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Tuesday, November 18th, 2003, 07:45 PM
In Vienna from 1900 to 1918, a renegade Catholic monk, Adolf Lanz (nom de plume Lanz von Liebenfels), gave the Manichaean* cosmology a secular form. In preaching to his sect, The New Order of Templars, in his monthly journal Ostara and in his book Theozoology, Lanz taught that in the beginning there had been two earthly races: the Aryan** Heroes (Asings) and the Animal People (Apes). The Aryans were the earthly equivalent of the Manichaean light; they had been a divine race endowed with supremely intelligent, electronic minds, blond, blue-eyed beauty, and creativity.

The Animal People were the worldly counterparts of the Manichaean darkness; they had been a demonic race cursed with stupidity (except in the art of deception, in which they excelled), gorilla-like ugliness, and the urge to destroy. At some early time, the Apes began to envy and hate the Asings. They pondered methods of destroying the Aryans and decided to attack the superior race through miscegenation. Conveniently, the Aryan women had a fatal susceptibility to the Apes. (Lanz insisted that the story of the temptation of Eve in Genesis was an esoteric account of her seduction by one of the monsters.) After several centuries of such interbreeding, the original Asings and Animals disappeared. Now the earth was populated by mixed races, which could be ranked as higher or lower according to the proportions of Aryan and Ape blood that they possessed, approximately as follows:

Species Blood Mixture
Nordic (blond, blue-eyed) - Close to pure Aryan
Germanic (brown hair, blue-eyed, or less desirable, brown-eyed) - Predominantly Aryan
Mediterranean (white but swarthy) - Slight Aryan preponderance
Slavic (white but degenerative bone structure) - Close to Aryan, half-Ape
Oriental - Slight Ape preponderance
Black African - Predominantly Ape
Jewish (fiendish skull) - Close to pure Ape

*Manichaeanism: a religious philosophy taught from the third to seventh centuries A.D. by the Persian Manes (or Manichaeus) and his followers, combining Zoroastrian, Gnostic Christian, and pagan elements, and based on the doctrine of the contending principles of good (light, God, the soul) and evil (darkness, Satan, the body).

**Aryanism: belief in the past existence of the hypothetical Aryan race supposedly possessing a superior civilization. (Aryan has no validity as a racial term, although so used notoriously by the Nazis to mean "a Caucasian of non-Jewish descent.")

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