She may have been concerned about her story’s impact on family—grandchildren, perhaps?—ignorant of the ordeal their grandmother had undergone. Still, one is curious about the direction her professional life took during those long postwar years. She was 32 at the fall of Berlin. Did she pick up her career as a journalist? She does mention toward the end of her diary getting involved with some people to start up a woman’s magazine. Did she? Did she marry and have children? All that remains of her identity is this testimonial to some singularly harrowing weeks in her life.

She manages to convey most vividly what this life was like, when one’s daily existence was utterly precarious. Everything was a cause for desperation—life itself, food, water, shelter. As a journalist, although she is never precise as to what her pre-war career consisted of, she compulsively kept notes of her day-to-day life. When things had settled a little, she was able to type up the contents of her three roughly kept notebooks, which resulted in 121 pages of gray-white wartime paper. Hans Magnus Enzensberger assures us in his foreword that “a foremost expert on twentieth-century diaries” has examined these pages together with the notebooks and has declared them authentic.

I was in Berlin five years after the end of the war, in an icy January, to meet with Bertolt Brecht in East Berlin and can testify to the appalling desolation and destruction that still lay everywhere about the city. The author’s descriptions of herself and other women picking over bombed ruins to salvage any possibly useable materials made my mind flash back to memories of seeing women bundled in shapeless wrappings, scavenging the rubble in what had once been the handsome Tiergarten park—rubble and desolation the likes of which I, fresh from the United States, had never seen. All I knew of war was what I’d seen in newsreels.

Friday, April 27, 1945, is recorded as the “Day of Catastrophe”—the day she first sees Russians in Berlin, describing them as “sturdy, broad foreheads, close-cropped hair, well fed, carefree.” She mentions that she can speak a little Russian, having been there as a child. According to her, her Russian was very basic, utilitarian, picked up along the way. Still, she must have had a real gift for language, as Russian is not one of those languages one can easily pick up during a brief visit to the country.

Her knowledge—limited as it is—proves itself useful. It does not keep her from being raped by a drunken Russian or two, but it does enable her to establish some sort of relationship with various other Russians who want to know her carnally, though fortunately, not all that brutally. Some bring her food—in very great shortage for the Germans—that she shares with her neighbors. She has almost cordial relations with a major and a lieutenant, and considers them fellow human beings.

Sadly, the author’s story does not appear to be uncommon: Early in the 1960s I was interviewing the German actor Hardy Kruger—blond, blue-eyed; a veritable poster boy for Hitlerjugend—who had been drafted into uniform as a teenager in the last days of the war. He was making Sundays and Cybele (a film that won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language picture in 1962). We were sitting in a café in the Paris suburbs, and Kruger, talking about that time in Germany, mentioned his first wife, a successful actress who had told him about the Russians and their raping in Berlin. She was, apparently, a sophisticated woman, who did her best to make the rape into a more bearable situation. Kruger appeared grimly amused at the recollection. Reading A Woman in Berlin, Kruger’s reminiscences came back to me to blend with those of our anonymous diarist. It seemed like a small additional testimonial to the authenticity of the book.

Interestingly, our diarist barely touches on politics in her pages. She does mention going to City Hall and notes: “A man in the town hall lobby was chiseling away the relief of Adolf. I watched the nose come splintering off. What is stone, what are monuments? An iconoclastic wave such as we have never seen is currently surging through Germany. A new twilight of the gods—is it remotely possible that the big Nazis could ever rise again after this? As soon as I’ve freed my mind a little I really have to turn my attention to Napoleon; after all, he, too, was banished in his day, only to be brought back and glorified once more.”

At a later point, after seeing one former minor Nazi official being taken away in a military vehicle, she observes: “We have mixed feelings talking about this. A bit of schadenfreude cannot be denied. The Nazis were too pompous and subjected the Volk to too many harassments, especially in the last few years, so it’s right that they should atone for the general defeat. Still, I wouldn’t want to be the one to turn in those former martinets. Maybe it would be different if they’d actually beaten me or killed someone close to me.”

Her entry dated Friday, June 15, 1945, the next-to-last in the book, sums up her ultimate feeling about the whole experience: “I plowed through a collection of plays by Aeschylus and came across ‘The Persians,’ which, with its lamentations of the vanquished, seems on the surface well suited to our defeat. But in reality it’s not. Our German calamity has a bitter taste—of repulsion, sickness, insanity, unlike anything in history. The radio just broadcast another concentration camp report. The most horrific thing is the order and the thrift: millions of human beings as fertilizer, mattress stuffing, soft soap, felt mats—Aeschylus never saw anything like that.”

Source: A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City. Anonymous, translated by Philip Boehm, Metropolitan Books, $23, 288 pages

http://www.crisismagazine.com/may2006/book3.htm (http://forums.skadi.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cris ismagazine.com%2Fmay2006%2Fbook3.htm)

About the Author: Cynthia Grenier writes the Mag Trade column for the Washington Times.